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  1. sbsmith


    When buying a used caravan does anyone know if the remaining warranty passes with the van to the new owner? Thank you
  2. We’re researching caravans before making the decision to buy. I have no idea which makes are regarded as “high end” and which are the “value end”. It would be easy to assume more expensive means better quality BUT the numerous models is causing a headache. We would probably look to buy one no older than 5 years. Any advice/opinions would be appreciated
  3. Hello, We’re going to buy a 2 berth later this year. We dabbled 20 years ago but we were hasty and it wasn’t the right time for us and it was a 4 berth which unnerved my hubby. He isn’t confident towing hence we’re looking at small ones and will go on a towing course. I’ve got lots of questions so will research this site. Looking forward to chatting AND learning Jane
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