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  1. I remember years ago when 4x4s were just becoming mainstream caravanners were warned that caravan suspension was nowhere equal to the 4x4 and not to forget and treat it as such, but I still see them pulling vans way too fast over rough camping fields without a care in the world.
  2. There are a lot of gullible newbies out there or should I say just innocent! The trouble is that there are even more nasty greedy people all set to prey on them. Through lockdown I have had 8 people walk up my drive and try to buy ours or our sons caravan just to sell on at a profit! Just a sign of the world we live in. And I hate it.
  3. I know it seems a bit odd, the badge on the back says CDTi but the side badges. the V5 and all the receipts say GSI. ( I got it new but pre registered to dealer, had 4 miles on clock) The trim and equipment level is certainly GSI, the engine is 2.0 litre 180 bhp turbo diesel with a top speed of 129 mph. It's been a great car so far and a brilliant towcar although I didn't buy it as such at the time.
  4. 2017 Zafira tourer 2.0 litre GSI (yes there is such a thing) 27000 miles Tows our 1350 kg caravan like a balloon on a string
  5. WD40 stands for water displacement/40th formula so not really a lubricant! just a brand name Having said that, I use WD40 pure silicone on rubber seals and its great
  6. They are John Guest 12mm fittings, you can get the pipe on line for a couple of quid per metre. DIY shops tend to do just 10 and 15mm but caravan shops will do it
  7. Took ours out and replaced with pipe as they are throwaway units anyway. in our case I replaced the adjacent pipes as well and just fitted a longer pipe so making two less joints. just push the collars back and pull the pipes out to release. two minute job
  8. When we got our new to us van there was a brand new spare cassette cap in a cupboard so someone must have been expecting trouble! Never had a problem with splashback, I think it's just a job where you shouldn't let your attention lapse.
  9. So it would appear that 10 amp is adequate with just a little bit of thought and not a reason in itself for discounting an otherwise good site! Good to know. Thanks all
  10. When we had the motorhome we always seemed to drop on sites that had 16 amp electrics. Now that we have a caravan I was wondering if 10 amp sites could be a problem to a modern van. I have noticed quite a few with 10 amps (or even less) and wondered if this could be a reason to avoid. We use a low amp kettle and microwave and of course the water heater. Any advice on this would be appreciated.
  11. As for sitting in the Aquaroll, before we used 2, I was filling it 2 and sometimes 3 times a day so it didn't sit in it for long.
  12. Fresh water, grey water and black water Self explanatory I think and yes , from way back in the seventies
  13. An Aquaroll is made from food grade virgin polymer plastic, the same as caravan pipework and the pipework that supplies the site mains tap, so as long as you are careful and keep the Aquaroll clean and don't leave it in the sun for days on end (some hope) all should be fine. If you are not comfortable with that and prefer bottled water well that's fine too. we are all adults after all!! We use 2 Aquarolls as OH always uses the van shower and it's a lot easier to just swap the pump over as sod's law clearly states that if I don't check it, it will run out mid shower and it appears that I am the only one who finds this amusing. The idea of using 2 is well documented on here and all that I can say is that it works well for me in practice
  14. Some will not drink water that has passed through the plastic pipes of a caravan or a plastic Aquaroll. I wonder what they think the plumbing to the site standpipe is made from!!
  15. So we are happy to drink water that "could" have been contaminated by anything and been through any number of kidneys, lead pipes, rivers etc But an aquaroll? no thanks. We have been drinking from aquarolls (dutifully cleaned) and motorhome freshwater tanks for years without a single problem!
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