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  1. Thank you to all for the replies. I will certainly take Volvovanner's advice and investigate signs of damp behind the rubber seal. Although I feel I did explain where the leak was noticed I have managed to upload a photo for confirmation. Thanks again Trev.
  2. Yes thank you Paul for your thought on the window bar. After leaving the van in the storage depot i came away thinking that any water getting in must be coming from above , so i got photos up of the structure of the van and did wonder if the bar was an area that could proof to be the fault.
  3. We have a 2016 Elddis Affinity 550. We bought it second hand in 2017 we have loved every minute of using it. However, on visiting the caravan after it not being used for several months we found a slight bloom on the front shelf below the front windows. It was strange because at the time of noticing it, it felt dry. However we have since noticed the slightest single water run mark on each of the three front windows. The mark itself comes from the bottom portion of internal window seal that laps over the inside wall covering. The bodywork of this caravan is billed as being the new all singing and dancing SOLID construction and as such it boasts to be water impregnable. Consequently I cannot figure out how water would get to where it has done. If anyone has come across this problem on the affinity I would appreciate any advice. I did try to upload a photo but cannot figure how to reduce the photo size. sorry.
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