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  1. thanks for all the additional replies! I will search come of the models suggested ... and I'll be sure to remove my shoes!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion Madasmad, also Black Grouse, AJ Galaxy 2017 and Fireman Iain, for all the help. Will see what we can find! ... and look out for the caravans suggested. Simon
  3. Ha, Ha, ... Like it. Not quite the cheap 2 berth tho! If I can't find what I'm looking for, I'll probably follow Fireman Iain's advice that he copes fine, despite not being able to stand up completely (and he's even taller than me!). But while I still have a choice, I'd like to see if I can find the (cheap) touring caravan with the optimum headroom. Simon
  4. What a super forum! I joined one about audio equipment, and no answers after 3 days. On this amazing site, I have received several helpful replies within an hour! Thank you! We have a small budget, so does anyone happen to know when they started making caravans slightly taller so we can add this to our search criteria. And, as our budget limits us to rather old touring caravans, does anyone happen to know if there are any particular brands/models, which have slightly more headroom (e.g. Elddis, Swift, Lunar, etc.)? Thanks again for your replies. Simon & Juliet
  5. Hi,. We're experienced campers and static-caravaners but new to the world of touring caravans ... and to the Bailey's Pageant Majestic 2001 which we are in the process of buying. We love the caravan and it ticks all our boxes, apart from the fact that (at full stretch) I am 6'5" tall. Even when I slump. my head still presses into the ceiling and I have to slightly crank-in my neck to feel like I'm standing up. The only place I can truly stand up is into the tiny roof-light/window. We tried out a few caravans in the local dealer and it seems to be a factor with most touring caravans . The beds are a bit short too. We don't want to lose a great bargain, if indeed all touring caravans have the same ceiling height, and if it's the kind of thing you get used to. But if (as I imagine there are!) there are a few other really tall caravaners out there, who can advise me, I would be grateful for their wisdom before we hand over the cash. In particular, (a) are there any brands/models of lightweight 2 berth caravans which typically have more head-clearance. And (b) if not, is this issue of your head pressing against the ceiling something you can get used to, or (on the contrary) does the problem only get worse during a long holiday (e.g. with neck pain)? I look forward to your kind advice. Thanks, Simon
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