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  1. Just need to say a big thank you to all the advise provided to me, especially by bubble 2015. It turned out that the issue with the water being ejected from the aquaroll connection point was not as complex an issue as I’d thought. it had nothing to do with: reverse polarity of the on board pump, a solenoid, pipe blockage, faulty Trauma Ultraflow external pump or the control panel. After checking all of the above it turned out to be a distorted O ring on the water filter cover cap 😏.
  2. Thank you Ted. Any idea where I might find this? Thank you Ted. Any idea where I might find this?
  3. Hi, yes, everything worked fine prior to my winterising it in November. The problem developed when I tried to flush the system through with Elsan Tank Cleaner before winterising it. At that time I inspected the water filter, suspecting a blockage, and deduced that the O ring on the water filter looked damaged. As a consequence I replaced the O ring but this did not solve the problem. I then did as you say and tried it without the filter in place, but, to no avail. I gave up and put the van into storage and planned to revisit the problem.
  4. Hi Bubble, I called Sargent this am as you suggested. They tried to help me but concluded that the fault did not lay with the control panal as it is sending 12v to the external pump in the aquaroll. Through investigation I discovered the following; a. The Sargent Control panal is ok. b. The external, aquaroll pump is receiving the signal from the control panal to pump water to the internal tank. c. Only around 15% of the water pumped from the aquaroll reaches the internal tank, the remaining 85% of the water is being restricted at the caravan inlet and is discharged, under pressure, from the water filter compartment, externally. d. When water is demanded from the internal tank, by a tap being turned, everything works as it should and the water is distributed by the on board pump. I came to the conclusion that the water filter must be blocked as I was advised that it had a diaphragm within it to allow a limited amount of water to pass through, in the event of a blockage, thereby reducing the pressure on the pump. However, I have fitted a new filter today but the problem still exists. I can only guess that there has to be a blockage between the filter and the internal tank. Sorry to be so long winded, but, HELP PLEASE, if anyone can. Paul
  5. Hi Ched, good point which has made me think valves. The van is fitted with an outlet for an attachable external shower. Although the shower has never been attached it must require a valve system to reverse the pump action. I will investigate under the seating tomorrow in an attempt to locate such a switch over valve. Thank you.
  6. Hi, thank you for responding to my cry for help. The terminals are correctly polarised. However, the pump does appear to be operating in reverse.
  7. I have a 2018 Lunar Delta TI which is fitted with an Aldi Compact 3020 HE heating system. A problem has developed when I attempt to fill the onboard water tank from the aquaroll in that it appears that the on board pump is working in reverse. Instead of the pump drawing water into the on board tank the pump forces the water out, emitting it under pressure from the aquaroll hose connection point on the caravan. i would appreciate any advice or help.
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