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  1. If it looks like this I just drop the parts in antibacterial water in an ice cream 2 litre tub for 5 mins put a bit of vaseline on the screws for next time
  2. Bought May 2018 was thinking about the Guarantee Elddis offer the van is only 22 months old and the fault occurred some time before it was presented as a warranty repair. I would be looking towards a replacement van or refund of money. View Elddis warranty is it not worth the paper it is written on the 3 year warranty http://www.elddis.co.uk/help-support/help-advice/warranty
  3. I have found this online Government Portal for County Court judgements works and is reasonably quick https://www.gov.uk/make-court-claim-for-money/enforce-a-judgment
  4. Online CCC application does not specify who serviced it only a drop down box asking has it been serviced? I queried this saying it was self serviced so they ticked the serviced box
  5. You might find this useful too https://www.powrtouch.com/powrtouch-support.html
  6. Give us a clue what circa year model are you thinking of. Have you checked past handbooks i.e. Caravan Dimensions 302.pdf
  7. My Solid 302 xplore is 7 years old shipping length approximately 5.0 metres x 2.2. No damp or other problems being small reduces the stresses on the body less likely with the larger vans pleased with it. I said when I purchased it if it did not last 10 years I would not buy another Elddis. I noticed some Talk on awning pole damage on another thread I put a small carpet tile pad in between panel and awning bracket to provide a larger surface area for better displacement of forces on the awning pad bracket. I put a second awning pad as a stop on the fixing rail below the end poles to preve
  8. An NCC inspection details age (Usually imprinted on tyre) and condition of a Tyre including tread depth. Many recommend 5 years for changing not more than 7 years. I checked mine last year (5 years old) by removing the wheel at beginning of season and noticed longitudinal cracks at the bottom of the tread so changed them both. Exposed to direct sunlight and hot weather has an affect on their condition. I passed an old caravan looked 20+ years (no problem with that) with a shredded tyre occupying half of the inner lane of a dual carriageway (dangerous for all). It looked
  9. If pump intermittently starts after using taps and water trickles back down the pump socket. Check diaphragm has not got minute particles in it . Dismantle and carefully note where bits are positioned and place in a small bowl of antibacterial diluted with water this usually rectifies the problem you will see insect and small particles in the water after a few minutes you can then re assemble it.
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