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  1. Thanks all and Voobu. Decided on the 242 and auto box. Just got to find one now!
  2. Thanks everyone. Guess either engine size will be good. Then comes the decision of a factory fitted towball and the fact that it might have done a lot of towing, or have one fitted!!!
  3. Just looking to change my BMW530d (2004) to a newer VW Touareg diesel, probably around 2014 and wondered whether the 201bhp copes ok as a tow car. I have a Coachman 460/2 vip, so a bit weighty at MTPLM of 1450kg. Anyone tow with either the 201 or 242 and can comment? Many thanks.
  4. Thanks Moorgate. I've had a couple of no reply e mails back from Direct Ferries acknowledging my e mail requests for help so any reply would have come through. Their phone lines have all been suspended since Covid and I can't Talk to anyone, likewise P&O. I would be happy (relieved!) to get a refund for next year but it's just concerning/disappointing that I have heard nothing. Sorry, noticed I've put this into Caravan Awnings of all places! Can a moderator move it to the correct place! Thanks.
  5. Hi All, Meant to be in France at the moment but decided I couldn't / shouldn't travel abroad. I booked a P&O ferry through Direct Ferries but despite a couple of e mails to them before the departure have not heard back from them. Is anyone else in the same situation? What chance is there of getting the fare back do you think?
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