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  1. Well xxxx me! Just emailed the FBE@swift email address asking them to confirm they'd received my initial email on the 11th and I got Autoresponse to say they'd received today's email! Never got this the first time I emailed so now concerned I'm a over a week further down the list!!😮😮😮
  2. On the 11th January I emailed Swift about the engineers visit to check my van, I know the letter said I would get a response within 7 to 10 days, which I took as working days as that's what they normally say and I'm yet to hear anything, The letter also says it's on a first come first served basis but I've seen on the Bulkhead thread that some people who emailed Swift days after me have already had a response and confirmation of an engineers visit within a couple of days of sending their email! Is anyone still waiting even though they emailed about the same time as myself or have others had their engineers visit confirmed? Cheers
  3. You have the right to argue that the goods weren't sold "fit for purpose" according to Which you can argue this for up to six years, it does say you have to prove the item was sold faulty but as Swift are doing a recall and a safety check on caravans looking for this fault, the actual fault you have, this is Swift admitting that the caravan's were sold with a faulty and a construction that could possible fail. Good luck
  4. Think we've all been under our vans since this debacle started, ours, a November 2016 registered, 2017 Challenger 580 model looks exactly the same as your pics, all the side walls still look glued in place and level with the floor, the leg winders are in the middle of the access holes, no screws lose or missing so like you I'm quite happy our hasn't failed yet but that doesn't mean it won't be called in for remedial work to prevent future failure. Hi, If you do decide to repair your van yourself it might be worth buying the STR 360 adhesive that Swift recommends to used for the repairs in the PDF that was posted on here, I've also attached that PDF The glue, https://www.sunshinesolar.co.uk/Item/BOS360 swift-repair-front-bottom-end-1-1.pdf
  5. Cheers, So it looks like they are literally using the existing parts of the van, extra glue, or STR360 as they call it, and lots of extra screws and fixings. Looks like a sticking plaster solution! But to be honest if that is the repair solution that has put my mind to rest a bit as I had visions of the inside front and the gas locker of my van being pulled to bits!!
  6. Cheers but doesn't work, I imagine isn't because I would need to join and log in, cheers again anyway. 👍
  7. Is there any chance you might be able to post a copy of the repair procedure? Be interesting to see what the problem is so I can check ours again as I couldn't see a problem with ours but that doesn't mean it's not a failure waiting to happen. Cheers.
  8. After many attempts of trying to find out if my van was safe to tow I finally had a reply from Swift Customer Services on Facebook Messenger saying "Hi, I have spoken with our recall team. Your caravan is safe to use in the meantime until it is inspected. For any further information you will need to await a response from our team. Thanks," I have it in writing now that they have advised me the van is safe so it's now doubly their problem!
  9. Hi, I had the same letter on Saturday regarding our 2017 Challenge 580, there is no reference to if you can use the van but the line about transportation to a repair centre set alarm bells ringing. I rang Swift Customer Services today who couldn't or wouldn't answer my question about towing my van, they enquired whether I asked when I emailed to make the engineer appointment! Told them it was the last thing on my mind at that time so they said they would get the Recall department would to me ring, still waiting, think its wrong that Swifts Customer Services don't know the answer to quite an important question!
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