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  1. How did you get on with these Les? For me, the problem on the G01 wasn’t the shape of the F Pads or clamps (although they were a tight fit) it was the brittleness of the BMW mirror edge plastic and the difficulty in knowing how much to tighten them (in my case too much, resulting in damage). Hope you had no similar issues to me.
  2. Our Easter long weekend break at Elie, Fife had been cancelled a week or so ago with full refund. Our one week break at West Beach, Hopeman, Moray last week in May has been cancelled this morning again with a full refund or option to move booking offered.
  3. Our ‘van has was left with the dealership just over a week ago for a repair (long story, won’t bore you). They called yesterday morning to say we could collect it anytime, but they’d likely be closing on Friday due to the Covid 19 outbreak. As we’re both working (albeit from home) I said we could collect this Friday as we finish work early. Fine, arrangement made. They then called again and said they could be closing sooner and could we collect sooner. Initially I said we’d come over tonight assuming we could bunk off work early, but I when we thought about it we Decided to go there and then. So we left at 4:30pm and got there by 5:30pm.......... got home again after 6:30pm only to sit down for dinner to hear we were effectively in partial lock down. So thank goodness we rescued the van. Dread to think that the worst would’ve happened and they’d gone bust due to current circumstances with our van locked in their compound. Just grateful we decided to go when we did. They closed today as it turns out.
  4. Can’t beat a bit of moving! We brought our van home from the dealers last night and I really pushed the boat out with some moving in the dark (extreme sport I reckon)
  5. Our dealership was closing today I think. We dived over to collect our van last night in case they closed never to re-open, a sad possibility.
  6. Just been advised by the site we were booked for over the Easter long weekend on the Fife coast that they’ll not be opening and we can either get a refund or book for later in the year. As it stands they still anticipate opening on 1st May but we all know things can and probably will change between now and then. Were also booked with them early May. That, and our week on the Moray Coast could well be cancelled too but we’re trying to remain positive. So far, our first caravan is turning out to be an expensive ornament in the driveway
  7. Our van is currently in for a minor repair and we won’t be collecting for a week to two weeks. Not sure how that will pan out due to the virus. We have long weekends booked away at Easter and the start of May plus a week away at the end of May. They will likely be in doubt. Will be gutted if we have to cancel, as it’s our first ever trips away, however we totally understand the priority is ensuring the country fights this virus and we will comply with whatever restricted put in place. The sites may struggle financially though sadly.
  8. One of the horror stories my good friend BH mentions was me. I crushed / cracked the mirror surround on my month old X3 G01 just a few weeks ago the night before collecting our first van. I was devastated! So, I took BH’s advice and followed him in buying the EMUK’s. Well, today was their first trip as we took the van to drop of at the dealers and I have to say they are absolutely fantastic in all aspects despite their £100 price tag. Totally delighted with them. The “unique” way they fit makes it almost impossible to damage the car mirror housing. Here’s some pics, including a newbies attempt at parallel parking aided by my new mirrors lol
  9. Funnily enough we just passed a towing car on our way back from dropping our van of at the dealers earlier which had ones like this. We commented on how small they looked and that we didn’t fancy them being stuck into the car mirror glass. i would say, despite the extra cost, our newly bought EMUK mirrors which we used for the first time today, we’re absolutely brilliant in all respects. My Milenco Aero 3’s are about to go up for sale having only done 20 miles as they don’t take kindly to the new X3 mirror housing.
  10. Had to fit my new EMUK mirrors sooner than expected, thanks to a shower leak in our new van and necessitating taking it back to the dealers tomorrow. Anyway, here’s some pics. And thanks again to Bristle Hound for the heads up after a disaster with my Milenco’s breaking my car mirror
  11. That’s my EMUK mirrors ordered (thanks for the heads up BH) after my disaster with the Milenco Aero 3’s. A costly mistake trashing the door mirror on my weeks old car! Only seems to be an issue on the G01 X3, so will be selling my Milenco’s having only done 30 miles with them.
  12. Just bought a Specialised towing cover for our Swift. They’re a bit more expensive but high quality. You get what you pay for I guess
  13. Welcome aboard! I'm a relative newbie too, having collected our van a couple of weeks ago and ready for our first trip, also at Easter. Just about bought everything for it now, apart from a TV
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