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  1. As I said, Swift liaised with AL-KO and both were happy to raise my maximum weight limit to that of the structurally identical 2020 models. I am happy to have (no, I need) this extra margin and because the manufacturers of the caravan, chassis and axle provided the uprated stickers, for which I paid £50 through the dealer who sold me the 'van new, I feel comfotable with the situation
  2. Apparently it was something to do with the axle chassis combo as supplied by AL-KO to Swift. Our 2019 'van happened to have the same additional support brackets as fitted to later models with a higher rating as standard. Swift Technical liaised wiith AL-KO on my behalf (so everyone involved was actually very helpful) who agreed that all was OK and sent a new AL-KO sticker to Swift who forwarded it on to me along with the new Swift MPTLM sticker. I was instructed to replace the axle sticker with the new one and the MPTLM sticker with the new one. I was also informed that the front loc
  3. So to add to the confusion, I paid Swift to have my MPTLM upgraded from 1684Kg to the maximum allowed - 1750Kg. Not a huge difference, but every little helps when you add motor movers, A/C and E&P to a single axle 'van. They sent me a new Axle sticker provided by AL-KO (1750Kg to replace 1700Kg) and a new Swift branded exterior decal (the kind that you can only apply once) quoting 1750Kg. The front locker sticker remains unchanged at 1700Kg. I am going to assume (hope) that if I get pulled the investigation will start and end with the Swift sticker by the door..........
  4. Dropping the composite upper floor does seem a retrograde step in terms of water ingress resilience. Having worked extensively on my fully composite version I can envisage a couple of reasons this might have happened (other than cost): When screwing fixings into the much thinner composite skin there is increased risk of stripping and spinning. This may have been an issue on a busy production line (we have all come across overtightened and spinning screws in caravans, no matter what they are made of). I realise the walls are composite, but vertical shocks are the largest and mo
  5. Having drilled through the floor, walls and roof of our 2019 Elegance as part of extensive modifications I can confirm first hand that there is no wood used in the body construction (apart from the front locker floor - which is easy to replace should it ever be needed).
  6. Caravan showers will have uneven temperature because they are a simple mixer tap. The volume of water in the system is low and the flow rate is low so the buffering effects of larger and higher are also lost. So when you first turn on the shower it takes a while for the water in the pipes and the pipes themselves to warm up, then as you use up your hot water, because the water heater tank is small and not vertical as in home cylinders I imagine that you will have the effect of cold water flowing into the tank mixing with the hot and cooling it gradually. All this before someone tru
  7. I don't mean chewed up as in scrubbed due to shear forces due to not winding it down far enough, I mean chewed up as in rough stones (often found on some hard standings) cutting into the rubber. Perhaps Swift had done a deal for "sub premium" tyres on their AL-KO "premium" wheels on the Elegance range, I don't know. The key point is the difference in tyre quality between the old tyre and the Kartt tyre is night and day. I can only go on personal experience
  8. Kartt tyre is solid, but it is both wide AND tall and transformed our van's "handling" on difficult surfaces. Our 'van came with a "premium" AL-KO wheel as standard, but although it was wider than standard it was not the "super premium" version with the built in weight scale. The tyre on the premium AL-KO wheel we had was ultra low profile and simply chewed up on any rough surface.
  9. Our Swift Elegance came with two permutations as standard: Internal pump from internal tank (tank filled by external pump). Internal pump from external Aquaroll. I then added a third, external pump (the default for many caravans) but with the twist of having two external pumps in two Aquarolls with sensor controlled auto-changeover. From your post it sounds as though you are considering 2. from above. This is purely a personal viewpoint and others may/will disagree, but I do not like the internal pump option. Despite sound and vibration padding it is
  10. And don't be at all surprised if you find one side gets warmer than the other if the sun is shining. The matt black tyre is very good at absorbing radiated solar heat and will get several degrees higher on that side. Again, nothing to worry about.
  11. The "Premium" wheel (AL-KO - but not with the scale) fitted on our Swift Elegance just didn't work very well. It was reasonably wide, but its very, very low profile tyre was made of cheap material and was badly chewed and cut up after very few outings and only lasted one season. It was particularly bad on gravel - as are many. I considered a pneumatic wheel, but ended up buying the Kartt wheel last year during lockdown 1. Due to various issues at the time, the factory kindly supplied me direct. Yes it was expensive, but not in the grand scheme of things and more import
  12. The problem with this type of towel rail is that the surface area will limit heat output and if you cover it with insulation (also known as a towel) it will make it worse. Couple that with the issue that if the caravan reaches it's set air temp, the heating in the towel rail will turn off. An electric towel rail would be better at providing controllable towel warming/drying when you want it but would be no better for heating the washroom. In our mid washroom 560 Swift provided a compact radiator (which is full of fins inside the casing to increase surface area) but no towel rail
  13. Of course. Part of the the ducted air conditioning system I installed. More details and a host of other mods here: https://www.ukzero.com/CaravanM.htm
  14. Same as ours. If they all don't work I am suspecting a fuse as there are two different supply cables - one left and one right. I don't necessarily mean a blown fuse, but a poor connection. First thing to try would be with the 'van "turned off" is to pull out and push back the fuses - checking for any that have blown at the same time. Alternatively, it could be a poor connector before the left and right supplies separate. One of my future mods will be to reinstate a master switch for these spots so they behave like the recessed spots elsewhere in the van - out of interest -
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