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  1. Yes Silversurf I was thinking of locker doors, friend had battery and gas taken without the alarm going off!! PIR’s are not movement sensors, and no one went inside the van the outputs seem to be for 12volt systems like car courtesy lights using either pos. or neg. switching and as the caravan body has no metal chassis as such, to use a 12volt system I would use the reed and magnet switch rather than pay £40 each for wireless
  2. Hi I have an Autowatch 650 alarm which is basic to say the least! I would like to fit three extra door switches to it, but not wanting to go down the wireless route (£40 each) I would use normal wired reed and magnet sensors, I was wondering if anyone had any idea whether there is a dedicated output from the controller or are they wired in parallel with the wired steady sensor. Looking on line it seems that most outputs from the controller are poss and neg controlled Dave
  3. I tow a 1500MPTL van with a tiguan MK2 (both new this year) mine is an SEL model with 240HP Auto. I have found that it tows great but its sometimes it seems very slow to pick up speed from a junction. A word of warning on the towbar, mine is an electric hidden one factory fitted with 13 pin plug, and the last time I used it, it was raining and I just tucked it away, however when I came to use it this weekend the ball was as rusty as hell!! it took 5mins of using the wire brush to get it clean, so remember the towball cap - the ball itself is open to the elements just hidden from sight behind the bumper. Dave (nutty)
  4. Hi All I decided that I might have / need a towing cover but then found out that having spent £20K+ on a new van another £200+ needed to be spent on a specialist cover. Well been a typical yorkshireman (deep pockets and short arms) I thought Id have a go at making one!! Im thinking of using neoprene as its easy to glue and stitch and with a plastic zip and clips for securing it I think it will cost about £40, I know cheap ones are only £20 or any one any idea where to buy the 4 ply waterproof material What do you think, I’m mad or let you know how I get on?? regards Dave
  5. Hi new to this forum, but read a lot of articles from it!! will be visiting keep on caravaning Dave
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