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  1. I’ve recently put a 2003 Cosalt 35x12 in my back garden, I plan to stay in the caravan for a short period of time whilst I renovate my house. I decided to take a few walls out to utilise the space better and one thing led to another and now I’ve found myself pretty much with a bare shell. Taking the ceiling down where a small damp area was I discovered that there is water ingress around what is the flu outlet for the gas fire which was in the living space. The roof design on the van is a curved type structure and looks like similar material used on the panels of the sides of the van (aluminium?), not entirely sure on what the finish is on top of the van but can this be patched up at all? The boards used underneath couldn’t of been a worse type to use, as soon as they get wet they just turn to mush and disintegrate. I’m not sure what to do with regards to replacing the damaged areas? Any advice or pointers much appreciated
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