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  1. Might seem strange but I haven't inspected it although the dealer pointed out an Alko bag when we viewed the van and said that is the Alko Jack, so I'm assuming it's there.
  2. Thought about this at the start but quite costly if 2 are required. May have a go with the Alko one the next time we stay and assess it from there as to whether it's worth investing in an alternative jack
  3. So would the Alko side jack be suitable or is it better to get a trolley jack?
  4. It's a free service that is offered within the storage cost if booking onto their site. I will speak to them about the lock. Regarding the leveling, don't get me wrong it wasn't hugely out of level and maybe I'm a little picky but I thought it would be a good idea if I had some way to carryout some minor leveling myself if needed once I arrive and was looking for the easiest way to do that without incurring a large cost.
  5. My thinking was mainly to level although I should really put the alko lock on also as the site didn't fit it that last time.
  6. That's a good point! No the car doesn't have a tow bar and it goes back in 12 months so I don't really want to have one fitted for the minimal use it will get. Would the milenco levellers be more suited to this purpose then or is that the same if the caravan isn't connected to the towing vehicle?
  7. That's the one many thanks to everyone who's contributed, I'll now go and order the parts that I need.
  8. So does anyone know if there is already a non return valve in place on the whale system?
  9. Has anyone got any experience of using one of these to jack a twin axle for installing leveling blocks? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Zerone-Automotive-Electric-Scissor-Lifting/dp/B07BRK3S9X or am I over thinking this and the most appropriate solution is to use a simply bottle or trolley jack between the wheels? I was initially thinking of the milenco aluminium leveller although I'd need 2 of these. My reason for asking is that my current car isn't suitable for towing and we don't have a mover fitted. At the moment when we want to use the van the site move it from their storage area onto the pitch, the problem being that even though the pitch is supposed to be level it clearly wasn't the first time we used the van recently so I'm looking for a way to level it without a mover or car.
  10. So my main reason for wanting to fully drain the system is to ensure there is minimal water remaining to ensure it doesn't become stagnant and promote bacteria growth as my son is prone to catching infections and is prescribed prophylactic antibiotics which he takes twice a day to minimise that chances of that occurring. The last thing I want is for something such as legionella to grow within pipes due to them not being used for 5-6 weeks. Appreciate there is also the possibility of freezing during cold weather although the risk of bacteria growth is the main issue for me.
  11. That's similar to my proposed system although I'm looking to plumb it in internally and leave in place where the pipe enters the van, hence my query as to whether there is already a non return valve situated there. It also means I won't get wet if its raining!
  12. As first time caravanners, when we were packing up on Wednesday I started to think about how to remove the remaining water from the pipes. I simply blew down the shower hose although there still sounded like there was some water remaining. After a search I came across the floe 636 and from looking at the parts I thought I can make one of these although I'm not at the van now until Easter. So my query which I'm hoping someone can help with is would anyone be able to advise as to whether there is a non return value built in into the whale external socket or one directly connected on the inside that the 12mm pipe then connects to? The van is an Elddis Chatsworth 840 2018. I'm trying to work out all the parts required and at £15 each want to try and avoid purchasing the item if it's not required.
  13. Thanks for all of the advice and I thought I'd provide an update to close this off. So it turns out that somehow the system was in test mode which I hadn't realising 🤭 and with no manual other than the brief insltructions in the main Elddis book had no way of knowing this. Contacted Autowatch who emailed the manual over and lo and behold no more beeping once turned off.
  14. It's definitely the caravan alarm as I've disconnected the sounder from the control box which has stopped the beep although I can still hear a relay clicking within the unit. I'll have to call them tomorrow as there's nothing in the manual to diagnose it.
  15. It is the alarm internal battery that I've tested at 12.4v and is now disconnected so I'll test it again after it has been disconnected for a period of time to see if it's holding its charge.
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