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  1. All v helpful thanks. Think I'm going to buy a damp meter!
  2. Great thanks. any views on whether 7 or 13 pin? planning on buying a van between 2004-2010 for cost so not sure which is needed but I understand conversion is simple with an adaptor. Any hidden pros or cons to either? much appreciated Malcolm.
  3. Brilliant thanks all so far, I'll take it down to a fitter to see what they say. Much appreciated
  4. HI all this is a great forum--I have loads of questions-but I'll stick to one for now, just thinking about buying a caravan for me and the kids to go away with (we currently do quite a bit of camping). I need to get a towbar fitted to my car, and clearly there is going to have to be a cut away of lower bumper, but my question is: how much of a difference will it make and will the cut away be visible from standing height with a detatchable swan neck towbar (I'm thinking based on comments in this forum on getting a Westfalia detatched or something similar). It's a Volkswagen cc like in this picture (1573kg kerb weight). And I've included a picture of my actual rear underside (of the car obvs!); so will the cut away be visible at all times, or will it be less obvious and only noticeable if you're looking for it? AND, if you've the patience--what do I do about parking sensors? I don't have the facility to manually turn them off but could probably find the fuse if pressed etc? All help much appreciated in advance. I really don't want to change cars--this is a great machine. many thanks, Malcolm.
  5. thanks, It's a Volkswagen cc which is like a passat but a coupe body shape. Kerb weight figure is 1570 for this model, it's an automatic DSG gearbox. I would rather have a 6 berth but could live with a 4 berth as long as it's got fixed bunk beds, and I wouldn't want to spend more than a few thousand maximum, so any suggestions much appreciated! thanks for checking in on this newbie.
  6. Hi all, This site looks really useful--I'm thinking about buying a second hand caravan for holidays with the kids. Looking for something ideally with bunk beds, and here to learn as much as possible. Driving a VW cc so presumably something under 1300kgs with bunk beds I think. All advice appreciated!
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