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  1. I installed my kit, very easy programming of the W1209 (after I realised my error of overthinking how many settings I needed to change, thanks to Jiffy for the advice) I did have a bit of trouble with the wires slipping out of the terminal blocks with more than one wire in, a few mini spade connectors and done solder sorted that. Looks pretty neat if I do say do myself, cost peanuts too. I had originally had concerns about the lack of variable speed but once firing it up I can’t see why I would want anything other than full power, the idea of course to cool the maximum amount. Thanks to all that contributed to this thread, hopefully others will find it useful too.
  2. Agreed it’s a good policy, if you don’t have travel insurance, I already do so don’t need the extra.
  3. Red pennant do seem good, they are mighty expensive though, £130 for 2 week car and caravan cover compared to £37 elsewhere, the cover is not the same granted but it’s a lot extra to pay just to cover me if my car has a catastrophic failure whilst not hitched to the caravan.
  4. Thanks, I already have annual travel insurance that covers illness, accidents and worse so I don’t think I would need the personal cover. I will check their site and see all the options though.
  5. There are so many options out there a lot use the term ‘vehicle’ in their wording, this includes whatever the car is towing, it would seem it’s key to have the caravan hitched up if you call breakdown out to include the caravan in the breakdown. I have looked at red pennant and they offer car, caravan and ‘personal’ cover, the term ‘personal cover’ seems very much like travel insurance, which I already have, if I anyone could clarify it would be appreciated. If I am correct in that assumption then all I would require is breakdown cover than includes the caravan and a hire car, and repatriation of both car and caravan should the worst happen. I already had eurobreakdown at the top of my list as they offer 2 week cover for £37.99 with everything I need, their wording is very straightforward and states that the caravan get the same treatment as the car as long as it’s hitched at the time of the incident. I spoke with Greenflag by phone, and when it was pointed out that they were nearly twice the price, the answer was ‘are they a well known breakdown company?’ Seems they think their name is enough to charge nearly double. I have had to call Greenflag twice over the last 10 years on previous cars, each time I had the local tow company come out, not a Greenflag branded van so it’s clear they offer the same level of cover as all the cheaper companies, ie phone the local garage. So red pennant include the caravan (and repatriate if needed) even if it’s not hitched at the time? This is my only concern about other policies, if I’m out without the caravan and suffer a catastrophic failure then the caravan is stuck in France.
  6. Personal insurance is the same as travel insurance isn’t it?
  7. I am going to France for 2 weeks in August and I’m in need of Europe’s breakdown cover for the car and caravan. I have Greenflag uk cover through my NatWest bank account and they have quoted me £71 extra to cover me and the caravan, seems a bit steep, can anyone recommend an alternative?
  8. Thanks, I have priced it up at well under £20 which is the DIY price I’m happy with. I appreciate everyone’s input and guidance.
  9. Thanks. Presumably the W1209 is on or off, no option for speed control? I’m not sure that’s necessary though? What temperature do you have yours set at?
  10. How does the W1209 compare with one of these? I’m not familiar with computer components, I want to keep it simple whilst being able to get the functions needed. WODE DC 12V PWM PC CPU Fan Temperature Control Speed Controller CPU Alarm Module https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B019OWYFI2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_fk6-Eb4XH0QFV
  11. Thanks for that, really helpful Possibly, but if I’m going to do it I want to add all options rather than regret it later, doesn’t look like it adds much to the bill.
  12. I want it automatic though.
  13. I’m intrigued by your design, could you let me know the components you used? I have been looking at Dan Trudgian’s design and I’m looking at closing in on £35 all the components, for me it’s not worth doing when a purpose made kit with a warranty can be had for less than £20 more.
  14. I have seen his, thanks. My opinion would be that 2 fans by the top vent is the best option. I’m no physicist though!
  15. That’s good to know, I’m probably over thinking it! If I go with the DIY route what is the best layout? Under the heat sink blowing up or vent mounted to draw the heat out?
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