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  1. Really appreciate all the comments and views guys, very useful indeed!
  2. Thanks James that's really helpful! So when you say you've had a tank fitted is that for hot water? Id have thought a van of this age would have one already? Or am I missing something here? (Quite probable!) This was a concern of mine I have to say, in our current Van we have blown air heating and it's useless. As we do like to holiday out of season it is a worry.
  3. Good evening everyone, After much dealer window shopping, we have settled on a Pegasus GT65 Verona. 2013-2015 models. Ticks almost every box for us. There seem to be quite a few around so we will have to put the miles in to find the "One"... So looking to get an idea of things that are known or issues that I should be on the look out for? For example I've noticed these can have a panel on the lower front and rear that has a seal across it, 2 of the 3 I saw today the seal was perishing and didn't look at all waterproof. Is this a huge issue? I'd assume that the front body panel continued under the applied panel so wouldn't be an water ingress issue? Would also be good to hear from current or previous owners of there experiences with this van too. Thanks in advance as always!
  4. Now this is my kind of thinking! I like that Craig!
  5. Thanks Andy, I didn't realise they were van specific!
  6. Morning all! As I have mentioned in my other thread we are selling our current Van privately instead of part exchanging. I'm wondering what the etiquette/expectation is in regards to accessories like Hitch locks and wheel locks? Our van was a private purchase and it came with a hitch lock, alko wheel lock and insert as well as things like the leg winder and a tool kit. Is it common practice to keep these with the van? Or should I keep hold of some of them for our next Van (used also)?
  7. Currently selling ours on eBay, probably should of gone for caravan finder but in truth I completely forgot about it! When I approached some dealers the Part ex was to low, it's more hassle to sell privately but for me the difference is substantial so may be worth it. I guess we will find out!
  8. Hi everyone, After much consideration, we have decided to take a different course. We are selling ours privately and looking to "upgrade" to a 2011-2013 Van. Then possibly make the jump to a new one in a few years time. Appreciate everyone's comments and views, they really were very helpful! Happy New year everyone!
  9. Thank you for the replies. The question of layout/weights and trying a cheap van wasn't really what this thread was about. We are on our second used Van of low value, we are looking to upgrade to a newer & lighter Van I do not have the B+E and currently don't have a need for it. I've really enjoyed reading people's different viewpoints and is very helpful! We are going to look at a few different options in the next week or so. Hopefully I can update this in a sort while!
  10. I really appreciate everyone's view points on this! It does seem to me atleast that the only main difference is the quality of the fixtures and fittings? The specs between a given new van and similar laid out 3 year old seem to be negligible, atleast on paper. Would there be any differences in things like insulation and warmth etc that don't necessarily show up on spec sheets? Or is it a case of the outsides are all pretty much the same? Keep your views coming guys, it's incredibly useful. Thanks again
  11. Morning all! So we have been chewing through some options for our next Van purchase. After a great deal of cyber window shopping and a few dealer visit's it's become apparent that if we were to up the budget a touch to around £16/£17k then you are knocking on the door of New 2019 Vans such as the Bailey Phoenix (entry level?). For the same money you can buy a Pegasus (midrange?) 2016/2017 for example. What are people thoughts about the benefits of buying New albeit the entry model against buying a 2/3 year old Van from further up the range? Many thanks for all contributions.
  12. This is a fantastic post, really appreciate it! The Panels are something that I would not of even thought about! I think that could be a game changer, if I already owned a Lunar I don't think I would sell it because of it, but as I don't I think avoiding that potential issue would be a wise decision.
  13. Thanks Dave and Stevan, The Lunar clubman I was looking at was around the £10k mark, the max budget would be £12k.
  14. Hi all, New to this forum, really not sure why I haven't joined before, I've been labouring through the rather unintuitive cc forum for a while... Anyways I'm exploring the possibilities of changing our van, for a few reasons which I will probably start a different thread about. Im looking at around the £12k mark really, needs to be a 4 berth, fixed bed with a decent washroom, MTPLM less than 1455KG and would like a bit of ATC and a mover if possible. I've seen a few Lunars around, the Clubman esp seems very good value, I am aware that Lunar went bust is that right? I've also seen a few threads about build quality concerns. Would this be enough to put you off and older Lunar circa 2012? Should I not even consider one? Are there some obvious alternatives? Many thanks for any input/thoughts. Regards Adam
  15. Hi all! Me and my young family have just returned to caravaning after a few years away. Alot has changed, alot hasn't, but I've many questions; see you in the forum's :-)
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