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  1. 290 miles towing. 4 nights away in August (booked for 7, but came home after 4 nights due to weather). Missed our usual trips away in May to Norwich and Fakenham (family visits), and trips in June/July and September (owners club rallies). Car covered 7,853 miles between MOT tests on 16/5/19 and 9/11/20 (6 month test exemption included). I would normally do up to 8,000 miles each year, between tests.
  2. You will probably find the pump is seized up. They are not difficult to replace, the last one I changed I used a cheap universal pump off eBay, like this one £7.09 delivered: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-Water-Pump-Submersible-Caravan-Camper-Motorhome-High-Flow-Whale-Pump-12Volt/164451991763?hash=item264a1a40d3:g:Ej4AAOSwUTJfiW3x However, do check that it is actually the pump before you buy!
  3. Here you go, packs of five on eBay £3.20 delivered: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M4-M5-M6-M8-Brass-Thread-Rubber-Rivnuts-Rivet-Nutserts-Rubnuts-Insert-Nuts/282732204333?hash=item41d427112d:g:EPsAAOSwEEBaCYAc
  4. That is an advert for a Certified Location. In my experience, that is the price you pay, but note that it is fr (from), so could be dearer, depending on when you want to go. CMH main sites are advertised as pitch fee, plus occupants, plus dogs etc. Personally, I find CMH sites quite dear. I always try to use CL's, and if there are none with the facilities I want, then I look at commercial sites. CMH sites are usually a last resort!
  5. I've never noticed that on the website. Oh well, you learn something every day.
  6. Unfortunately you can no longer go straight to C + E, you have to do your cat C first, then do C + E. This has been in for quite some time, my son has been driving trucks for a good few years now, and he had to do the staged tests (plus two retests as he failed both at the first attempt).
  7. We started camping with a trailer tent (lots of pegging out on the one we had, then wet canvas & bedding if you took it down wet). Then we went caravanning with normal caravans (a CI Fairholme that leaked like a colander, a two berth sprite we kept for about fifteen years, then a Lunar that lasted a year). Then, 15 years ago, we bought a 10 year old Gobur Carousel folding caravan, which we still use. It's better than a trailer tent as it has rigid sides, ends and roof, takes about 5 minutes to unfold or take down, is very well made, and doesn't seem to suffer water ingress. Look
  8. Mayday is the CMC breakdown service, not a type of site. It's operated by Green Flag, but with some advantages over standard Green Flag. CL sites are a maximum of 5 van sites, privately owned, and with varying facilities. Look on the CMH website for details, you can get lots of information without joining. You have to be a member to use CL's, but some of the main sites are open to anyone. I think CS are the CCC equivilent, but I've never joined that club. I am a member of the CMH club, but rarely use their own sites, as we prefer the CL's, or some commercial sites.
  9. Sorry, but you are wrong. The sum of the permitted axle weights is often more than the permitted train weight, to provide some loading tolerance.
  10. We have been members of CMC for 20 odd years, but the only time we have stayed at one of their sites in the last 10 years or so has been to attend our caravan owners club AGM, which is held at Fakenham Racecourse (a managed under contract site). I remain a member to use the CL network, although I must admit we haven't used many lately, though we are booked to go to one at the end of September/early October. The last few years we have been attending owners club rallies, always held on good commercial sites, which we find enjoyable. In August we had a week aw
  11. Does your caravan have the regulator fixed to the caravan and connected to the bottle by a flexible hose? If so, you need a different regulator, suitable for propane because the fixed regulator is reducing the pressure too much.
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