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  1. Thanks for the responses... I've tried lagging the ducts and it did help but it still not particularly hot. I know the heating wouldn't be aswell distrusted but at least it would be hot. Just don't want to break anything 🤔 You're spot on, on gas it's fine but would like to be able to use the "free" electric on site. The heat out of the face is really hot, just the action of blowing it under the van seems to be costly in regards heat loss.
  2. We have the truma ultrastore and like most, the blown air heating is pretty poor. The fan works well and circulates well, but so much heat is lost in the ducting... Would it work better if we reverse the fan? Essentially instead of sucking the hot air down the ducts, traveling 3-4 meters is a cold environment and out the vents -> suck in the vents and out over the heater. To me it seems this would producer warmer air. Question is would this cause anything to break? Anyone already tried it? thanks
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