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  1. Me? BMW X5 M50D & Buccaneer Commodore One day maybe one day ...
  2. A thread to cover Caravan Site closures due to 'you know what' Add any you are aware of Refunding of deposits thoughts as well plez
  3. Should have said 'ordered' not 'got one' John Its on its way - should be here by Monday Then I'll be blowing up anything in site with it lol The description says inflates up to 125psi - I'll be testing on super accurate hand help tyre pressure gauge when it arrives
  4. I've just got one of these - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VonHaus-Cordless-Digital-Car-Tyre-Inflator-Handheld-Air-Compressor-LCD-Display/372980520097?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  5. Just a thought With the corona virus taking hold & people's still wanting to go away caravaning will the 'no number 2's' rule be breached using the caravan toilet ? I for one don't fancy emptying a thunderbox with those nasty little friends in However, if it means I can go 'vaning - well may be I may change my mind lol What are other peoples thoughts ?
  6. Well I didn't expect that after starting the this thread on the 12th March ! 15 pages of interesting if not subjective thoughts We have cancelled our end of March caravaning trip & moved it back till November We are seeing whats going to happen in the coming weeks to see whether we cancel our mid April trip Looking more & more like we will only be having a coffee in storage in our new 'van - don't know whether to laugh or cry ! Joking aside, there is more important things to connsider TBH
  7. I'm in the same position - waiting for the CRiS document - to register for the warranty on our 2017 Compass Camino I've emailed Elddis who have asked me for the service history/damp check & CRiS doc Going to give them a ring tomorrow
  8. Here you go Les These are G01 X3 specific https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Emuk-Caravan-Mirror-Set-for-BMW-100071/352461169567?hash=item521052a39f:g:qhoAAOSwAPVZKSDN Quick delivery too
  9. After much chenanigans with other caravans from other Dealers we ended up buying this - We are both ver very excited ! PS If any 2019/2020 Swift Elegance owner is interested we have 2 x brand new & unused Swift Elegance scatter cushions for sale These were ordered & paid for from the Swift dealer at the time we ordered the Elegance caravan Long story short - we had paid & ordered the scatter cushions so we were obliged to take them PM me for pics/details if you are interested
  10. Its started - unfortunately A friend of mine has just had an email from Moss Hagg Farm, Selby (CS site) They are cancelling all bookings (incl. his) due to the Corona Virus https://www.mosshaggfarm-campsite.co.uk/ Wouldn't mind but the site isn't due to open till the 3rd April I'm wondering how many other Uk sites are going to follow ...
  11. Will The Corona Virus Affect Caravaning ? With the latest news that the Corona Virus pandemic will peak in 10-14 weeks from now - Will sites be cancelling bookings/declining new bookings? Just wondering whats peoples thoughts are on this
  12. I found an old thread on this dating back to 2013 I'm just wondering whether there are anymore new ideas for avoiding this? TIA
  13. They 'feel' as tho they do but don't IMHO Changing the mirror head from vertical to horizontal has certainly helped in that matter Should be even less noticeable on your X6
  14. Used the Emuk mirrors on the X3 for the first time when we collected our new 'van I've altered the mirror heads so they are now horizontal as opposed to vertical & work fine for the rearward view as the G01 X3 is quite wide anyway The 2 guys that did the new 'van handover were fascinated with the Emuk towing mirrors. Neither had ever seen any before, so I got the third degree off the pair of 'em over them lol They liked the the way the mirror arms had slots for the indicators in them No vibration, a solid fit and no worries about the G01 X3 towing mirror issues Highly recommended
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