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  1. Got to agree with that, saw the writing on the wall when we bought our van 2 years ago thats one of the reasons that we got an older one, 9 grand is enough to lose we thought if it all goes belly up. In my opinion all this emissions, carbon footprint, electric and hybrid stuff is all just lip service and a money spinner! Big companies are interested in making money and governments are interested in votes. Just good old human nature. After all nothing is created from nothing, where do we suppose all the power comes from to produce and run these vehicles. Is it just plucked from the ether? The world is on an eco downward spiral but (again only my humble opinion) this is down to one thing alone There are just too many of us
  2. I wind the jockey wheel right up until the forks lock into the slots on the outer tube and then slacken the clamp and lift the whole unit until the wheel is housed in the A frame. the wheel is then nearly out of sight. Never had a problem
  3. Does sound like a failed microswitch, odd that both sink and shower should both fail though?
  4. We too have only ever been bothered by noisy drunken adults. What does it matter anyway, kids are kids, they make noise (when not on phones) It's not a new thing
  5. Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints (should even try to avoid the footprints)
  6. Not always the oldsters either. We had a couple with 2 kids pitched next to us recently, it was a level hardstanding but he still set the van at an angle with the rear end nearly on the ground and then insisted that my spirit level was "wrong" He had the float valve in his aquaroll upside down and wondered why it never worked, soon sorted that one out. He said he thought that the van should creak loudly when towing, sorted that with brake cleaner. I then had to explain what the breakaway cable was for and where to couple it and how to wind the jockey wheel into the slots This was their 4th trip and I know knowledge usually comes from experience but the van angle was just daft
  7. Cheap and cheerful Maypole MP8327 £37 the pair, do the job. no vibration, light and at the price you won't be upset if you smash or lose them . Used them on 3 cars but unfortunately not an Audi
  8. OH bought 2 slightly different shades of the cheap Fablon type stuff from wilcos to try it. one of them is a perfect match for our van and I really mean perfect and oddly the other which is a shade lighter is a perfect match for our son's. All very well but it does make her insufferable
  9. I asked my mate across the road who was until recently a CPO in the navy (also a caravanner) and he agreed with your comments so closely Brecon that it was almost uncanny
  10. We have the 1.5 diesel Qashqai and it struggles a bit with our 1350kg van but it only has to manage until we get our new 2 litre Ateca. the 1.6 diesel Qashqai on the other hand is a completely different animal and would pull our van easily but I think they may be a bit uncommon. I would keep away from re mapping, I mean since when has selling down tuned engines been a manufacturers selling point
  11. This is for some reason known as a navy shower and is very effective when you get the hang of it. I have fitted a push button stop valve between the hose and shower head (about a fiver) and this seems easier to use than the main mixer tap which is then only used to set the temp Tried one of those push button shower heads but didn't get on too well with that as OH found it too slippery when soapy
  12. Are all the stabiliser friction pads in good condition? Just a thought. See you bet me to it charlieboy2608
  13. I knock in the threaded ones with a largish plastic deadfall hammer and twist and pull them out with mole grips. Oddly enough the mole grip battery has never gone flat
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