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  1. You have the same van as me Gary. Wondering if a tall / narrow one would fit on the section of wall between the shower and bedroom door?
  2. We bought our first touring van in February and what I’d recommend, even if you don’t buy from them, is go to your nearest dealership with a large range of stock and have a good look about at the vans inside and out. Even glean as much info as you can from the salesperson too. You’ll quickly get a feel for what styles, layouts, brands you prefer before you decide where to buy from.
  3. I’d second that. We use (used tonight) ours regularly. It’s obviously smaller than the one in the house but works perfectly. Wife checked the temperature with an oven thermometer and it’s spot on.
  4. The Duvalay one we got for our Swift was around £500. It’s curved at the bottom end. We went for a slightly thicker one than the original and it’s comfier.
  5. We’ve bought a Specialised custom made cover but it wasn’t cheap. If the towing cover quality is anything to go by, it’ll be superb.
  6. Thanks for all the responses folks. A combination of the aqua roll jacket and pipe insulation We have, along with raising it off the ground should sort that. We’ll leave the heating to tick over during the night too (it’s blown air we have so won’t be too hot in the bedroom........ don’t, just don’t haha). 😂 We have propane too so should be fine. Appreciate the suggestions.
  7. Bit of a newbie question as this is our first autumn / winter with the van. I’m obviously well aware that, if left unattended with water in the pipes, the freezing weather can cause bursts. We had heavy frost and ice this morning and have further trips planned before the end of the season. We have an insulation jacket for the aqua roll and pipe. But what do folks do when away in the van during a cold snap? ie if pipes charged with water can freeze if sitting outside the house or in storage, if not drained, what’s to stop it doing the same on a site. Do you leave the he
  8. Welcome If you get set up quickly there are plenty of good places without going too far from Tayside.
  9. Hi Welcome and good to hear your story. Although new to touring caravans this year, we’ve been on a few Friday to Sunday trips already (as well as some one week breaks) since lockdown ended. we depart after work, around 5pm (helps that we’re working from home) and are fortunate that we can reach many fantastic areas in an hour. Although only one full day, and two nights away, it feels much longer and helps de-stress from work. Good luck with your plans.
  10. I did Go Compare and ended up with Saga - didn’t even think I was old enough to qualify
  11. Welcome aboard! I’m still fairly new also but......... checklists checklists checklists
  12. You’re not the first and certainly won’t be the last for this to happen to. Myself included! Happened to me a few weeks ago on a site as we were manoeuvring the van with the mover, thankfully on a grass surface. I also lifted the hitch, although it’s on a twin axle with just under 100kg nose weight, while a kind fellow caravanner re-tightened the jockey wheel clamp (in torrential rain!). I’m convinced I’d tightened it sufficiently but will be more vigilant in future. We all (hopefully) learn from such mistakes
  13. Many of Audi’s performance ‘S’ models (S4 and above) have gone from petrol to diesel (which is seen as a strange move by many) so heading the opposite direction . One of the reasons I moved from many years of Audi’s to BMW was because the M40 come in petrol and diesel and the SQ5 is now diesel only.
  14. Far from a heath robinson effort, that looks fantastic! Our wheel arch trim has a slight curve on it and I realise yours is angle, but I fitted the Isabella trim and personally think it’s fine. It certainly works well and the cover can be adjusted to height to tie in with the full length skirt. The creases are only because it was straight out the wrapper, they smooth out through use.
  15. You’d need to be more specific regarding where you’re asking about as there are too many to list. Since the end of July we’ve been to to Highfield at Benderloch and Elie in Fife and all Toilet / shower facilities were open. Also been to Fortrose and facilities were closed.
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