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  1. Thanks!!! I am not sure if I understand 100% right but I am going to give it a try.
  2. Thanks for that information. I also think it's a fault. Will contact them.
  3. Hi BH! I didn't know about this forum I will join there too, thanks! Probably it is a fault, unfortunately Because we took out the battery and all switched off. Then we put it back and switched on the ambient lights with the switch next to the door. Also then the ambient lights above the kitchen cabinets turned on. When we switched off, all light went out except for those above the cabinet Merry Christmas! Josephine
  4. That sounds like a hiding spot b4bill
  5. Thanks Stevan. That one works for the other kitchen and ambient light but not for the 3 little ones above the kitchen cabinet. I am starting to think they might have forgotten to connect those
  6. Hi Guys!! I hope someone here can help. We just got our new Swift Eccles 590 caravan and we can't switch off the ambient lights above the kitchen cabinets. Our dealer is closed for Christmas and also the Swift group couldn't help us. We have tried all switches and also nothing in the control panel does the trick. Who can help us out?? Thanks and merry christmas!!
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