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  1. Try Smarty (smarty.co.uk), they use the 3 network and have very reasonable prices. It's not PAYG but 1 month contract that you can stop and pick up again anytime you want.
  2. I have the Smarty SIM, an EE one and a Giffgaff (O2) so use which ever is best in the area I'm in. Not always easy to find out but my phone is on BT (EE) and my wife's on O2 so we can usually get a good idea which is going to give the best signal. The Smarty SIM has the best value for data but the 3 network can sometimes be patchy.
  3. I have this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07Z5LWMNZ Works very well and is light so I just plug it into the USB port on one of the spotlights and it hangs there for the duration. It does have a battery so you can charge it up and use it unplugged. It is unlocked so works on any network but comes with a Smarty SIM (3 network) which has very good data prices, if you can get a signal!
  4. I have only used my Whale mains connection once so far and found that the flow was quite variable, presumably depending on the water demand around the site. It was never too low at any point and showers were spot on but I suspect the flow would have been more consistent from an aquaroll and pump, I never tried it.
  5. I fitted a towbar and dedicated electrics to my GLC last year and the 'recoding' took less than 15 minutes at an independent auto electrics place, it has all worked flawlessly since. I have a 2015MY so don't know if that makes any difference or not.
  6. We bought a new Pegasus Grande Brindisi back in September and, although it's our first caravan so have no previous ownership to compare it against, we love it. We haven't been away as much as we would have liked (damn you virus!) but have managed 3 trips since purchase and have had no issues with it (other than a piece of window trim that refuses to stick and I'm sure will be fixed at first service). Fantastic layout and loads of space even with two Bernese Mountain Dogs!
  7. Had one since October last year and no issues other than the decorative surround around the front window not sticking properly, not a big issue and will get it fixed at first service. Only been away for 2 short stays so far, one in January and no issues with heating. We do have 2 Bernese mountain dogs though who hate the heat so we never have the van too hot! We keep the heating low and it's still comfortable throughout so I'm sure there is plenty of spare capacity.
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