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  1. I think the caravan being missing from the drive or even just loading outside on the road is a bigger clue to being away than an oblique mention on here.
  2. We have the layout that not many caravanners seem to like much! 2 berth large usable end shower room with realistically sized shower No fixed bed, don't like em, not big enough or comfortable enough just dead weight No Alde heating, not reliable enough (I know that we will have to have it eventually) Large mix of standard and LED lighting Nice upholstery and a pleasant lounge area not ostentatious just for the sake of it well laid out mid kitchen area with all the essentials All in all just a nice place to be that suits us down to the ground.
  3. Have to agree with Andy that all the sensible thinking says best tyres to the front and I have always done this myself. Can't argue with the fact that the industry says otherwise though, so you have to make your own mind up on this one. 20 minutes ago I had a tyre fitter on my drive fitting a new 19 inch michelin to my wife's car. I am fully aware that a nail can get you anytime but the car is 3 weeks old and has done 266 miles so I am typing this whilst grinding my teeth
  4. I use a karcher valeting machine and with the correct chemicals this is wonderful but maybe a bit harsh for yours. I have had quite a bit of success in the past with autoglym upholstery cleaner, just spray on and wipe off. Not as harsh as some others particularly the aerosol foam types good luck
  5. The stop connectors have a valve fitted to hold the pressure in the hose when you disconnect with the tap still on so not really a must in your case. As rodders says, just a double male coupler required to extend. We had a 10 m length of hose but at the last so-called fully serviced pitch the tap was 15 m away so I had to go out and buy a hose. At least you won't be caught out like that. Just seen Eddie's post, good point
  6. I think the "reinforced" tyres may be for motorhomes and some vans. Standard tyres are usually ok for towing even for big caravans and you are not towing anything too big anyway. Check the car handbook if you are still doubtful but you should be fine. Used to tow ours with an Astra with no mods to the car at all.
  7. I doubt that you would regret buying one. They are only a small step down from a caravan, i think some owners would say they were even a step up all things considered!!
  8. Whats to build? It just folds out a bit like an umbrella. Job done 5 minutes tops and then all the rest as per caravan.
  9. They are great to tow and you can just see over the top of them. Ours was stored inside a standard garage (just) and the canvas was the thickest that I have ever seen, lined as well. The awning is massive and is held on by a covered zip. The whole thing was excellent quality it even had a spare wheel We got ours new, I don't remember the cost but I do know that after 3 years we lost very little on the new price. One of the few things that I have never regretted buying. good luck with it!
  10. We had the pennine pullman back in the 90s, I think they were a bit shorter then and didnt't have the toilet. We pulled it with an astra, they are built on an AL-KO caravan chassis with shortened outriggers so can be used on sites that don't accept tents. We have had various caravans and motorhomes since then but OH would have another folder tomorrow. We now have a 2 berth end washroom 2012 Elddis 462 with a max weight of 1350kg, just right for us, bought from a dealer bone dry with a warranty and extras for £8500 last year and has been an absolute joy. Could have got a new on
  11. My son puts up a flagpole (takes it down at night) with a jolly roger flag on it. He puts it up because he has 3 kids under 6, too young to be guided home by it, they just love to see it flying. Wheres the harm in that.
  12. Pardon me for asking. Won't bother again
  13. They did fix it on but now I have to change it and it fell off when I touched it so their tape does not fill me with confidence! I quite like the idea of velcro or even the brackets as we may soon have the use of 2 towcars so may have to switch quite a lot
  14. I didn't get the car from a dealer so I couldn't ask for a plate (only got caravan from a dealer) I am in the process of buying a plate to match new car and will certainly ask supplier for the tape, I just wondered what other people thought was a superduper or alternative way of fixing them. It would appear not so much what you use but how well you use it
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