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  1. Thanks limecc, it is great to see the job you done and get advice on it. Gives me hope that my cause is not lost. Hardware stores still closed here (Ireland) so once I can get access to the the materials I need (if I dont have them lying around) I'll get cracking and send some pics. The previous insulation came away with the top board do need to replace this fully so hopefully i won't need the resin in much other places. Will update once progress is made. Thanks again for the advice
  2. Thanks Zeberdee, that sounds like a plan. I will hopefully get time in next couple week ends to give it a go. Wont get use this year with the pandemic but hoping to have it in shape for next year. Thanks for the advice, will update once I give it a go.
  3. Thanks jaydug & mick for the replies. It seems to be more structural and not delam as the floor seems to have dropped and the wall bellied out. Making the sandwich structure is straight forward but how to I get the support beams raised level again?
  4. Hi all. Bought our first caravan last November and it's been a hard lesson ever since, bought a lemon and should have scrapped it but took on the refurb. Damp is all dried out and I am now in the process of fixing some faults before re panelling. Came across an issue with kitchen side all and floor, wall has bellied out and floor has sagged. Any ideas on how to repair/make structure sound again. Thanks in advance
  5. Been a while since i last updated, approx 60 man hours in at the moment. lots and lots of damp but its drying out under a cover nicely with all windows wedged open to get air constantly circulating. in terms of costs for fixing aside from my time materials will be cheap, 8 X 4 sheets of 3mm ply are €8.15 inc vat and need around 6 of them, bale of insulation to replace stuff that was too for gone €50, 1 sheet of marine ply for floor should be around €50 and chuck on €150 for adhesives & battens and so on. now the fun part i need to do some re structure work, part of the floor has sagged and
  6. thanks, havent removed any of the outer as of yet, caravan is under cover at the moment and waiting on the dry weather to tackle the outside, cover is keeping everything dry and air is flowing nicely throughtout. had a quick check yesterday evening and insulation is already back to 15% readings from 47% last saturday, timber is coming down slower and is down from 47% to around 42/43%. will be back down tomorrow for a few hours to strip back and test all areas to make sure i got all the damp. I cannot remove the cooker/fridge/kitchen unit from the van itself due to the door size opening so i a
  7. Thanks Dave, yes i noticed when washing down the caravan that the roof was easy to push in and out and does have ripples. my concern is the wet on the inside of the roof panel but this is more than likley attributed to a leak in the aerial or seals around the vent for gas heater.
  8. thanks for the replies and advice thats exactly the details so far i needed. Cost wise i think it will be ok its more so the man hours to go into it. between myself and few family members we are fairly handy with all aspects of DIY and they have kindly offered to lend a hand when needed. i've done readings on the remaining panels and are coming in at around 15% or so, for the current weather conditions i believe this to be normal (open to correction here). From what i can gather most of the insulation is actually dry and will start running a dehumidifier to get the rest dried out. the ceiling
  9. Hi all, i am new to Caravanning and having purchased our 1st we found it is full of damp, got caught with a lemon and as its a 1999 the cost of going to a professional are too much, paid €2k for a 4 berth Herald Emblem. no comeback as it was a private sale, went down the legal route as a last ditch but no response from the cowboy who sold it to us. i have taken on the repir myself and having started last week i have made good headway in locating the damp and removing the wet board to reveal the inulation. I am going back further than neccesary in order to ensure dry ply board only remians. Fe
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