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  1. And this is why dealers don't want get involved with warranty work ..swift will not pay the dealers standard hourly rate either....I have found 1 dealer who would consider it if booked it for a service which is not a problem but they are 60 miles away so 360 mile round trip with all the different visits
  2. Rang them...after 1 hour finally got through to be told take it to an approved swift dealer....I told them I had tried loads and they are not willing to do it....after 10 minutes they cut me off
  3. Having tried contacting and trying to resolve some warranty work (warped internal doors) my best advice to anyone thinking of buying a new Swift caravan is don't do it...Their warranty is a joke and is at the mercy of independent dealers and if your dealer ceases trading or can't or won't do the work your stuffed... Customer services if you lucky enough to get through to without being cut off are reading of a pre printed answer sheet... Basically my warranty is non existent...
  4. I think this is my next option.. tried ringing so many dealers and the answer is either no or no reply...what a shambles the caravan trade is...
  5. Thanks I will contact them No reply to my email..so resent
  6. Rang Cooper's today but no answer so email sent...cheers
  7. That's the problem...if you don't have the service done then dealers aren't interested...The next service isn't due until July..I'm in Bradford west Yorkshire..
  8. So rumour has it that the typical life span of the battery pack will be around 4 years and a replacement cost of around 4k it doesn't seem a realistic option for the ordinary driver...factor in the charging issues and it's going to be a disaster
  9. So having bought a new swift caravan from Dickinson's of Bradford June 2018 and they ceased trading two weeks ago I am finding impossible to get some warranty work carried out because no dealer is interested due to it not being financially worth it to carry out the work...tried to contact swift but no reply. Anyone else experiencing the same problem...Suppose swift have our £24000+ and aren't really bothered about us now..
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