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  1. So, I judged a gap in the wind this evening and got the van home. It was at 12.7v on the van meter when I picked it up (not hooked up). 40 mins on the road on the way home getting a good charge from the alternator. The motor mover ran no problem for 3 or 4 mins, manoeuvring on the drive - and then stopped! Meter then showed 12.5v and is now sitting at 12.75v on hookup. I’ll see where it settles out after a few days. So the battery can clearly take a charge. Likelihood is that I’ll replace the charger with a CTEK first. At least if I do that I’ll know it’s good. And it won’t write-
  2. Thanks for all the feedback. I left the van on site this afternoon and travelled home. Will pick it up when the wind dies down!! it may be that the battery is still not fully topped up, will give it a couple more days on the charger when I get it home. The mover motors work fine when not on the wheels, so no seizure evident (unless the bearings are shot and it excessively increases the load when the rollers are engaged. Also, they ran continuously, so the cutting out is only associated with high load. No tether lead on my handset. I don’t think all of them h
  3. This morning: 13.25v on hookup with no draw other than fridge 12.75v disconnected. Any other thoughts?
  4. Yes, could be. When get the van home I’ll hook it up for a week. Probably going to head home leaving the van on site tomorrow. I’m not towing in 60 mph gusts!!!
  5. I’ll have a look in the morning. On hookup now, but caravan voltmeter only reading 13v, not 13.8v. Hence my suspicion of the charger....
  6. Thank you. This is helpful because we are currently on a hookup, but the caravan voltmeter is only showing 13v. I think it should be 13.8v if the onboard charger were working. That’s what makes me think it isn’t.
  7. Thanks, but I replaced the handset battery with a new one. No difference. That lead me on to suspect that the leisure battery wasn’t tip top. The battery should be fundamentally ok. It was new last summer and worked fine when we last used the van in September.
  8. Hi all, New member, first question. We’re away at the moment (yes it’s February and there’s a storm coming, I know!). On moving my Bailey Ranger off the drive, my motor mover kept cutting out. It’s done this before when the leisure battery died. I thought it odd because the van had been hooked up to the house for 2 days to top the battery up before travel. When not hooked up I leave a 80 Wp solar panel unfolded and connected inside the van which keeps it topped up during the summer but which struggles in the winter I think. Anyway, we got on the road. When w
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