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  1. Hello daveat92, yeah they rose to 70psi. Starting pressure was 55 and went up to 69. All these comments etc are great and gives me options now, particularly if I’m doing something wrong, misreading things or have faulty Tyrepal sensors. Once lock form has lifted I’ll be out checking . Thanks Pal You’re not being rude James and you’re right. I never once worried about my tyres before fitting the sensors. I’d inflate whilst cold before setting off, check torque settings and set off. 20-30 miles into journey I’d check again and then check each time I stopped for a rest break. Now all I s
  2. I can’t remember the temperature (it was a while back) but the pressure rose from 55 to 69. If my memory serves me right, I wasn’t too concerned about the temperature (I think that was fine) it was the psi rise that concerned me. You’re right about adjusting the psi when wheels are hot, that’s why I felt uncomfortable about doing it but the significant rise in psi meant I felt I had to do it. I truck for a living so it’s common nature for me to check tyre heat whenever I stop. I do remember touching the tyres and they felt fine and they was no smell of burning or binding brakes that is assoc
  3. Thank you Stevan, I inflated to recommended pressure when cold and was worried when they went up to almost 70 psi when hot, hence why I reduced the psi but I’m also conscious of correct psi when setting off with cold tyres. I’ll take on your advice regarding getting my brakes checked. Thank you.
  4. That’s exactly about the same that mine went up by, almost 70psi 🥴
  5. I recently fitted Tyrepal TPMS valves to my tourer. I inflated tyres to recommended PSI and set low and high pressure alerts on the sensors. After setting off and into my journey I noticed the tyres heated up considerably and hence the tyre pressures increased dangerously close to the high pressure alert on my Tyrepal sensors. I was amazed at how hot the tyres got and the increase in tyre pressure. So much so, I stopped and deflated the tyres back to manufacturers recommended pressures and set off again. For the remainder of my journey the tyre pressures stayed at the recommended pressure. Was
  6. No surprise, the dealer has come back saying it’s not covered under the warranty. They ordered a new door but that was declined. I’ve told them they need to look at it before ordering a new door as I believe this is a simple fix. They have said though that non of their other caravans collect water in the front locker door. Be interesting what they say next month when it goes in for servicing and they have the opportunity to investigate
  7. Guys, thank you all very much for the sound advice, in particular the issue regarding potential to freeze and cause further damage. I have had the van serviced in accordance with manufacturers timescales so expect no issues regarding warranty. I shall be contacting my dealer first thing in the morning and follow up with an email in order to address this issue. To be fair, my dealer has been first class with all warranty repairs to date. Unfortunately my dealer is 120 miles away so in the meantime I’ll investigate the area where I drain the water out and apply a temporary fix in order to preve
  8. I am new to this forum but I’d like to ask if anyone else has the same issue I am having. I have a 2017 Compass Capiro 530. I have noticed the front locker door gathers water between the two panels. So much so that the door will not stay up on the gas struts due to the weight of the water within. I have to prop the door up with a brush handle until all the water has drained out at the corners of the door (where the hinges are). Not only is this concerning but must surely add to the nose weight. Is this a design fault or do I have a faulty door. I would be interested to know if anyone else has
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