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  1. Our caravan has an underslung spare wheel mounted just behind the axle and our tow car has the gunk plus a space saver, jack and extending wheelbrace (added by me) I consider this adequate as we don't go abroad. On an unrelated point OH has a mobility car and she had to have the front offside tyre renewed twice due to potholes before the car was 10 days old. Is this some kind of record?
  2. Whatever the OP decides to do I can't imagine there being a better time to be selling a touring caravan. We live on an A road and my son's van is in front of ours again for maintenance and I have to practically fight off cold callers who assume that having two that I must be selling one. I have even been offered £2000 more for ours than I paid for it 2 years ago. Wish that I had a dozen
  3. Autoglym caravan and motorhome cleaner for me, never failed yet. Never had much success with any of the fenwicks products for anything. Probably just me!
  4. We get a tinkling sort of rattle from the Truma heater when we tread on a certain area of floor in front of it. I have had the front off a couple of times to investigate but no luck. I think that in the great scale of things it is a very small thing. Still sends me batty though
  5. We just have a manually applied powertouch on our small single axle van. We live on an A road and have a few yards between our gates and the road so I just pull off the the road, unhitch, spin the van and watch it sail up the steep drive, job done. The man across the road won't fit movers because of the weight factor and the fact that his drive slopes downwards and he is directly onto the road. he parks on the green lane at the side of our house and when his wife gives him the OK he just "goes for it" zig zagging across the main road, he may not have hit anything yet but it can only
  6. We had a C class (coachbuilt) motorhome for 12 years and got much pleasure from it hopping between locations, but as we got older we found that we were staying longer in one place and not having transport with us was becoming more of an inconvenience, also limiting our choice of stopping places. So we opted for a caravan again and it now suits us down to the ground. For us the cost of a motorhome was a step too far just for a bit of site hopping. And as for the ludicrous idea of towing a car or "putting the cart before the horse" well that's a whole new argument.
  7. Do you still have the old part? Very handy for practicing your drilling and sticking techniques. Sorry if this is stating the obvious
  8. Could be the cartridge but that would usually just leak from the body of the tap. unless the cartridge has really gone belly up. They will be 12mm John guest fittings as said but don't expect to find 12mm at B&Q or places like that, it's usually caravan shops or on the internet. Stop valves can't hurt but I would go for the cartridge first, they are so unreliable that I carry spares.
  9. We have a whale system and I have just had to buy a new pump/socket unit. After seeing Mr Plodd's find I thought that I would slit the old original blue feed pipe and have a look, Surprisingly I found it spotless so don't know what to think, the unit must have been old but can't really say as it came with the van. Odd innit
  10. I have used wet n forget for years on the drive and patio and on the caravan. Never had the green algae on the van but still get black streaks of course. never used it on an awning but would not hesitate to do so although it is more of a long term product so don't expect immediate results. When I first used it on our drive it was really green and slippery and in the past I always just used a pressure washer which only chucks the stuff around, so to check it I just did half the drive. I ended up with half a green mess and half a grey almost dazzling drive. It is no
  11. I think that I may leave it as standard (cheaper anyway) Although it was only the bulbs and not the fitting that I was changing and then only with canbus friendly bulbs. It was just a thought but it may be that I would be opening a can of worms. Thanks all
  12. I have my sons caravan on the drive as well as our own for a couple of weeks and as well as cleaning I have a couple of jobs to do. One is to find and fix a parasitic drain. The other is to change a few bulbs (brake light, reverse light and running light) It is an older van (2007) and I was wondering about any benefits of changing the lot to LED bulbs, do these make a marked difference and are there any drawbacks. All opinions appreciated thanks
  13. Some people like to shop, and thats how our economy works. Who are we to judge how and where they choose to do it! Some get their jollies from shopping so good luck them cos it is none of my business.
  14. I have done the one where you try to move the caravan with the movers with the handbrake still on. Don't think anyone saw me
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