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  1. I know this is a bit woolly, but roughly how much power do you reckon charging the leisure battery from the domestic power supply uses per day or per week for example? Reason I ask is that our energy Bill has increased significantly and the only thing I can think of which has changed in the past year is charging the van.
  2. More great ideas Wispman & Gary thank you. Much more sensible than some of the wild crazy ideas I had haha. In other news bizarrely, having had little response from the supplier, I’ve just had an email saying it’s being dispatched imminently. Phew!! Hopefully panic over. In the meantime, thanks to every one of you who replied. All worthwhile though as (a) I might make a hash of fitting it or (b) there every chance some of this will be useful in the future. I’ve certainly learned things I didn’t know
  3. Thanks to you all for all the suggestions. I’ll probably follow up on all of them. We need this holiday so much and would be devastated to cancel now. The trailer board is something that may be an option but I’d need to get one and get my mobile guy to connect it owing to my lack of electrical knowledge. Thanks again all, will keep you posted. I have to admit to saying that myself Martin haha!
  4. I had it checked thoroughly by a specialist. Did toy with the idea of taking it out myself to inspect and check the connections. No idea why though, as my electrical knowledge is limited at best and, like I say, someone who knows what they’re doing has already tested it. My biggest worry now is potentially having to cancel a holiday we’ve been looking forward to (and needing) for some time.
  5. I needed a new light cluster (see pic) and ordered one 2 to 3 weeks ago on 3 or 4 day delivery. All parts of the cluster work other than the indicator light. However it’s still not arrived and the distributor is saying they’ve had them on order from Swift for 3 weeks. The problem I now have is that we are due to go away soon and this could render the van illegal on the road. I’ve looked elsewhere on line and popped into a dealership yesterday with no luck. Any ideas? PS. I’ve no idea why the CT website rotates pics for no reason, sorry.
  6. Funnily enough, I had an S5 SB too but before I started towing. Was a 3.0 V6 Supercharged one rather than 4.2 V8. It was also bought from, and traded back into, a dealership not a million miles away from Stevie.
  7. I’m far from an expert and more members will chip in who know more than me. But there are a number of factors / variables including your towbar limit. My detachable Westfalia towbar details are available on their website. The loading up of your van is also key. To make it easier for me as a newish tourer I bought a nose weight gauge to be sure.
  8. After phoning round all week, with local suppliers not even knowing how many cylinders (or indeed any) they’d get from Calor, I managed to get one by calling at opening time this morning and driving to get a 6kg Propane. They had 2 delivered and available so bought one on exchange. PHEW! Where I am, it seemed like my chances were better at smaller / local shops and petrol stations rather than larger more obvious distributors.
  9. Thanks Gary, I want to make sure the guy does it properly. It is a 2018 model as you say, with 2017 stamped tyres which are starting to crack slightly on the tyre wall, so I thought I’d play it safe as we have a couple of longer journeys planned this year.
  10. Sorry to latch on to this thread, but I’ve got a mobile tyre fitter coming to the house to replace all four caravan tyres and I’m paranoid about jacking up on the incorrect point of the chassis and I’ve never done it during my one year of ownership. Am I correct in saying it should be under the plate indicated in my pics?
  11. Just an update...... We’ve just been away for the long weekend and it gave me a chance to monitor the tap issue more closely. Contrary to my previous thoughts, it is leaking from the upper part (red arrow) and trickling down to the base (blue arrow). So needs investigated / fixed, but not sure how to dismantle so might need professional help.
  12. I saw your other post, that’s not a bad idea at all, thanks
  13. Thanks for all the responses folks, it’s appreciated. I’ll have another closer look this weekend to see if I can pinpoint the exact issue before deciding on the next step. But it sounds like it may be a new tap potentially. We can get by without this tap in the short term thankfully.
  14. When sanitising the water system at the weekend, I noticed water gathering around the base of the bathroom tap. Its not leaking from above (ie from the tap itself) and couldn’t really see anything obvious from inside the vanity sink unit. Any ideas what the issue could be or how to fix it?
  15. Exactly as you said folks thank you. Didn’t have to loosen the screws. Simply rotated the rectangular bracket on the top screw 90 degrees and that raises the wheel enough to release it from the track. Bit of a manoeuvre to get the door out of the shower and it is certainly heavier than it looks but straightforward enough once you know how.
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