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  1. It's an industry norm that hydraulic cylinders not being used should be stored fully retracted. This protects the rod surface. On site the jacks are obviously down, but when at home and especially now or over Winter in "normal" years it is one more way to preserve the lifespan of these expensive items. I am lucky in that my 'van is stored in a very secure way without the jacks being extended.
  2. Having read the usual horror stories of failing AL-KO axles and tyre issues I decided that if not going away within a week or two I would store my caravan with suspension dropped (shocks limit the travel) and with the wheels off the ground (we also put the cover on but that's another story). I'm hoping this will prolong the life of the components mentioned. Leaving a car with the wheels hanging like this is not a good idea because the rubber bushes are under minimum stress at normal ride height, which is why you should always tighten these components with the car on its suspension. H
  3. What is quite scary is that my son (who is a fully qualified/certificated gas engineer) regularly finds home boilers that have recently been worked on and signed off by a Gas Safe engineer which are are at best questionable and at worst, well, he has to condemn the boiler and cut off the gas supply. Say no more. There are the good, the bad, the conscientious and the lazy in all walks of life. However, the good news is that if such a boiler explodes, or poisons you with CO for example, you will still be insured.
  4. So I'm bored and I browsed some of the new caravans on offer and had a closer look at the Lusso. I haven't seen one in the flesh, I guess very few people have yet, but it strikes me as rather strange to have the bed head on the same side as and hence so close to the cooker. I guess you would pull out the "curtain" if cooking, but still looks odd when in "open plan" mode. Also, if it's 8ft wide does it still need a bed with a split daytime/nighttime mode mattress? I think I would rather lose the window shelf and have a proper fixed, fixed bed. Like I said. I haven't seen one in r
  5. I always stay clear of 4X4 drivers in the snow and on ice because I don't know if the driver is experienced or has been sold the idea that 4X4 drive overrules the fundamental laws of physics. Like others I have witnessed such drivers sail past slow moving cautious 2WD and also like others I have seen them in the hedge on the corner when inertia has overruled the driver's misconceptions. We own a 4X4 Kuga, because of better traction to pull away on poor surfaces and the greater legal towing capacity. The 2100kg towing limit is high for a vehicle of its size - which also feeds into th
  6. Those will be the ones with turbo charged motor movers........................
  7. Coupled with two other potential related benefits of Hydrogen in this context. The potential to produce H2 by electrolysis using surplus generation capacity on warm windy days. As we get more and more wind powered capacity this mismatch between supply and demand is unlikely to go away. Hydrogen produced this way could be relatively inexpensive given suitable investment and critically, can be stored, the age old problem with electricity (batteries and Dinorwig notwithstanding).
  8. Above the fridge in the 560 is the cupboard housing the aerial and amplifier. This made fitting all kinds of AV stuff, including the new sound system a doddle - assuming you mount the TV on the side of the fridge as I have. The twin does have the advantage of "puncture resilience" but with a decent TPMS you are less likely to suffer a blowout either way. One aspect of single vs twin axle towing is the different size of the wheels/tyres. The newer and larger single axle vans have larger diameter wheels and tyres than on a twin. The single tyres are larger and
  9. We actually considered the Elegance 650 as a larger version of the 560. It would have meant me reworking part of our drive, but if the van had been right we would have gone for it. The front lounge is a little longer as is the kitchen. The bedroom appears the same size. The washroom is a little longer as well, BUT, there is a problem. Having a second axle means the toilet had to be moved further towards the rear. So much so that it almost blocks the bedroom access door on that side. A centre mounted basin would have made it even more tight, so the basin is moved to the spare space now ov
  10. No notes, but we did have a "casual caller" enquiring to buy caravans for stock to sell. Our van is at home and is completely covered (including the wheels). So when he asked "out of interest" what make and model and year it was I lied (for which I humbly aplogise to you all) that it was a roughly 15 year old Swift and couldn't remember the exact model. He thanked me, explained that he was only interested in newer models and left. He may have been genuine, but ...........
  11. The Swift Elegance 560 as mentioned by Supatramp in the thread opener has the following options as standard: Use aquaroll/external pump to fill onboard tank and then supply van using onboard pump. Use onboard pump to draw direct from aquaroll/no external pump. It does not have the facility to use a conventional aquaroll/external pump without using the tank. Without entering into the tank/no tank discussion here the 560's water supply options can easily be expanded as below
  12. 2018 Ford Kuga 180 bhp AWD 2.0 diesel with semi auto. The MPTLM has been upped to 1750kg and the legal towing limit of the car is 2100kg/100kg noseweight.
