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  1. Hi Steven, I neglected to add that not only have they failed to seat a tyre correctly which, when we noticed was after a trip which could have been incredibly dangerous, and nor did I add that despite attempting to get somebody to call me back for the past 3 weeks, they didn't bother, leading to me turning up today to be told they didn't have the window. They didn't even try and reach out to let me know it hadn't been delivered. So, I've cut them just about as much slack as I'm prepared to. THAT is the reason I'm looking elsewhere. Leadtime doesn't concern me. Awful customer experience/service and lack of professionalism does.
  2. Hi all, Long story short, our 2009 Sprite Alpine 4 has been in need of a full front window replacement since April. We spoke to our insurance, and we engaged with J Bayliss & Sons in Coleshill (near me) who provided our last service, to get them to order in a window and move forward with the work. I understood the lead time, and despite being promised a delivering 2 weeks back and having us booked in today, the window has still not arrived. I am just after recommendations for businesses that deliver servicing/repairs in and around the Midlands area from people who have used such businesses. J Bayliss & Sons might be great (many people swear by them) but our experience so far isn't the best so we're just after some other options is all Thoughts/recommendations?
  3. FYI, I spoke to our new HR team, and ended up with a VW Golf R-Line. Similar size to the A-Class I'm running now, sits within the weight restrictions and packs some grunt too. Cheers for the info guys.
  4. I'd be interested to hear/see how that goes as I'm considering the same. It's not a massive issue, but it does mean that when wanting to use the toilet, we have to be careful of a damp floor due to potential soap suds coming up from draining the sink. It's simple physics I suppose; the sink is higher than the shower and there's a t-connector underneath hence the backflow at the point of least resistance. Makes me wonder why they'd do that - costs 5 mins less on the build? Anyway - I might take a look at this. See how it goes when we take our next trip.
  5. Hi guys, I've reached out to the insurance as we're covered for accidental damage (which this would fall under - I'm shocked some people suggest it won't). The crack is both on the inside and outside, and from what I can see (with the help of the guy who was doing our service at the time) is that it looks like the perspex window itself has rubbed up against, and slightly over the metal hinge/window ledge and become wedged. Then any movement would/could cause it to crack. Spoke to a couple of people about getting a window (once insurance comes through) and they all said "incredibly common...was it in the top corner by any chance?" If, for whatever reason, we can't get this done on insurance it's going to cost around 750quid - yay
  6. Yeah I'll measure but it is an irregular shape. I've just got to find one now! SFM is a bust. Thoughts?
  7. I don't suppose anybody knows the alpine 4 2009 window size do they? Of course it's not in the manual
  8. Thanks, we're contacting insurance first to make sure we're covered as we know this is going to be an expensive one. I'll try SFM
  9. Hi all. Rocked up to the storage yard today to get our van serviced and our front window on our Alpine 4 2009 is cracked from the corner. Wasn't like that when we dropped it off. Anyway, recommendations for where to source and get a new one fitted...need all in one service, not doing it myself.
  10. Thanks for this. Well, the Max tow on that car is 725...so that'll be why then
  11. So, I'm struggling to understand why this C-HR Toyota won't be legal.... The combined weight is less than 3500Kg and it has a decent noseweight? I don't quite get the MTPLM/VIN Plate piece.... Anybody?
  12. Hi guys, To say that gross weight, unladen weight, nose weight, MTPLM, and car trims are not my cup of tea would be a little understated. I'm not "that" guy. However my company is embarking on a refresh of the company cars and I've been given the option of taking up a brand new Audi A4 35TDI Black Edition (2.0l). I currently have a Mercedes A220D which tows our little Sprite Alpine 4 (2009) without incident. Towsafe suggests that it should be fine (albeit it does have an amber warning (see attached image). I suppose I'm just after suggestions as to whether this will be fine for this type of van? I only have a Cat B license currently for reference. As a complete aside, where do people go to check their tow cars? I've seen many an eyebrow raised towards Towsafe and I'm unsure if that's just due to the fact they charge?
  13. Thanks for the response. I think my main thought is that it's the length of the pipe coming out of the van and more accurately the direction it's flowing (coiled as you said). I might look to use a static piece of drain pipe and suspend it as you would do any other pipe, with the "last run" being flexi. Thoughts?
  14. Hi all, So, our second ever season as Van owners started at the weekend and I was surprised that I remembered everything! One little thing that does bug me and did last season is our drainage. When we run a tap, the other drains invariably start to bubble and can sometimes back-flow. They all eventually drain, but in the shower-cum-toilet, that's obviously an issue. I'm unsure if the drains are linked (i.e. Teed underneath the van into one, but I have 2 outlets on the side of the van from those 3 sinks (Kitchen, Bathroom sink and shower). I suppose my thoughts are as follows and I was hoping somebody might guide me towards the most obvious answer/root cause: They all t- together so pressure builds and flushes back The waste pipes from the van aren't immediately down (i.e. coiled into the drain or otherwise) so gravity can't always do it's thing The pipes themselves might have a blockage Some dark magic made it happen. Thoughts on the above (except for 4!)
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