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  1. But a safety recall can be anything that affects the caravans safety. Faulty gas regulator, incorrect cable routing (that can chaff and eventually arc on metal), poor quality supply of alloy for the alloy wheels (which can crack and cause blow out) the term “safety recall” is very loose and broad. They state what they need to investigate, but do not say if you should stop towing the caravan. Yes they say it’s a lower bulkhead issue. But do not state you should not move your caravan. Upon this, and the fact they do not advise you not to tow, I would continue towing as needed. Their recall lett
  2. Hi, I had the very same recall letter on Saturday.. it's for our 2017 Alpine Sprite SB. Front bulkhead issue. I have replied back to Swift requesting dates for the engineer visit. I also asked if it was safe to tow the caravan as I would rather it be here at home when the engineer calls to do his checks. I can keep an eye on what he checks / finds. Still not had a reply about date or if I can safely tow it......
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