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  1. Yes the Caravan is 12 years old and I purchased the caravan in October. As part of the terms of the sale it came with a 6 month warranty that covers everything. The purpose of my initial post was to make sure that I was not missing the obvious before approaching the dealer. I did consider looking at the switch but have since decided against it due to invalidating the warranty. No one has pointed anything obvious out that I have missed so it must be something a bit more serious with the switch. Thank you for your help and advice.
  2. John That's the one. I will try and tease the switch out and give it the once over for an obvious easy fix.. If there isn't, I'll get the dealer to have a look at it under the terms of the warranty. Eric
  3. I switched off my charger switch on my 2008 Avondale Avocet caravan's PSU 2005 electric control box when I closed it down for winter. I removed my battery and put it on charge at home to make sure it was well maintained. The caravan is going to the dealer on Thursday to have some warranty work done on it so I have put the battery back on. When I come to switch the charger switch on, it would not switch to the on position. I am reluctant to put to much force on the switch in case I brake it. As I am new to the caravan and caravanning, this post is to save me making an embarrassing mistake when pointing the issue out to the dealer and him pointing out a simple and fundamental thing that I should have carried out. From reading the subjects on this forum, I know that this community has a great deal of experience and knowledge across a range of subjects, so I'm confident that any fundamental things that I may have missed will be pointed out.
  4. Thanks for the info and supplier links both. I will either get the data off the bulbs or as you suggested take photos and place an order with the most cost effective supplier.
  5. I have just been reading an article in a caravan magazine on 'How to Tour With No Hook-up'. Part of the article covered conversion of older caravans to LED lighting. My Avondale Avocet has a couple of halogen spot lights and various ordinary lights. The article stated that it is relatively simple to upgrade the lights to LED and that it may be as simple as replacing the existing bulbs with LED bulbs. No more in depth instructions are given in the article. I'm no electrician, so I am seeking advice from anyone that has carried out this type of conversion on their Avocet or similar Avondale caravans. Your advice and help will allow me to assess if it is within my capabilities (relatively simple) or I get an electrician to carry out the conversion.
  6. For my near neighbour Micktheshed's information and all of you very helpful forum members, the company is 'West Midland Caravans and Motorhomes'. They are based at Springhill Ind Est Old Arley, near Coventry (next door to Jacksons). I have dealt with John from the after care department and he has carried out work to iron out any issues that I have found in the first two months that I have has the caravan with no quibbles at all. This work has involved the fitting of a new water pump, a new Whale water system and the fixing of the electronic toilet flush. I am taking the caravan in later this month for the tyre replacement and he is also going to fit a new door seal as there was a slight water ingress during the deluge of rain we had recently. I recently purchased an ALKO jacking system and he has agreed to fit the brackets to the chassis at the same time free of charge. I am very pleased with the service this company has given and I will reward them with my continue custom post expiry of my warranty.
  7. As promised I can now provide you with the response I received from the dealer reference the old tyres. I am delighted to report that the dealer is more than happy to replace the tyres and the caravan has been booked in for the work to be done. Thank you all again for all your thoughts and advice.
  8. Thank you all for your comments and advice. I am tempted to do what Griff advised and get tyres fitted to my preference. However, in the new year when all gets back to normal, I will approach the dealer and see if they are forthcoming with tyre replacement or a contribution. I will let you know how I get on.
  9. Hi I am a new member and also new to caravanning. I would like to hear the members thoughts on the following issue that I have: I purchased a 2008 Avondale Avocet from a dealer two months ago. So far I am pleased with the caravan and the dealers response to fixing any issues that I have encountered. However, after reading some of the blogs on this forum I decided to check the dates on my tyres, even though the treads and condition are good. To my dismay I found that they are all older than eight years. To my knowledge there is no law that says that you are not allowed to drive around with tyres older than eight years, Just good common sense and the safety of yourself and others. I have a six month warranty on the caravan and I was wondering what are my rights to ask the dealer to change tyres under the warranty. Like I said at the beginning its your thoughts that maybe useful to me when I go back to the dealer with the request to change the tyres. Ultimately, the tyres will be changed even if I do it out of my own pocket as safety to me is paramount. Thank you in advance for your thoughts.
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