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  1. For a temporary measure that won't mark the and comes off easily I used "blue tack"
  2. Dealer has been out and it seems this is not the first one to leak. I have spoken to the dealer who informed me that that they will speak to Elddis to see if it will be repaired under the warranty. I have now written to the dealer to inform them my purchase was from them not Elddis and they have the duty to repair not the manufacturer. I wanted to raise the issue so other owners can check their vans before they leak, as you say this one may have been poorly fitted but on both sides of the van? It's only by posting on forums like this that an individual can get to the bigger, picture if one exists. The Rev.
  3. Calling on Elddis van owner to check the seals around the battery box and under bunk external access compartment as the seal on my van has failed and flooded the inside of the van. The fact that it's on 2 compartments suggest it's the fixing material not a poor installation, in my opinion, but I was surprised that there are no fixing screws securing the frames to the body of the van. The picture is taken looking down the outside of the van from above the compartment.
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