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  1. your first port of call is the site who commissioned it if they cant rectify anything they will contact Willerby for you and arrange a site visit this is what should happen
  2. ive said it before with people renting out in colder months for as little as £150 week a van can easily use a full bottle gas in a week no problems, i retro fitted a room thermostat and noticed a massive saving compared to the year before if you haven't got one get one fitted
  3. like i say you have just bought a van on a site the site has approved companies they deal with the last thing you want to do after signing a lease for a van is make waves with your site manager about what they do and dont do. its their site fight them at your peril lol
  4. Down to the site who they let on their land to do work, you cant go quoting this that and the other at the end of the day their site their rules they all have preferred companies they deal with on site this way all the health and safety rules and regulations and insurances are in place and are adhered too. All the new vans on our site come with composite decking ours is 19x 10 at front then 20x6 down side, with 2x5 opaque privy glass on each sides. plus all skirting and four hinged hatches. cost was told 8k 10 year guarantee
  5. seems to a big difference up down country must be due the amount of vans on site we pay 24p a unit £6 a quarter standing charge last site was 20p unit £20 standing charge twice a year even those prices do not cost us a fortune in bills 12p i would say is cheaper than average
  6. nothing there major to be honest the site would do the niggly bits for free the cosmetic i would sort myself.
  7. what are we all paying for piped gas and electric ? im aware that they cant profit from you on electric but most throw in admin charges we are paying 0.20 per electric unit plus 5% Admin charge £16 year plus 20 % vat Gas is £2.85 per unit plus 5 % Admin charge £16 year plus 20 % vat
  8. How did you actually drain it ? through the drain down valves outside, ? The system will need pressurising it wont ignite if too much has been drained depending on how much was drained and how much you top up you may need to get a heating engineer to add more anti freeze
  9. site was shut around 4 months we probably missed about 2 weeks holiday and a few weekends only but have made up for lost time since, the few months bills should have been a few quarterly bills probably be the best part of next year i would say
  10. We are in Scotland on a 12 month site not been the best of years we only got the keys end Feb then the site was closed a few weeks after thought we were getting a good deal with the first years fees threw in on the deal that soon went pear shaped for us, no travel restrictions for us yet but the way things are going there sure could be, so im not holding my breath we received a £500 credit for lack of use which will at least pay our piped gas and electric for a few months, looking ahead to next year cant be any worse or could it ?
  11. if the water supply is closed off drain down valves opened and left open ,open your taps let gravity do its thing there will be hardly any water at all left in your pipes half litre at best and plenty of room to expand if it freezes never blew out my pipes in 10 years of owning a static and 20 years of owning tourers and never had a burst pipe issue yet
  12. i dont need to fully drain down on the condition we leave our heating on 10 degrees, simply knocking off the water supply and leaving taps open for any expansion is enough requirement for our insurance, we do have an extra drain down tap fitted after the water inlet which we open which lets gravity do its thing and drains out about 1/2 litre of water out of the system cant imagine there would be much more in tbh.
  13. You are very much at the mercy of the site, you are lucky in a sense that you can actually sell a van of that age privately most sites don't allow private sales for vans over ten years, the book price for our 9 year old van was only 5.5k that's why we sold it at 9 years so we could get more private over selling to the site at 10, also depending on the lease vans have again some sites allow older vans at their discretion on a rolling 12 month contract which can be revoked at any time which ur site is doing the other vans were probably sold prior to the new owners signing they too might have
  14. Most sites do not allow private sale of vans over 10 year old they insist on them buying then either selling on or selling off site to make way for a newer van on the pitch plus make sure if you do buy a van private they have the site owners permission to sell this way as the site will receive 10/15% commission and make sure the lease and fees are transferable do not take an owners word for anything.
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