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  1. I have no experience with a Crusader, have never even looked at one TBH, so can’t comment I’m sure there will be others on CT who can help
  2. First trip away in our new to us Camino 660 Pic's speak a 1000 words so to speak A couple or 3 pic's to have a look at
  3. Pulled the plug on a new air awning Opted for an Outwell Pebble 420A Got it direct from Outwell in Denmark Even got the carpet for it too Awning & carpet were absolute bargain's! The only negative I think of for the awning is that it doesn't have a single inflation point. It has 4 for the 4 chambers. Still for the money I honestly do not mind We already have an Outwell Pebble 300A awning from our old Swift 480 and have been extremely impressed with it TBH We 'shouldn't' (said it now) have any probs putting the 420A up as its the bigger brother of the 300A Don't see many, if any, Outwell awnings on sites so will be nice to be different All in all a happy Hound
  4. I'm also in the market for a new air awning I currently have an Outwell Pebble 300A from our previous Swift 480 which isn't big enough for the Camino 660 My initial choice was a Kampa Rally Air Pro 390 but there is nothing out there for less than £925 new so I may yet resort to another Outwell ...
  5. On Monday 13th July we went on our first trip away in our new to us Camino 660 Weather's a bit changeable but hey, who cares A couple or 3 of pics
  6. Puriclean will wreck the inline water filters If you are going to puriclean remove the water filter & replace with a section of pipe when you do it
  7. Not a Cove but we have an Outwell Pebble 300A (which won BEST AWNING in the ‘Tourer of the year Awards 2018’ run by Practical Caravan magazine) Bought it new to use on our old Swift 480 (see pic below) Very pleased with the quality and easy to put up We thought about changing it for the new to us Compass but we are going to try it first before we consider changing it If the price is right, I would definitely buy another Outwell I get my accessories direct from Outwell in Denmark - massively cheaper Great service and it always arrives quicker than things I buy in the Uk https://www.outletcamping.com/en-gb-1
  8. We have a 2019 MY20 G01 BMW X3 xDrive 20d M Sport (190ps - 400nm torque) towing a 2017 Compass Camino 660 - 85% on the 'ratio' BMW's only done around 2000 miles thanks to Covid19 Towing - around 26-28mpg Normal driving - around 40-45mpg Considering our Camino is 1800kg MTPLM the X3 is very sprightly with it attached
  9. Lots of info here https://www.johnguest.com/
  10. Paranoia got the better of me & I bought 'the black one' lol First impressions - The black one is one heavy mutha. The fit is a lot better than the red one which I always thought was just not quite a tight enough fit. Yes yes I know it can be cut off just like any other hitch lock but this one will take some time IMHO Those extra few minutes may be just enough, who knows Like Ian, no regrets A little research on the Alko website is showing the red one weighing in at 1.5kg versus the black one which weighs 4.9kg! Before and after pic's lol
  11. Went for 2m in the end Thanks for all the help people of CT
  12. Resurrecting an old thread I've got a set of these ramps for our TA Compass which a specifically for TA 'van's https://www.aimtools.co.uk/collections/car-accessories/products/161916 Works like this -
  13. Trying to work out where that pic is in the interior? Its enough to put you off caravaning, almost ... Feel for you Barry
  14. Don't for get to use the cash backs sites too Quidco - https://www.quidco.com/ TopCashback - https://www.topcashback.co.uk/
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