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  1. Thanks for that info Avondale4. The only place I know who supply these doors is : Prima Leisure of Bristol . Or another supplier is : LeisureSpares Ltd , they do a Thetford service door 2 .
  2. Hi Dave. The lock mechanism had disintegrated and fell apart. The outer frame and actual door are ok. Just wont lock . I bought a complete new door from Prima Leisure ( Baileys local supplier in Bristol ) . I just need to fit it one day soon .
  3. Hi Dee. Yes ,I intend to re-use the existing panel. To buy a new panel would cost another £20 approx. And no guarantee of exact colour match . Ray
  4. Thanks for that info from Dave Rodders and Wunny. Ray
  5. Yeah. That's what I thought . Thanks for your reply
  6. Has anyone ever attempted to replace a broken Thetford access door ? How is the old door removed ? Is it sealed in place with silicone sealer? Bailey Olympus 2 berth
  7. It just has a high setting and a low setting . It doesn't switch anything off .
  8. Can anyone recommend a good 12v Hair Dryer?
  9. Re: Bailey olympus 2 berth 2012 year. Can anyone tell me what a rocker switch under the seat near the floor is for ? It connects to the water heating system . It is not mentioned in the caravan manual .
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