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  1. 13 minutes ago, Woodentop said:

    You have answered my comments. Your licence shows you passed your test in 1994 so you have no problems on towing weight. Looking at the vehicle ratings you have no problem there either.

    As you are new to towing the 85% guideline (it is NOT law) is worth observing until you get some experience under your belt: 85% of 1550Kg is 1317Kg- say 1320Kg - which ought to be equal to or less than the MPTLM of the caravan as shown on the plate by the door. However once you have experience towing up to 100% of GVW is not a problem. Having said that I would suggest you Talk to Vauxhall  Tech Support (a dealer is unlikely to be able to help much) and find out if they advise fitting an oil cooler on your car for towing. 197bhp from a 1.6T engine is pushing it so you will likely need to use the revs a bit which may causing overheating problems. It may not be so much of a problem if your engine uses fully synthetic oil but you must keep the turbo well oiled.*

    Oh, and don't be surprised if, when towing, you can actually see the fuel gauge dropping: I would not expect much more than low 20's mpg!

    *A mistake many people with a high pressure turbo is to switch off as soon as they stop. BAD! The turbo can take as much as half a minute to slow down from high speed, but when you stop the engine so does the lubrication to the turbo when it may still be doing several thousand rpm. Always a good idea to override the stop/start when towing if your car has it for this very reason.


    My car does have start stop. It also has 6 gears.  Thanks for taking the time to reply and happy Christmas 

  2. 17 minutes ago, Woodentop said:

    Three points to the OP:

    You say it can tow 1250Kg at 85%, ergo the vehicle weight should be about 1470Kg. If you look on one of the door pillars or door edge (usually nearside on a Vauxhall) you will find a plate with four figures on it. The larger of the two at the top is the maximum train weight, the smaller is the gross vehicle weight. Subtract the smaller from the larger and you have the maximum towing weight of the car. The weights marked 1 and 2 are the front and rear axle limits respectively.

    Second when you get a towbar fitted go for 13pin to future-proof it. If the caravan you buy has 2x7pin then buy an adapter. It is VITALLY IMPORTANT (write it on the order so it is a condition of contract) that you tell the towbar fitter that you require the socket fully wired for charging and fridge:  many EU built or designed towing fittings do not come with fridge wiring, and some don't even have battery charging wiring.

    Finally you say you have no restrictions on your licence - that is not what I meant. If you took your driving test on or after 1/1/97 then you will only have a class B on your licence which allows you to tow a plated train weight of up to 3500Kg. Take the result of the subtraction above and add the MTPLM (maximum technically permitted  load mass) if it comes to 3500Kg or more you will need to take an extra driving test to get your licence uprated to B+E. If you passed your  test before that date then you have so-called grandparent rights which allows you to have a GTW of up to 7500Kg.


    Now watch someone come along and flame me......!


    Thanks for the advice on towbars. I haven't got one fitted yet.


  3. 46 minutes ago, Jezzerb said:

    As woodent says, find out max weight you can tow, then how many will you sleep single/fixed ormake up a bed every night? once that is sorted set your budget and look! 

    New but 2018 Caravalaires at Marquis and Lunars due to their issues are super cheap at the mo!



    No restriction with my license but the MTPLM my car can pull is 1250 @ 85%.

    My car is a 2016 Vauxhall Astra 1.6 turbo (197bhp). The caravan will mainly be for me and my son but also for my wife and 3 kids (with awning) occasionally. I want as small caravan as possible for this and I'm willing to setup a bed nightly if needed 


    1 hour ago, Woodentop said:

    The OP should do a bit of homework first to ensure what his vehicle can tow/handle in terms of pulling power etc, and what his driving licence permits him (or any other family member) to tow. That may hold sway on his choice of van.

    No restriction with my license but the MTPLM my car can pull is 1250 @ 85%.

  4. 43 minutes ago, FrankBullet said:

    I wouldn’t!


    I’b buy the best you can afford after spending time looking around, that’s what we did and no regrets. If I had bought some of the older vans we looked at for £3-5k I think Mrs FB would have called a halt to caravan holidays a long time ago!


    Given the brief, I’d be looking at the best 2-berth Bailey Orion (I think it’s the same as the Pursuit, the 400/2).

    The Orion and the Pursuit look nice. Thanks

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  5. 12 minutes ago, AlwynMike said:

    I recommend you spend half that amount!

    Your first van may not be the ideal one for you, and the cheaper you buy the less you lose after a year.

    Rough it and buy a 10 to 15 year old van that's dry and see how you get on, and what you want from a van.

    As you want a shower, I suspect you are headed for smaller sites rather than large ones with all the amenities, and as such, get a van with a shower cubicle rather than a shower in the toilet - it saves a wet mess!

    Are you constrained by your towing licence or car capacity?



    Not with my license but the MTPLM my car can pull is 1250 . 

  6. 22 minutes ago, Borussia 1900 said:

    Hello Lee,


    If you want advice on what to buy you might want to let folk know your budget, how many berths, what you’re planning to tow it with etc.

    Yes I have m8, thanks. This was just a introduction thing

  7. I'm looking at getting my first caravan. I would like a small caravan 2 birth, 4 if possible, would like the weight to be under 1100kg and have a shower.

    Went do my local caravan dealer today and fell in love with the Swift Basecamp but the price was way out of my budget. 

    I don't want to spend to much on my first caravan probably up to £7000 budget. 

    If anyone could recommend a caravan similar to the basecamp but within my budget I would greatly appreciate it 

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