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  1. I have got 2 to clean as my son put his in front of ours on the drive before all this kicked off and his is a big twin wheeler. Just got them about done now, all his repairs (he's got 3 kids) and even some more obscure maintenance. Yesterday I removed his front fairing to repair a crack that has been there years and removed, cleaned and checked both spare wheels. Both vans will probably never look as good ever again and yes it is definitely exercise!
  2. We live on a normally busy A road, nice and straight with a slight slope and a 40 MPH speed limit. Traffic now consists mainly of lorries, delivery vans and a few private cars (I assume shoppers and essential workers) Oh and boy racers in their lowered old wrecks and motorcyclists taking advantage of the light traffic to do stupid speeds especially at night when it's really quiet. There is a large steel cover in the road that has sunk a bit and is overdue for attention but would not normally pose a problem. When one of these people hit it just right there will be more weight on the NHS
  3. we haven't been through the drive gates for five days now and then it was only because OH wanted to go to supermarket Garden is looking good mower is repaired and both caravans (ours and sons) have been cleaned to within an inch of their lives If I could get my hands on some mortar I may even consider some pointing
  4. We live set back on an A road and next to a bridleway and so are used to seeing dogwalkers from the estate opposite going up the path to the playing fields. Although the road traffic is reduced (especially at night) The number of walkers has greatly increased. It seems that a lot of people think that the " once a day" exercise rule is an instruction as about 80% of the walkers we have never seen before! I know that there are probably a myriad reasons for this but living where we do you can't help but notice trends STAY AT HOME
  5. We had a motorhome for 12 years. We were just about getting used to it when we decided to change back to a caravan. Motorhoming is just not for us it seems. 27 years with one caravan is tremendous, and to my mind it says a lot about non coveting nice people who are happy with their own choices
  6. thanks Ern, the car in question is my sons company car, it is 4 years old and done 16000 miles and is about half the retail price. there is divided opinion on its max towing weight but I will definitely be checking the B post and if it's ok I really can't not buy it. Will have to wait until this lot dies down though
  7. Hi I have the chance of buying a very cheap very low milage Nissan Qashqai but it has only the 1.5 diesel engine. I know this is far from ideal but I need to tow an Elddis odyssey 462 with a MTPLM of 1350 kg. Would this just about do it or would it be a complete waste of time, the 1.6 is not an option
  8. wet and forget has been around for about 30 years and still does exactly what it says on the tin. I use it just as Clive B says. On the van and also on the concrete drive and stone walls. We are next to a bridleway with a lot of trees and the green algae was a constant battle before I used this stuff now I never see any at all. I once tried treating just half the patio as a comparison test, Wow
  9. 4 Plastic pads with attaching pins can be bought nearly anywhere for about a tenner! we have them fitted and take some offcuts of decking just in case we need a bit more of a spread When lowering the legs I use the old system "to the ground and then once around"
  10. thanks for the replies I don't think the frame is cracked because of the amount of water it would have to be huge and really obvious. I think that I must have been a bit free with the hose and I was spraying it almost horizontally and the slope of the roof probably wasn't helping. I wonder if the conditions just happened to be wrong when it leaked that once for my son. We will just have to keep an eye on it although I must say that you have all put my mind at rest about it thanks
  11. Hi I have my sons ace globestar on the drive for prep for the season. It has 2 heki rooflights and he says the front one on the slope leaked on one occasion when it was wet and windy but not since. When I was hosing the roof off quite a lot of water leaked into the van from the front corner of the front one. I have no experience of these rooflights but I can see no obvious reason for a leak after having my head through and comparing with the rear one. (seal looks OK) Is this a common thing with these rooflights I thought the water was getting under the perspex
  12. You were right James, needed both. Fitted new 110amp battery and new quick release clamps today and all to the good. Just something as simple as that! A 5 year old battery so I should have known but my autool 360 battery tester is still insisting that it is a good battery even though when taken off charge the voltage dropped from 13v to 12.3v in half an hour. you live and learn (well not always) thanks all
  13. Not even going to try to clean up the rusty and green quick connectors got 2 new ones coming tomorrow
  14. Thanks for that rodders I now have the circuit diagrams printed off. Removed battery today and Autool tester says "good battery, recharge" but it will not accept a charge and the multimeter says 12.3 volts and to my mind that means sulphated so new battery required as he has had van 5 years and I don't remember him ever changing it. Also the neg quick connector dropped off when I touched it and both connectors are badly corroded. Thankfully I am in the position of being able to substitute the battery with the brand new one on our van before I buy one. Can't do a thing in this rotten weather though (it snowed on me today, stuff that) Test guage in van went to green though which has thrown me a bit but still hopeful that it's only the battery Not been on here long but don't folk respond quickly!!
  15. Hi everyone Got my sons 2006 ace supreme globestar on the drive and it is plugged into the garage. the 240v system is fine and the meter says the battery is fully charged. I have the faulty flush pump out for repair but I can't get any life from the 12v system at all, not even the lights, all the switches are in the correct position (according to my son who is working away) It seems the system worked fine when van was last used. I feel that I must be missing something here. Anyone got any ideas? I seem to have tried everything
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