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  1. It depends on what type of aerial you have. If it's one of the more modern types that retracts part way then it won't be a problem. I have a universal cover and the only precaution I needed to take was to fit corner protectors on the solar panel. As it comes from the factory the mitred aluminium frame corners can be razor sharp! So it might be worth checking your flue for sharp edges just in case. These last two would be worth checking even if you had a bespoke tailored Saville Row cover fitted There are a range of universal covers made of a range of fabrics and a r
  2. This thread may now have achieved the green revolution's ultimate goal in that it's indefinitely self sustaining! Speaking of revolutions, a drill gearbox (just like a car gearbox) does indeed give you a degree of torque multiplication. The torque in the spinning drill motor usually develops less torque than is available at the pointy end (unless it is 1:1 direct drive). However, this is not some dark magic making Sir Isaac spin in his grave - there is always a price to pay. Oh yes. High speed motor with lower torque uses gearing to produce a lower speed outpu
  3. Whichever drill you buy, be aware that one factor often overlooked by potential buyers is runtime from a single charge. Most special deals on branded drills in places like Screwfix and Toolstation keep the prices down by including low runtime batteries. Good high capacity batteries are expensive (ask any extended range Tesla owner) and this often explains some of the huge differences in price of drills that can look quite similar at first glance. A 1.5Ah battery will literally keep running half as long as a 3.0Ah battery before it needs charging. 3.0Ah means 3 Amp hours, so 1 Am
  4. Much of this topic is outside my experience, but I can comment on remapping of ZF gearboxes. If anyone claims to be able to do this I would be cautious (as Logiclee suggests). When I retired in 2015 I bought an Aston Martin DB7 Vantage (for less than the cost of a new mid range Kuga at the time) which has an ageing ZF 5 speed auto (5HP30). The box needed rebuilding and using owners' club contacts the car is being used as a prototype for a more modern 6 speed conversion which will be a far better match for the 6.0 V12 engine (5 speed was all Aston had access to at the time and 8 speed
  5. We listen to digital radio using our TV which like most sets picks up such radio stations such as our favourite R6M on Freeview. No extra aerial required. I am assuming Freesat has a similar channel set? The sound from our TV is pants (as they all are) so goes to an amplified 2.1 system, so audio quality is pretty good. You could output the TV sound into an Aux-in if you have such a car type radio fitted. Our Swift Elegance came with DAB as standard, but the audio quality from this unit and badly positioned speakers is truly terrible, so it is now not used.
  6. You will struggle to get a definitive answer on this topic because personal experience appears to vary dramatically from owner to owner with a full spectrum from avidly "for" to equally avidly "against". We use a full cover which goes on (aided by a purpose built hinged frame) at the end of every single trip away. Our cover is made of a multi layer, breathable heavyweight fabric. Our only precautions are: To take it off when dry and put it on when dry. Our van is at home so hitting a weather window is no real problem. To make sure the van is clean befofe puttin
  7. This is worrying for Swift owners and should be even more worrying for Swift. As they have effectively admitted via their dealer that a 2019 van is "too dangerous" to tow due to a well documented manufacturing fault they had supposedly sorted they should be seen to be doing all they can to remedy this. Clearly the "improved fixing protocol" following the discovery of this issue on older vans hasn't worked. CV-19 is of course a major complication, but this has been going on for years now. Since being alerted on CT I regularly check the rear corners of my front locker to chec
  8. Car based vans can fall into this category. They often have a high GVW and rear axle load allowance to allow greater load carrying on their uprated rear springs and commercial grade tyres. The GTW can be in the "normal" range, but the braked trailer limit quite low to compensate for an assumed greater load being carried in the van. If you don't load up the van, being well under GVW, axle load and GTW is easy even if trying to tow a heavy caravan. We owned a Doblo van for a while which was as described above. We could easily have towed our current caravan well within these lim
  9. I remain in the "not yet convinced" camp. With a relatively high SUV tow car with good mudflaps we have noticed the following: In hot weather we get only minor evidence of fly "encrustation" even if the front of the car is plastered. In wet weather the direct and potentially damaging spatter is limited to the bottom 4-6 inches, with the rest being deposited via turbulent air flow. Yes there is the chance that a stone could hit the car windscreen and fly over the car, but in that case it would probably hit the caravan above the cover anyway. If we arrive after
  10. I have no direct definitive knowledge here but can relate my own experience. Just over 2 years ago I emailed VOSA and (paraphrasing) asked this: My V5C gives a braked trailer limit of 1300Kg. I am spot checked and it is found that my caravan has a 1400Kg MPTLM sticker and has a measured actual weight of 1350Kg. I am 20Kg below GVW and 20Kg below GTW. Is this allowed? The answer (again paraphrasing) was: Where more than one weight specication can be identified the lower figure is used, so 1300Kg is the limit that will be applied, so 1350Kg is overweight, so N
  11. Depends what you are trying to do. On a single axle, lifting the suspension will lift the van and I had no problems with mine. You can increase lift by placing wooden pads under the three main contact points to increase the lift. This will ensure that the first part of the thread isn't wasted just taking up slack, but care will be needed. Again this worked for me until we went E&P. If you are trying to lift the side of the van on a twin axle using one leveller with the other wheel on the ground you will definitely use a fair bit of screw travel raising t
  12. If you like the look of the Lusso and it comes with things like E&P full levelling as part of the extra package then the £4k difference above the Laser Xcel doesn't seem quite as outrageous? Of course if LAser Xcel includes E&P then..... The model currently on offer isn't to my taste, but I am sure many will love it. Not that familiar with Coachman construction, but am I right in thinking that they still use aluminium for at least some of the panels? Not a criticism, just curious.
  13. I have never used support straps or pegs or similar. Our serviced pitch waste pipe is made up of interconnecting lengths of 40mm pond hose which has the benefit of being flexible with a nice smooth inner bore (reinforcing spiral is on the outside) and being very easy to stow away as each length forms a tidy closed loop. Sometimes the drain on site is raised and so yes, water does collect in the pipe near this. As part of our packing up routine the last of the hot water goes into the washing up bowl with detergent and a dash of bleach. This is then tipped down the sink to flush t
  14. No idea if it is the rear that's braked under cruise control, but in a fully independent system I can see a logic in braking the rears if all the system is doing is GENTLE braking if holding speed down a slight incline for example as such rear braking would maintain greater stability with no power to the wheels and the minimal braking effects would not pose any danger for lock-up, etc. Might also mean less perceived nose dip on softer suspensions to upset delicate occupants? IF that is the case the intelligent system would apply different brakes at different forces dependent on the situat
  15. Ah - makes complete sense now. Thaks for clearing that up. A 500W element will of course give out 150W more heat than a 350W element whatever the colour. PS - fixing to the GRP skin is not a major problem if care is taken. The rail is quite light and by drilling pilot holes, using good deep thread screws and screwing them in at angles gives a good strong mount.
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