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  1. Hi, I have googled but failed to find an answer to this. We bought our new (to us) caravan 2 years ago and it obviously had a service as part of the pre-sale works. We insured the caravan with Towergate who specified that for the insurance to be valid the caravan had to be serviced every 2 years. We have now come to renew our insurance and herein lies the problem - My husband and his brother have serviced our caravan - H is a mechanic and his brother a gas engineer. So the caravan is serviced but we do not have the piece of paper to prove it. Do all ca
  2. Hi, My husband and I have been caravanning for about 6 years now. We originally had an old Sterling Europa to see if we liked the caravanning life and then upgraded a couple of years ago to a Unicorn Barcelona which works much better for our now teenaged children! We manage quite a few holidays each year and have made it over to France twice so far. I have joined this site as we are always looking for campsite recommendations and useful caravan info. Thanks
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