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  1. Thanks to Meadowsweet and D-Hill I have managed to get the Tousanticovid on 2 iphones tonight as well as the relevant NHS app (which is not the same as the NHS covid app). It went relatively smoothly. After you take the picture of the driving license the app asks you 2 questions. The first one asks if the whole page is completely captured and the second one I can't for the life of me remember but I think you answer no to it!!! I take it you are not getting these questions and you are being sent back immediately the photo is taken? I'm no expert but maybe delete the app and start again? It's helpful to have another phone to take a picture of the QR code when you do get in and then the TousantiCovid app can pick it up. You only need to present the 2nd vaccination and the confetti appears.
  2. I requested and was sent my NHS Covid pass through the post - it has the details of of my vaccinations. I'm hoping this is acceptable or is a bit of paper not going to be high tech enough? Does anyone know?
  3. Thanks Harrib0. Do you have a link to the negative busbar you used?
  4. Hi all. Following advice from this forum I have bought the bluetooth Victron smartshunt battery monitor. Just a couple of questions so I don't incur the wrath of the Service department next service (and of course to be safe). Is it ok to locate in the battery box - but not much room in there. So presumably better inside the van next to the other electrics? Secondly, presumably the negative cable from shunt to battery should be a) as short as possible? b) should this be with a soldered or crimped ring terminal and likewise the existing negative wire to the system minus? I don't think the terminals have to be protected as the shunt itself is uninsulated. Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks to all so much for your replies and advice. I did speak to the Battery supplier and he also recommended the Flooded setting, so I will revert to that. He did say that the AGM types are particularly suitable to the modern stop/start car which have to cope with sudden power surges as well as running all the electrics on a more constant drain. I think this implies they are not totally ideal as a caravan only type of current draw - but should be ok. I will fit the Victron bluetooth shunt as Alan suggests - for interest as much as anything else and see how I go! Just need some hot sunny summer weather now and a field! Thanks again to those who replied.
  6. Hi All Some advice please on which bit of last years purchases to change if any! I bought a Advanced AGM LP120 Leisure battery last year which now, according to the service guy, is not suitable as it is not C20 rated. First mistake! I also bought a 100w solar panel and fitted a EP solar view controller which came as a kit from Sunstore, but this is not a MPPT and does not have a setting for AGM batteries. I have it set to the Gel setting now. Second and third mistakes! We tend to prefer off grid long weekends, with an occasional week at a time. It seemed ok last year although I thought the battery voltage dropped lower than I was expecting for the amount power that we use, Lights, water pump, radio and occasional tv. So, 3 questions - is the battery suitable or should I change it - if so what to, or should I change the controller to a MPPT and one that can charge AGM, if so which one? I wish I had done some more research, but probably wouldn't understand half of it!!! Thanks
  7. Thanks all and Voobu. Decided on the 242 and auto box. Just got to find one now!
  8. Thanks everyone. Guess either engine size will be good. Then comes the decision of a factory fitted towball and the fact that it might have done a lot of towing, or have one fitted!!!
  9. Just looking to change my BMW530d (2004) to a newer VW Touareg diesel, probably around 2014 and wondered whether the 201bhp copes ok as a tow car. I have a Coachman 460/2 vip, so a bit weighty at MTPLM of 1450kg. Anyone tow with either the 201 or 242 and can comment? Many thanks.
  10. Thanks Moorgate. I've had a couple of no reply e mails back from Direct Ferries acknowledging my e mail requests for help so any reply would have come through. Their phone lines have all been suspended since Covid and I can't Talk to anyone, likewise P&O. I would be happy (relieved!) to get a refund for next year but it's just concerning/disappointing that I have heard nothing. Sorry, noticed I've put this into Caravan Awnings of all places! Can a moderator move it to the correct place! Thanks.
  11. Hi All, Meant to be in France at the moment but decided I couldn't / shouldn't travel abroad. I booked a P&O ferry through Direct Ferries but despite a couple of e mails to them before the departure have not heard back from them. Is anyone else in the same situation? What chance is there of getting the fare back do you think?
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