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  1. Did you buy the van from a dealer? If so, I’m surprised they’re not supplying the plate for you. if it’s a private sale, I get that you’d have to organise it yourself
  2. My thread appears to have turned into a BBQ debate - I won't be buying a BBQ I do, however, now feel hungry thinking about it lol
  3. Very nice combo’s guys 👍🏻
  4. I was going to start such a thread, but you beat me to it 😉 We got our ‘van home on Saturday and, when using the mover, ours left a big groove in the gravel drive so I was thinking of changing the jockey wheel to a fatter / softer one. The drive is grey whin chips so is not too soft that it would cause too much resistance but I did have go round afterwards smoothing the gravel out again. Are they easy enough to change yourself?
  5. Delighted for you, congratulations! Definitely wasn’t the ideal collection weekend, we were the same, but good practice for future trips too. Look forward to seeing pics and hearing how your journey progresses 😀👍🏻
  6. Cheers BH! Will defo do a write up. First short trips will be Trossachs and Fife Coast probably 🙂
  7. Thank you. I was a bit apprehensive given I’m a newbie and it was to be windy but went well and it’s also given me practice in conditions I’ll obviously encounter a some point again in the future. We have a week away at a favourite site of ours in May, on the Moray Coast. But before that we plan to go on some shorter trips to get used to the ‘van and it’s equipment 👍🏻
  8. Never get tired of watching your vid BH 😄 The BM one is cool, although £800 becomes £2000+ retro fitted 😬 Detachable Wesfalia one from exactly the same fitted that my BM dealer uses was just over £700 with all the compatible electrics (you know this already BH haha)
  9. So, picked up the new ‘van today. Storm Dennis was on the way so glad we collecting in the morning before the worst of it reached us. The drive home was gusty but the car / ‘van combo coped very well. Loving the quad motor mover, could’ve played around all day 😂 Now looking forward to getting away in it now.
  10. Cheers BH. Yeah 10am collection and hopefully home before the winds get up! Not really. It was the trim on the edge of the casing not the casing itself. Either way, a sore one to take. Thanks mate 👍🏻 Look out for mike on the news if the winds get up crossing the Forth 😉 I might be investing in a set of those sooner than I expected then 😂 One set of Aero 3’s appearing on eBay very soon
  11. Update: Put the brackets on tonight to save doing it tomorrow when collecting the ‘van. Over tightened them and broke the trim on the edge of the mirror casing on my new car! To say I’m livid at myself is an understatement 😡
  12. Apologies, I'm coming to this party late and tried to read as much as possible. I collect my 2018 Sprite Quattro EB tomorrow (subject to the impending storm). Other than checking visually ourselves at the dealership is there any other way of confirming if our 'van is affected, such as an official database / list? Obviously I can ask the dealer if it's already been checked too.
  13. Never thought about fitting to the bottom edge tbh, but as you say risky for damaging the paintwork eek 😬 Yeah, all seems fine in terms of being secure. The top bracket is as close to the door side as possible as the mirror groove ends just where my innermost bracket is. The F Pads were highlight to me by fellow X3 & ‘van owner Bristle Hound, so the thanks go to him. They minimise the risk of them slipping off, which seems to be an issue on some the the German marques. I’ll have a play around with different set ups, including the bottom edge cheers. Might have longer to do so if the weather delays collection day on Saturday 😩
  14. Bearing in mind I’m a newbie, I just trial fitted my Milenco Aero 3 towing mirrors. I bought rubber ‘F Pads’ as suggested for the BMW X3 mirrors which notch into the groove on the mirror trim. Assembly etc was easy enough as you’d expect. Just wanted some views (no mirror pun intended) on positioning etc. I feel the brackets are a bit closer together than I’d have wanted. But due to the shape of the mirror at the outermost part and the narrow gap between the mirror glass and the casing, both brackets needed to be on the flatter top section. Otherwise, everything seemed pretty secure.
  15. Just had a Westfalia detachable one, with 13 pin electrics compatible with the car, fitted A couple of weeks ago. £700+ all done in a 3 hour appointment by a highly regarded fitter.
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