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  1. The 580 Elegance order has now been cancelled
  2. Just took advantage of Swift's Supersure caravan insurance With our 580 being a new van I got it 1/2 price for 12 months Subscribing to the Swift tracker was saving me £130/year so still £35 better off New for old - £174 Which I'm more than happy about
  3. Went to the supplying Dealer today as we wanted a final look, just to make sure, so to speak We had a look at quite a few others while we were there & still concluded the 580 Elegance was still the best for our needs Unfortunately we have had to put the collection date back a week until the 3rd March now Could go back another week too Hope those new Emuk towing mirrors arrive on the hurry up from Germany - Correct layout, if anyone didn't know already lol
  4. http://www.glenfieldcaravanpark.co.uk/ Stayed here late September 2019 Lovely small, quiet peaceful site, predominantly occupied by seasonal pitch caravans We stayed on one of the four fully serviced pitches which was a bit tight but fine nonetheless as we didn't put up our awning The shower block was extremely clean The site owner , Gemma, was away over the weekend we were there so if you wanted anything you had had it. A bit frustrating You have to use old £1 coins for the washing machine & dryer that you have to buy off her in £10 lots, if she's there Nice to try a new site but I don't think we would return
  5. I thought Cadac's were the BBQ's of choice ?
  6. Hi Jim - Welcome along - good luck on your project
  7. Thanks - not all the extra's are what I would go for TBH Definitely makes interesting reading. Thanks Thanks for taking the time with your post - appreciated So you spend more & get less back - I did wonder with Dealer specials I am very conscious about selling time when I buy, especially new TBH I'm probably have pre-collection wobbles on the 580 Elegance we have ordered lol https://www.caravantalk.co.uk/community/topic/142012-bhs-swift-elegance-580/
  8. Combo looks great buddy - congrats ! Looking foreword to your thoughts after your 1st trip away
  9. I made an enquiry with Campbells with regard to a 2019 Clubman SR (which they 2 of at the time) By January they still hadn't sold them & ended up exporting them to China so I'm told
  10. Anyone have any experience with Grantham Campers dealer special Swift Elite range? For example - https://www.granthamcaravans.co.uk/model/new-caravans/swift/elite-835-2020/ Based on the Swift Challenger with added extra's at no extra cost This is GC's info - 'The monetary value of the Elite range features is £3,999! You get all of this, in the Elite range for 2020: • ATC Trailer Control System • Truma Waterline • Alde Central Heating System • Rain Guards • Alko Wheel Lock Included • Alko Manouvering Handle • Omnivent Extractor Unit • Dimmable Spot Lights • Lockable Heavy Duty Corner Steadies • Illuminated Washroom Mirror • 100W Solar Panel • Washroom Shower Hanging Rail • External Entertainment Pod • Additional Soft Furnishings • 2nd TV Point (Model Specific) • Exclusive External Graphics • Side Lift Jack & Brackets • Bespoke ‘Elite’ Interior Trim / Fabric • En-Route Gas Regulator' Whats peoples thoughts on Dealer special?
  11. Steve - You can extend the arms by 10cm each side with the 'EMUK holder pipe extensions 10cm (2x)' https://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=https://www.wohnwagen-spiegel.de/wohnwagenspiegel-bmw-x3-g01-sp49-1268&prev=search
  12. Plenty of pics of the mirrors, normal & XL, in the links in my posts above
  13. It’s no that it’s the mirror surroundS in the G01 X3 are hollow & not too thick Fine for day to day use but not great when you have to clamp some Milenco towing mirrors to that top edge I had my Aero 3’s on a 2010 Audi A4 Avant & never had a problem no matter how tight I clamped ‘em up Not even going to try & use my Aero 3’s on the X3 - I ordered some model specific Emuk towing mirrors last night I’m hoping it’s not going to effect my collection date for my new 580 as the mirrors are coming from Deutschland, but what will be will be
  14. Thanks I'm not risking my Milenco Aero 3's on the notoriously fragile G01 X3 mirror housing's (when towing mirrors are attached) After a bit of research & the recommend I received I ordered a pair late last night Hoping they arrive in time for my collection as they come from Germany & you are very cheeky about my BM Mr. Audi man lol I've ordered the 'standard' kit on the eBay link above If I need any more 'bits' I'll look in to as & when Altho the below link is in German it gives you some idea what & how much extra bits are https://www.wohnwagen-spiegel.de/wohnwagenspiegel-bmw-x3-g01-sp49-1268 EMUK website https://www.emuk.com/
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