  13. We have the Elegance 560 and have done a bit of a review along with a long list of mods and updates here: Elegance 560 review and mods We used to have a twin axle. This relatively heavy single axle will pitch slightly more than a TA, but after a short period it stops being noticeable. Towing stability otherwise has been excellent, but is of course load/loading dependent.
  14. I think I may be missing something. As I understand it, a current sensing device attached to either L or N in a circuit would display the current flowing at that point. For a single circuit it would not matter where in the circuit the device is attached. If it's sensing L or N behind a socket (radially wired) it will correctly display the current being drawn by the appliance attached to that individual socket but not in any other circuit in the caravan. If it's sensing L or N behind a socket (ring wired) it will display a proportion of the current being drawn by any applianc
  15. As you can't go and view at the moment you migh find my webpage of interest as it features a Swift Elegance 560 with the island bed and centre washroom layout. It's a 2019 model, but any changes for 2020 and 2021 are minimal. OK, I have also made numerous modifications, but hopefully it will give you an idea...... https://www.ukzero.com/CaravanM.htm
  16. Ukzero

    Tow Car advice

    We tow with the same spec of Kuga and our caravan has an mptlm of 1750kg. Not sure if you mean a new model Kuga or the outgoing model (like ours). Tows with no issues at all and can legally tow up to 2100kg with a nose weight of up to 100kg.
  17. Just to confirm that the Swift panel shows live current use data and has an option to set limits to suit supply. Very useful when you use the Microwave on top of heating , etc.
  18. Which float switch? Aquaroll or Wastemaster? Either way I used a cheapo Ebay item such as This type of thing... You flip the float to give NO or NC contact. Low current, so relays will be needed if running pumps. You are welcome to copy. But I should warn you - if you are referring to my Aquaroll changeover system, when I first devised it back in 1999 I was told then (and on this forum just last year by some) that it is pointless and a waste of time and effort
  19. The kids at school were all desperate to have I Phones. They wanted them because they were so expensive. No suggestion that this extra expense made them any better, it was the simple fact that they were so expensive that gave them such aspirational status. As has been said. You have to hand it to Apple - that's seriously savvy marketing!
  20. No problem. Hope it was of use anyway. Regarding warranty, my supplying dealer and Swift were unusually sensible, which is why I did this work on a new van. If a defect is due to my DIY, for example a leak around a hole I have drilled, then it's down to me. If a leak occurred around a window, which I hadn't touched, then it's a warranty issue. This attitude was refreshing and unexpected! No idea how Elddis would approach this.
  21. Would recommend A/C even if you only stay in UK. As has been correctly stated the cooling effect is much less than in your car because the current draw must be limited and there is a large volume to cool. Brilliant if can be left on for extended periods on "Auto". Also the bonus of dehumidification Two choices: 1. Roof mounted. Pros: Cheapest, quickest option. Ideal for open plan layout. No impact on storage. Cons: May have to lose a roof light. Less effective in multi room layout unless you leave all doors open. Can be noisy, both inside and out (may be an issue with
  22. GRP is Glass Reinforced Polyester resin, so the same thing. GRP walls are thicker and do appear stronger and more resistant to minor dents in my experience, though the production process means they aren't usually as mirror flat as Al panels (GRP can have a slight ripple effect). In case of a more severe impact, Al will dent locally and GRP will crack locally. More and more UK manufacturers are switching to GRP walls.
  23. My DB7 has Mazda door pulls, Ford Scorpio switches, BMW gear selector, Mazda rear lights and many Jaguar electrical and suspension components - not to mention the V12 engine which although not two Mondeo V6 engines stuck together, as is often claimed, was developed jointly by Aston and Cosworth and did use some of the design features of the Ford engine. It even uses Ford ECUs, but because Ford didn't do a V12, there are 2x6 cylinder ECUs, one for each bank. I then made it "even worse" by ditching the OEM plastic gear surround and grafting in one from an Audi. Sounds as though this ho
  24. Given that the proficient and successful thieves know what they want and we are told, often steal to order, having our caravan fully covered (including the wheels) as it sits beside our garage means that the usual drive by reconnoitre will not be that fruitful on its own....?
  25. I don't see any mention of an anti-backdraught flap or similar - or even a way to block it off if required. Location and fitting of extractor fans needs some thought. Some of the smaller ones placed "somewhere" in the washroom can move no more air than happens through a standard roof vent. Often (unless you use a powerful fan) you would get a more rapid air change by cracking a window by a few mm. I would always recommend putting an extractor which exhausts through the roof. This is becaue its function/effectiveness is largely unaffected by wind direction. My experienc
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