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  1. Don't like the covers as we are prone to high winds being close to the Pennines and when we had the MH the cover did quite a bit of damage to the paintwork even though it was of good quality so for me, never again. Tried the Fenwicks overwintering solution last year but I wasn't sure how effective it really was but may just go with it again The caravan is well waxed , as much shaded as possible and away from trees now that they have been removed so I suppose that is as much as I can do really. thanks for all your replies
  2. I realise that this must have been asked many times before but just what is the best protective coating to apply to a van over winter? I really don't like the idea of covers with all the inherent problems that they can cause, but surely there is something that we can daub on the bodywork and seams to protect it the best way that we can. I was thinking of some sort of thick unpolished wax or similar maybe? Does anyone know what could be suitable or even definitely unsuitable? Thanks
  3. Had a few black bits in the flush when we first got our present van but I managed to clean them out. Now I just use plain water and make sure that it is well drained after every trip. The previous owners used thetford pink but being as he didn't even know about the drain tube maybe that was the problem. My son never drained his until I showed him where the drain plug was, this was after I had stripped out the tank top to clean it and replace the pump due to black bits. I don't think that there should be a problem with additives cheap or otherwise as long as it is drained and flushed. Just not for me
  4. I would like to bet that if you saw a couple of bags at the bin side that someone obviously couldn't get in you would throw them in with yours just like any other reasonable human being would!
  5. The only thing that I want to do in a motorway services is to get back out ASAP. Never even occurred to me to put the legs down or indeed leave the van without the hitchlock fitted.
  6. If you don't do motorway or long runs for a while the car does an automatic re gen anyway
  7. Like the "ring main " idea with the poles might give it a go
  8. I will run the Seat as our sole car for everything and sell the qashqai. I believe the Seat has a max towing weight of 1900kg! I have had diesels for many years and never had the slightest trouble with DPFs.
  9. I know and appreciate all the arguments for and against 2 aquarolls and was quite skeptical myself. We use 2 aquarolls and one wastemaster and we never run out of water, it just seems to make life a bit easier without any definite reason and thats good enough for me.
  10. At the moment we are reduced to one car for towing, a qashqai 1.5 diesel 110 hp and it struggles a bit with 1350 MPTLM. The last trip which it valiantly managed was 700 miles at 38 mpg. Just one more trip to do this year and then no more towing with it. I have on order a Seat Ateca 2 litre diesel with 150hp but this is held up by the shortage of semi conductors so who knows!!
  11. why not just get a second aquaroll? got to look better than that and much easier to manage
  12. Auto glym super resin polish and a lot of elbow work. Works for me.
  13. Is the tank made of food grade plastic?
  14. I hammer them in with a 4 pound plastic deadfall hammer so as not to damage the pegs and then remove them with mole grips hasn't failed yet
  15. I got one a few years ago and even though after a week I snapped off the water hose fitting (trod on it) the brush is so good that I just use it with a bucket and it works so well that I haven't felt the need to replace it yet
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