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  1. I can also confirm that there is definitely a timber full length behind the hinge on my 2018 840 which the additional screws went solidly into.
  2. I visited the caravan today and completed both jobs. I thought I was doing well when the front window only took 1.5hrs to complete although getting the roof light outer frame off the roof was another matter, it took me 3.5hrs in total to fully complete the roof light. For anyone else who needs to complete these jobs I can highly recommend a plastic scraper and lots of spare blades, it certainly made both jobs easier when removing the old sealant although the roof light still wasn't a walk in the park. I also used several snap of razor blades removing the outer frame. Anyway I'm pleased they're both now completed and many thanks to those who provided the much needed advice along the way.
  3. All temporary sealed now and thank goodness the roof timbers are dry. I have filled the cracks with Soudal Fix All and also gone over the top with some Gorilla Crystal Clear Tape that coincidentally I only brought to the van on this trip as I had it lying around at house and thought it may be useful, anyone would think I'd known there was going to be a leak! One query regarding how strong the sealant is, I purchased Soudal Fix All High Tack should I be getting some of the Crystal or even Flexi although Screwfix don't have the latter?
  4. Unfortunately I don't have a car suitable for towing it back to the dealer and so it was more financially viable to purchase the replacement outer frame which i've now done so hopefully I'll have it by the middle of next week and I can then get on to fitting it. It is really annoying though!
  5. I'm definitely not having much look with the caravan at the moment. During the night I felt 2 drips of water land on me. On reviewing this morning, whilst the timber in the roof is dry there was water around the screw that holds the inner frame on. I've opened the roof light to have a look and the frame where the middle hinge is located is cracked as well as in a couple of other places. I'm presuming this will need a whole new roof window? I'm thinking in the short term of gunning some of the sealant I bought for the front windows into the crack to hopefully give a short term seal.
  6. After a day walking in the fells where it's been on and off rain I'm not going to risk repairing it while I'm here and will go back when it's going to be dry. I have however been to Screwfix for sealant and sealed the screws so hopefully all will be good until the decent weather returns.
  7. Will do and I'll check the screw size out when I remove them, many thanks 👍 I've just had a look behind the seals and whilst I haven't got a moisture meter I'm a Chartered Building Surveyor and it looks bone dry to me so that's a massive relief. Really appreciate all of the advice
  8. Will do, really appreciate your advice. I'll let you know how it goes although it's drizzly here now so will have to see how the weather pans out in the good old Lake District. If I can't guarantee it'll be dry I may have to come back across next week. Just a thought. I don't really want to remove a screw to see what size it is and possibly create a leak. It's a long shot but you would happen to know what size screws I'll need would you?
  9. Many thanks, yes I'm very good with DIY. Last year I ended up replacing the aerial and also having to fit rear corner caps to the roof as some hairline cracking was identified during its service which Elddis wouldn't cover under the warranty so I'm happy with tackling it but it's not what I was expecting to do during my time away. Never mind, needs must.
  10. Many thanks for the in-depth instructions, can I ask approx how long you would expect this to take. I'm here until Saturday so I'll have to put some time aside.
  11. I thought the may be the case, hopefully somewhere like Screwfix may have a suitable sealant
  12. We've just arrived at our caravan and noticed one of the screws above the front window is sticking partially out. We've had the caravan for 1.5 years and I can only presume it was like this when we got it. Anyway the channel it holds on appears loose and I was going to put the screw back in but was wondering if anyone knows if the channel is sealed to the caravan? If so then I presume I'll have to remove the whole thing and reseal the full length in which case a trip to a diy store is required
  13. Thanks for that, it should hopefully reach then as the cable is 1.9m in length
  14. I've now bought a wired leg sensor online although when it's come the cable is rather short. I'm not able to inspect the caravan at the moment but I was wondering if anyone knows which corner steady leg it is usually attached too? If it's the rear then I'll need to get an extension cable.
  15. Thanks, that's certainly worth a look when I'm able to next get over and also re letting the insurance know. I may investigate the option of a mobile engineer as well if these restrictions prevent us getting over for to much longer.
  16. Hi all, Our caravan alarm has randomly started going off, unfortunately it's on a seasonal pitch which we cannot get to with the current restrictions so I've just told the site to disconnect the sounder for now. As it's now more than 3 years old I'm putting it down to being the back up battery and/or the wireless leg sensor as the site have changed the PIR batteries but that hasn't helped matters. I was just wondering if anyone has changed the wireless leg sensor to the wired version and if it's an easy swap? I'm presuming this would have a far greater life expectancy than the wireless version due to no batteries?
  17. Quite possibly, I was maybe a bit naive thinking that we were purchasing from a reputable dealer and being first time caravan owners, I'll certainly undertake a better inspection the next time. Cheers, I certainly will.
  18. After another discussion with the approved service centre they have agreed to supply the corner covers and glue/sealant for me to install them myself and the supplying dealer will supply the new aerial again for me to install. Given some faults were surprisingly not covered by the warranty and the hassle I would have had to get the van to the dealer I'm happy with this outcome although no that it's had the faults in the first place when it is not quite yet 3 years old.
  19. Here's a photo of the cracks. I came across this product (MagicEzy Hairline Fix Gelcoat Repair Sealant) which on the face of it appears to be perfect for what I need. The main issue I was concerned about was the bow in the roof at the front of the stargazer roof light but apparently Elddis won't do anything about it unless it actually leaks in!
  20. Cheers Paul, I'll certainly look to the caravan clinic in future though as they couldn't have been more helpful They're around 100 miles away and I was going to have to find someone to tow it for me. To be honest after giving this more thought and all of the hassle involved I'm thinking of carrying out the repairs myself which are 1.Sheared fixings in the bulkhead 2. Filling some hairline cracks on the rear roof corner 3. Replacing TV aerial
  21. I know the servicing engineer for my van has said that it will need to go to a workshop although I've shown the photo's to an Elddis approved service centre and they've said it's a 15minute repair and that some of the other items identified on the service are not covered by the warranty. I'm now wondering if I can save myself a lot of hassle including finding someone to tow the van 100 miles each way for me and replace these fixings myself. Has anyone undertaken this repair themselves?
  22. So after non of the local dealers near the lakes would undertake the warranty work I telephoned the Caravan Clinic who I must say have been extremely helpful although they have said that a number of the issues identified will not be covered under the warranty as Elddis will only cover them for 1 year. They've suggested I go back to the dealer who I purchased from and remind them of their obligations under the sale of goods act. These repairs don't look like they will be very straight forwards.
  23. Hi Paul, many thanks for the suggestion. I am in Durham although unfortunately the van is on a site in the Lakes near Pooley Bridge so ideally I'll need to look for a service centre near there to reduce transport costs. I'll certainly look at the Caravan Clinic in future though if I have the van near home.
  24. I'll give them a call tomorrow, hopefully they'll have one near to where the van is as it's currently on a season pitch and I presently don't have a vehicle that's suitable to tow it so will need to arrange alternative transport.
  25. Hi SupeRed, there is a 1 year warranty from the supplying dealer although they've said they're unable to carryout the warranty work. I also transferred the remaining warranty with Elddis when I purchased it which they charged me £50 for the privilege so it has just over 3 years of the water ingress warranty remaining.
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