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  1. I've used these relays several times, and they have two wires to connect to the car tail lights, and one to connect to the brake lights. However, if your car uses a single 21 watt bulb for both the brake & tail light (car supplies a reduced voltage for tail light operation, full voltage for brake light operation), then you only connect the brake light wire to the vehicle, and the relay sorts out brake & tail lights automatically. You connect the trailer socket wires to the appropriate terminals on the relay, as per the instructions that come with the relay.
  2. I have quite a steep drive, so reversing my van in is not on, as I would burn my clutch out. I did look into having motor movers fitted, but baulked at the quoted £1200. My solution has been to buy a 12 volt winch, concrete a post into the top of my parking area, and use the winch to get the caravan in. I've been doing it this way for at least ten years now, with no problems. I seem to remember the winch cost about £100, and my son got the post from where he works.
  3. I've now had the Puriclean and some Aqua tabs arrive, have mixed up an aqua roll full with Puriclean, flushed through the system & left it to soak overnight. Today, I've flushed through the system several times, but I've only seen a little dirt coming out. So maybe the system wasn't as dirty as I thought! So far I've used only about half the aqua roll, so I'll leave it to soak overnight again, and flush out again tomorrow. I think I might mix up another lot when I've used what I've mixed already, and do it all again.
  4. Alan G H

    Chacewater Park

    Quiet, adults only site. Friendly, helpful staff. We arrived on Sunday 4th July, were met at the gate and escorted to our pitch, then helped to level the van. Spotless clean toilets and showers (hot). Dog friendly, two fields for campers with dogs, two dog free areas. An excellent dog walking field close by. Very reasonable prices (currently £111 for seven nights, for over forties, including electric hook up), wi-fi extra. When we left on Wednesday 14th, we were told they are fully booked from the next weekend. We will definitely be back.
  5. View full UK campsite review
  6. Thanks to all who have replied, it looks as if I have to get something to leave in the system for a few days to soak. I've never noticed anything come out of the taps before, but stretching the hose to the pump obviously disturbed what was in there! As some have commented, we've never had any stomach upsets, so we must have good constitutions!
  7. If you can identify which wires run to the pump, you can check there is power going to them, but I can't help you any more from those photos. Sorry I can't be more help.
  8. Good morning everyone. We are away in Cornwall at the moment, and late last night the water pump on our caravan stopped working. The van is a Gobur Carousel folding caravan, and is about 26 years old, we have owned it for the last 16 years. The water system is just a simple Whale pump in the Aquaroll, plugged into the side of the van, with a pipe to taps in the washroom and kitchen sink (no water heater). I carry a spare pump, so this morning I changed the pump, so we now have water on tap again. However, I was shocked by how much debris came out of the taps when I tested the system. Each time we go off with the van, I have mixed up an Aquaroll full of Milton solution, and run this through the system, thinking this should be enough to kill any bacteria, but it clearly isn't enough. Any suggestions as to what I can use to deep clean the system when we get home? We aren't planning to get away again till October, so I will be able to leave it to soak for quite a while.
  9. As the warning light is coming on, it's probably the pump that has failed. Time to get the multi meter out, and check that there is power to the pump when the light is on, if there is, then change the pump.
  10. These are also on ebay, from about £5.00 for four. Some I found are supposed to be made in Germany.
  11. We have booked to go to mid Cornwall in early July, hopefully things will have calmed down a bit by then. We are going down on a Sunday, to hopefully miss the worst of the traffic, and staying for ten nights. I was quite surprised to get a booking at the first commercial site I tried, adults only, and very reasonable price. Now just got to get the van ready, it hasn't moved since early last August.
  12. You could try these: THE CARAVAN CENTRE – BLAENAVON Unit 3a UNIT 3A GILCHRIST Unit 3a BLAENAVON Blaenavon Torfaen NP4 9RL
  13. If it's still in the guarantee period, I would be asking the manufacturer (in writing, so that you get a written reply you can use in case of problems later). If it's out of guarantee, it's up to you.
  14. Looking at some tyre data on Blackcircles, there are van tyres available in that size, with a 104 load rating. Your tyres with a 96 rating will take an axle load of 1,420 kg, the same size tyre with a 104 rating will take an axle load of 1,800 kg, so will give a good safety margin. Personally, I always replace my caravan tyres with van tyres in the standard size, so they have a higher load rating than the standard ones. I always check my tyres very carefully at the start of every season, and change them at seven years old, but, since I've been using van tyres, I've not found any cracking as yet.
  15. If you have the owners handbook, it ought to tell you in there. Alternatively, feed a piece of string through the awning rail, down to the ground each end. Take the string out and measure the length, that should be the size you need.
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