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  1. I had my son's TA on my drive to do some work on it and due to covid it had to sit there for 3 months (no access to storage) so I had 2 vans on the drive and in that time I had no less than 8 people through the gates to ask if I wanted to sell one! In the end I removed the wheels from the front van and set it on wooden blocks and fitted a lock on the gates Also had hitchlocks and wheel locks on the other van I might add that we live on an A road with sloping access to the road. Luckily we never received a "visit"
  2. And some "people" who have had tanks make comments as well, like I have . I have had 2 vans with tanks and although i admit they have their uses, mainly for wild camping I don't personally believe the benefits justify fitting one. I have had 3 motorhomes all with OB tanks but that is a different ball game. We use 2 aquarolls and find that quite adequate. and if required I fit insulating jackets. It's personal preference again and if some vanners like them that is their choice! personally I will save on the weight and use the space for storage
  3. My thoughts exactly. Haven't got one, don't want one, don't see the point. My son has one in his TA but he didn't know until I pointed it out and he still hasn't used it.
  4. It does affect my taste badly as well, but it's not gone completely yet although I have never drank tea or coffee so not a problem there! Mine is due to nasal surgery a few years ago and has been a slow degeneration since then. but on the plus side, I can't smell my grandaughters nappies
  5. I am now completely anosmic and being unable to smell is not always a bad thing until you come to food! Oh to be able to smell a bacon sandwich just one more time.
  6. I take your point of work being a means to an end. I think that i am just having trouble adjusting from the whole work ethic thing. some of my friends really enjoy being retired but in their case work just got in the way of things that they wanted to do, but not so in my case as I have managed to achieve all that I really wanted while working. Got my hobbies and financially sound. I think that I should just shut up and get on with it!!
  7. I retired 3 years ago and the insurance premiums altered very slightly due to less mileage and lack of commuting. I know some people love their retirement and very good luck to them but I have hated mine. It's not that I have nothing to do, grandkids, new kitchen and bathroom fitted, travel, caravanning, big gardens and then of course all the people who think that their one aim in life is to find things for me to do (for my own good of course) It's not any of that it is the feeling of being discarded and of no use anymore, that all the knowledge and experience gathered over the
  8. We had the problem of much reduced pressure of the shower which gradually got worse until I had to do something. The pipes at the back of the panel go up above the mixer and then were kinking where they turned downwards towards the connections at the top of the mixer. I lengthened the pipes and enlarged the loop to remove the kinks. (very awkward because of access) The shower now works better than it ever has and the whale pump gives as much press/flow as any domestic electric shower. If the tap pressure is OK then I would suggest as Wildwood says that it could be some
  9. We have the Vango Varkala connect 280 air awning and this just fits down the window edge of our Elddis with the awning pull triangle at the other end just going over the curve on the rail at the back. We went air as our van already has a few small dents from previous owner poles and we don't want any more. Didn't like the Kampa one tube construction or the gloomy colours (just personal) ours has separate tubes and the material is excellent quality and we are very pleased with it. Unless you are really unfit I wouldn't bother with electric pump (too much hassle for me) and the doub
  10. I notice that german models are not consistently at the top of every category? Dare I suggest that maybe some of them are not quite the pinnacle of engineering excellence that our Teutonic friends would have us all believe.
  11. We are in tier 3 (just) although that is irrelevant to us as we have been living by tier 4 guidelines for long enough and wouldn't have it any other way. I know this is petty but my beloved brother who lives in Cornwall has finally had the smug grin wiped from his face now they are in tier 3. Sorry for Cornwall but he was just unbearable.
  12. One should be careful not to upset the Francophiles on here unless you want your post to disappear into the ether!!
  13. Big fan of Autoglym super resin polish followed by Canuba wax on the van but I have tried the Extra gloss protection and never really got on with it although it could well be me that isn't using it to it's best advantage. I will not use the waterless cleaners as they just seem so counter intuitive, even though my work colleagues used to swear by them. They always put me in mind of when my brother's 6 year old granddaughter washed his bonnet and boot with a Brillo pad, ouch!
  14. I had exactly the same problem with the shower. I did all the obvious tests and then I removed the mixer tap and mounting panel. The plastic pipes go up the corner of the shower and where they bend to come down to the top of the tap they were kinked. It looked like a long term thing that had come to a head (pardon the pun) I just lengthened the pipes and broadened the loop, job done, awkward though. Both pipes were kinked but the hot one more so.
  15. I agree, but 6 years advisory followed by 6 years not is I think stretching "subjective" a bit far. I suspect that there were other factors involved here such as the tester being inept or at best inconsistent. The training of testers should be such as to remove these inconsistencies and create uniformity as much as is possible. I speak with many years experience overseeing the preparation for test of a great many LGVs
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