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  1. Thank you to everyone who has responded. I’ll go to my local dealer and take it from there. Thanks again! 👍🏻
  2. Thanks for that @charlieboy2608, hopefully there will be someone on the forum that has some good experience to share 🤔
  3. Good morning everyone, I am writing to see if anyone can recommend a company that fits solar panels? I have recently purchased a Lunar Clubman SE Saros edition (2014) and want a solar panel fitting to help and keep the leisure battery topped up whilst in storage. I did think about a suitcase type and fitting direct to the battery but a roof solar panel will help with going off grid next year (hopefully, if Boris let’s us!). The caravan is in storage in South Yorkshire and any recommendations and rough prices would be really appreciated. Thank you all in adv
  4. Hi Simon, Apologies as I have been working away and struggled for a signal. Yes @littlebasher, it’s lovely to see that there are still kind people out there, especially in these difficult times 🙂 Jason
  5. Hi Karlak, Many thanks for taking the time to look. Much appreciated. Hope you sell your van! Jason
  6. Hi Karlak, Does the bracket allow you to view a TV in both the main living area as well as the bedroom? Also, what is the maximum TV weight you are allowed to mount to the bracket? Thank you in advance. Jason
  7. Hi Simon, That would be lovely. Thank you. Kind regards Jason
  8. Hi everyone, I have just purchased a 2014 Lunar Clubman SE Saros edition. It has a bracket in the fixed bedroom area that looks to be part of a TV bracket (photo below). Can anyone tell me what type of bracket I need to mount to the bracket in the photo so I can mount a TV? Also, can I get a bracket which will allow me to swivel so I can watch both in the lounge area as well as the bedroom? Thank you all in advance! 🙂 Jason
  9. Thank you to everyone who has commented. I’ve sorted the problem now..... I’ve bought a new van!
  10. Hi, can anyone help me. I have power to my water pump yet I cannot pull any water through to my taps. Any advice would be appreciated. I have attached a photo of my pump for reference. thank you all in advance.
  11. Hi all, The ŠKODA dealer has been very forthcoming and has advised that the towing weights are 1600kg (unbraked) and 1900kg (braked). The kerbweight is 1730kg. Thanks to you all for your comments and I’m still interested in receiving some real life reviews, albeit I appreciate they are a fairly new type of vehicle. Take care everyone and stay safe. Jason
  12. Hi Everyone, I am thinking of getting a ŠKODA Superb iV hybrid as my company car. It suggests it has a maximum towing limit of 1900kg (braked). I have a swift challenger 570 with a maximum laden weight of 1595kg so I’m thinking that the ŠKODA should be able to tow my caravan. Is there anyone on the forum that has a SKODA SUPERB 1.4 TSI (218PS) SE L IV DSG HATCHBACK and can provide some real life feedback with regards to towing, and more specifically, the weight they can really tow? Thank you all in advance. Jason
  13. Thanks I did, very interesting indeed.
  14. Thanks ever so much. I was keen to understand your thoughts as you have one and I have an option to obtain one as a company car. I’ll probably part ex my caravan for something smaller though as it will be border line for towing with the VW Passat GTE Phev. Thanks again, it’s greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi, I am also thinking about getting the VW Passat GTE PHEV Saloon as a company car. Do you still have yours? Would you still recommend? Thanks in advance.
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