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  1. Thanks, so I need a connection between the inlet box and the boiler. Not a connection between the inept box and the CP control panel?
  2. Tx for that, nowhere on the link or Truma website can I find the installation instruction for the CP controller, plenty of user instructions but not the former. I want to know if I connect the internet Ethernet cable to the controller or does it go to the heater?
  3. my Imala motorhome has a Truma control box to control heating, tank gauges etc. First link below. I have bought an Inet control box (wifi etc). Can anyone give me simple instructions how to connect the inet box to the control panel please. Especially regarding the power and other connection between both boxes https://www.leisureshopdirect.com/gas/caravan-gas-water-heater/truma-heaters/truma-combi-4-6-l.p.-gas-and-electric-heater-spare-parts/truma-cp-plus-control-panel-%E2%80%93-inet-ready/?ref=gs&gclid=CjwKCAiA3OzvBRBXEiwALNKDPxRWFPnFIeq-1gvLVHU9EubfGJ3TfaelS9jMlUfO0BG2vy4
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