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  1. We live on a busy A road with about 5 metres between our gates and the road. I have had some strange looks when the caravan pirouettes and then seems to float up our fairly steep drive all on it's own
  2. I would like to think that you have the right of it!
  3. There are quite a few moronic drivers out there and if they have managed to blag their way through one test I would think that they could probably blag their way through more.
  4. I am definitely not anti German but it does seem that anyone getting behind the wheel of anything teutonic seem to go through some sort of mental transformation. I know that we should not bow to stereotypes but it is difficult to ignore the evidence of one's own eyes. In our area (oop north) Audi owners seem to be making a break for the lead at the moment It is just a fact of life that as cars become more powerful driver's brains become smaller
  5. I use digital luggage scales to weigh anything that is doubtful, the microwave plate fits nicely in the cutlery drawer which has a catch cos its not the plate breaking that's the problem but the damage that it can do on it's way down. Once saw the aftermath of a couple who thought that it would be a good idea to stow a chip pan full of oil in a middle cupboard, not a pretty sight shame to have to learn the hard way
  6. I also would consider the diesel Mondeo if circumstances only allow for an older high millage vehicle but I would have my own towbar fitted as only then could you be certain of the integrity of the bar and anchor points as well as the towing history. I too would steer clear of german cars of this age as any repair costs would make your eyes water and would probably not even be viable (some owners will insist that they never break down, yeah right) Some things German are very good but a thing is not good just because it is German!
  7. I think that you will find the "bobbly" surface much more forgiving and acceptable to a good quality brush and roller. would not attempt it if you can't do it under cover though as until it dries it will be a dust magnet. Personally I would do the roof first until I got good at it
  8. I had problems with leaks and constantly having to adjust pressure valve. Changed O rings and then got a kit and changed all innards, all to no avail! So I bit the bullet and changed the whole socket (bonded and screwed) for about 50 quid. The system now works exactly as it should.
  9. My thoughts also. It has to be an invisible repair or an adaptation that can if needed be removed without trace. One man's improvement could easily be seen as another man's disfigurement
  10. Stayed on a small site with one other caravan and four of the whoosh/bang brigade . At one point we were convinced that they were trying to strike up a tune! At least they only stayed the one night.
  11. My son has an older TA that he has to keep in storage, he also has 3 kids under six so at least once a year it goes on our drive behind our van (only just) and it comes with a long list of minor repairs plus a few more that I find myself. Then jobs done it goes back in storage ready for the next foray and attack by the kids. They are at present on a 2 week jaunt in St Ives so anything could happen. Good job dads a bit handy
  12. We have tried one of those and they are very good! unfortunately OH found it difficult to use when soapy with her arthritic hands. Shame though, good piece of kit
  13. We have the standard truma 10ltr boiler and a standard shower head and so just use the "navy" showering technique as already mentioned. The one modification that I have done however is to fit a sliding stop valve between the hose and shower head so we don't have to mess with the mixer as much. A great improvement for about a fiver from amazon No use for microswitched systems though
  14. How would you get it out again when finished?
  15. Looks very good, you have to be pleased with that!
  16. Sounds like your Whale Watermaster may need a very slight tweak on the pressure relief valve or you have a slight leak or a dripping tap maybe. Nothing to do with the amps
  17. robertB

    Water butts

    Wether rightly or wrongly we also use 2 unconnected Aquarolls. Hitchman also claim that their Aquarolls are made from virgin plastic which I suppose could be better than recycled in a clean water situation, who knows!
  18. My advice would be that Woodentop has the right of it, A1/A64. yes the A64 can be bit busy if you drop on it at the wrong time but it is the flattest, most direct route and if you don't know the area why make your day worse messing with B roads I have used this route hundreds of times over the years and I think that it is definitely the best in your case. Also Scarborough is not a bad town to pull a van through, many do it Just follow the satnav
  19. Could not agree more! It is when you factor in ego, hype and status symbols, in fact all human nature that it gets a bit silly
  20. Never really got the expression "people carrier" surely thats what they all do
  21. I believe the boy racer trend to be swinging towards older Audis now. I have owned many cars of many makes over my 48 years of driving and I like to think that I have gone practicality over hype most of the time. Of the dozens of cars I can only remember buying 3 absolute lemons and oddly enough they were all VWs. The age related thing seems to have mostly faded away now but it is still fun to play "guess the age and gender* of the driver in front. OH gets it right nearly every time
  22. Got to agree with that, saw the writing on the wall when we bought our van 2 years ago thats one of the reasons that we got an older one, 9 grand is enough to lose we thought if it all goes belly up. In my opinion all this emissions, carbon footprint, electric and hybrid stuff is all just lip service and a money spinner! Big companies are interested in making money and governments are interested in votes. Just good old human nature. After all nothing is created from nothing, where do we suppose all the power comes from to produce and run these vehicles. Is it just plucked from the ether? The world is on an eco downward spiral but (again only my humble opinion) this is down to one thing alone There are just too many of us
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