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  1. As Reggie says, I had the same issue, I got a replacement hose from kampa, they originally said £16 posted, I declined this option and ended up paying £9. They said they selected the wrong postage option which is why the original quote was £16 🤔 You will need to email customer service and they will send you a PayPal money request.
  2. Thanks, looks like a downdraught is the way to go. I have toyed with the idea of electric, poor reviews of the kampa one have put me off, Ryobi do a digital high pressure multi inflator which looks quite useful, car tyres, bike tyres, paddling pools and a hose that looks like it will fit the awning.
  3. My hose on my kampa downdraught has split and being that the only place to get one is from Kampa at £16.50, I have decided for a couple of quid more to get a complete new pump. There seems to be 2 options, the downdraught, which was supplied with my awning, and the dual action. Does anyone have any experience on which would be the preferred choice?
  4. We bought a 560-5 pursuit but px’d it for a Pegasus 6 months later. Built quality is very good but not as comfortable as the Pegasus, the small fridge was the killer for us, it just wasn’t big enough. The other big issue is the front bed slats are lower than the sides meaning the middle of the bed had a dip. Bailey weren’t interested at all in helping with this either. The pursuit is an entry level van, coachman is a high level, it’s like comparing a fiesta to a Mercedes, an older Mercedes will still cost more than a newer fiesta, it’s more luxurious.
  5. Well it would appear I was right to suspect my battery might not be at its best. I parked up next to my pitch on Monday, engaged the motor movers to park and that was it, battery dead. I had to reconnect to the car to get enough power to disengage before pushing onto my pitch. Went to Halfords the next day and replaced it. I was aware of this, it’s another reason I was looking at a replacement, it was doing the job so I left it in place. Should have just replaced it though!
  6. I have put it on charge with my smart charger so will wait and see the result.
  7. It’s actually 115ah, my mistake, it’s a Yuasa L35-115. Im getting the voltage from the solar control panel, the caravan panel matches though. I have just been out to check the AH of the battery and it’s at 12.4, flicked the control panel and lights on and it’s down to 12.1! No trackers, and the mains switch is off so there’s nothing that can be drawing power. I cleaned the terminals when I fitted the solar panel a few months ago, it’s not moved since.
  8. I have a 100w solar panel connected to my yuasa 105ah battery, the panel is in the window fully exposed to sun up until around 2pm when the van is then in the shade. In full sun the battery is charging up to around 13.1 but it’s then dropping to 12.5 overnight. Is this a normal amount of drainage overnight? The battery is used, I got it with the van when I bought it so I have no idea how old it is.
  9. Thanks. I got 2x1 litre cans, worked out at £22 which is fine with me. I’m just going to use that on the roof as that’s the biggest area of concern, I have half of the 2.5litre fabsil universal left from last time which I will do the sides with. Looks like an exciting good Friday is heading my way!
  10. Thanks, just the result I wanted to hear. I have ordered 2 litres of fabsil gold, hopefully that should be enough.
  11. Is fabsil gold preferred to fabsil universal?
  12. I used fenwick’s awning cleaner spray and water with a sponge which shouldn’t have stripped everything. I bought the awning used so there’s no way of knowing what life it had before me. I have found a couple. I’m going to coat it throughly with fabsil with a roller and once dry I will test the seams and go from there
  13. Unfortunately I realised this after I had done it, it was filthy though so did need it. Roller is a great idea, I will give that a go. It leaked everywhere, including seams, what’s the best course of action for seams? I’m going to cover it as much as possible I don’t want a repeat performance!
  14. I gave my Kampa air ace 400 a deep clean before we went away on our last trip, and bought some fabsil universal protector in a tin and put it in a spray bottle, hung the deflated awning in the rail and sprayed it on liberally and rubbed it in well with a towel. I seemed to get decent coverage and it seemed to soak in but it poured during our trip away and it leaked like a sieve, like there was no protection at all. I’m planning to re-apply but obviously I want it to work this time, what am I doing wrong or what can I do to achieve a good result? I was thinking about laying it on the ground and painting it on liberally with a brush.
  15. I have a solar panel in the window to keep it topped up, I also use a smart charger to give it a full charge and float before we go away.
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