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  1. All the best for collection. Any trips planned?
  2. That’s probably what it is haha! I might let the dealership know, not to complain as such, so it doesn’t happen with the future customers. Would be great to hear how it goes this weekend on your trip, have a good one I know they’re more expensive but the quality, from what I’ve seen so far, and 5 star customer care helps justify it. Well impressed
  3. Yeah, really impressed and much as I had been led to believe by others experience too.
  4. Bought our BMW X3 M40i in January 2020, it now has 3,000 miles on the clock currently. 3 litre straight six with 355bhp means it’s all too easy to exceed the speed limits when towing if you’re not careful. Sensible driving it returns 30mpg, but this drops to sub-20mpg with the van on the back! Therefore route planning will involve locating petrol stations in more remote areas Got a detachable Westfalia towbar and electrics fitted for £700 after BMW quoted £2k (from the same fitter, so went direct). We then bought our first touring van, a 2018 Swift Sprite Quattro EB, which had hardly been used by the previous owners, in February 2020 therefore it’s never been used by us yet. Itching to get away in it now!
  5. I know, I think it would’ve bugged me having two different brands A good result and promptly too. For the benefit of future customers, the fault for my issue lay with the stockist, who are supposed to ask the customer if a single or double is required. Here’s the response from Isabella customer care. All sorted once it arrives Hello Thank you for your enquiry. Normally when ordering, if you specify a double, the dealer will swap it out. However, on this occasion, please provide you address and we will send a double out to you. I look forward to hearing from you.
  6. Just priced a twin axle one at £42 If Isabella insist there’s nowt they can do I’ll be buying a generic one like the Kampa one at £19
  7. We bought an EB just before lockdown (first tourer for us). Regarding the water ingress warranty, have they confirmed it been officially inspected every year to maintain the warranty? Something we had the dealer check prior to purchasing.
  8. Thanks, yeah I’ve dropped them a message. As mentioned, after spending this amount of money, it’s a bit off if they can’t even offer an option at point of ordering. Will await their reply.
  9. Thanks for clarifying guys. I suppose ‘fast’ lane is one of these inaccurate phrases many of us use, kind of like referring to Road Tax nowadays. Glad to hear, through common sense, I’ve been obeying the law when collecting from the dealers, returning for an alteration and collecting again before lock down
  10. So, collected our Air Cirrus North 400 awning from the stockist / dealership yesterday. Unpacked it in the garage quickly to give it the once over and noticed that the Universal Wheel Arch cover is only for a single axle not a twin. Does anyone know if this is normal and I need to purchase a TA one on top of the purchase price or should the dealer have specified it was for a TA when ordering from Isabella? The brochure / website Doesn’t mention any distinction other than when buying them separately where they have different part numbers.
  11. Just a quick question for a relative newbie. I’ll obviously check the law too, but is a caravan allowed in the ‘fast’ lane on a two lane motorway but not a three lane? Obviously won’t happen very often but just thinking on the odd occasion something is travelling slower than me, which I have encountered. We were out and about to collect our awning yesterday and here in Scotland there were also considerably more tourers and mh’s on the road.
  12. I’ve got a lump hammer on order and already have a good DeWalt drill and socket set so just waiting to see exactly what comes with the awning (I believe there’s both plastic pegs and metal ones) but suspect screw in ones will still be required). That’s good advice joanie as I’d probably be guilty of “oh I have to get everything set up now”. The sites we’re booked on we should arrive in plenty of time too. I’ll look into that option too thanks. Might be cheaper? Thanks Dave. Will find out tomorrow when we collect it. If the existing pegs work in our drive they’ll work anywhere. If not I’ll look at the alternatives.
  13. I’m no expert, far from it, having just bought our first awning for our first caravan. Awaiting our first trip away. Its an air awning which we were intent on, having read the posts and reviews. There’s only two of us plus dog. The main reasons for getting one were extra space to sit out / dine, drying wet clothes if the weather is bad and more space for the dog and somewhere to dry him and rid him of sandy beaches.
  14. Thanks guys. The only thing I’m unsure of and won’t know until we collect tomorrow is what pegs come with it. Our driveway, although loose gravel, is compacted fairly solidly underneath so might need to invest in some suitable heavy duty pegs before we can practice. Also, our first trip is a gravel hard standing too. So much to learn (on top of using the ‘van in anger for the first time).
  15. Thanks for all the responses. So the general consensus seems to be don’t lock it and only keep basic stuff in it when you’re out, which makes total sense. We ordered it on Monday and got a call to say it’s arrived this afternoon so hopefully collecting it in the morning. Just need to practice putting it up in the drive before our first ever outing in the ‘van. I appreciate all the input
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