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  1. Does that not depend on what tier you are travelling from / to To be honest your post just sums up the I'm all right Jack attitude I've got what I need stuff you lot. When my/if my neighbor comes out of hospital after 7 weeks on a ventilator I'll let him know that nobody gives a toss as long as they get away for a holiday. !!
  2. I think you will find the WHO makes that statement untrue. Vaccines are tested over many years before being licensed. So long term effects will be unknown. In the past, vaccines have been developed through a series of steps that can take many years. Now, given the urgent need for a COVID-19 vaccine, unprecedented financial investments and scientific collaborations are changing how vaccines are developed. This means that some of the steps in the research and development process are happening in parallel, while still maintaining strict clinical and safety standards. For example, so
  3. That's the part that is most relevant, would you take medication from your doctor and then he tells you that there may be some side effects that we don't know about. Just give us a bell if you have any weird side effects mate
  4. Why would anyone not having the vaccine need to stay in ? Why couldn't they go places ? Why couldn't they see families ? If you you think by having this vaccine you will become indestructible overnight you are very much mistaken.
  5. By not adhering to the rules you are indeed breaking the law, you would only be given a Fixed Penalty. The non payment of that penalty would mean you end up in a magistrates court, where they would more than likely increase the fine and add costs. Prison is very unlikely.
  6. Odds

    Mobility car

    I noticed that nobody has actually mentioned the risk of that after taking on a Motability car due to the award of PIP/DLA, you might then have a new medical 'assessment' and be found to not be disabled enough after all You would then lose the car and be left with no transport, and as Motability take all your disability money awarded, depending on what vehicle you have, probably no savings to get your own replacement when that time arrives. Just another thing to consider when taking a Motability Vehicle rather than self ownership.
  7. The supply from the Hook up pole will trip and you'll have no mains to your caravan. Not a big drama, just reset it and switch a few things off.
  8. Here's one: 2017 Hobby And another 2010 Swift Challenger This is an example of what I mean.
  9. I've been looking at caravans for a long time and the thing that puzzles me, besides all the damp issues, weight issues etc, is that I see caravans for sale and they have plastic on the seating. Is this something that anyone really does ? My suite at home came with plastic coverings but I couldn't leave it on, surely it's the same with caravans. These are private sales by the way, I could understand a dealer doing it on second hand models with loads of people trying them out. Just a strange observation I noticed, so own up, who actually does it ?
  10. As a teacher, are you in favour of keeping schools open ? The reason I ask is that my 15 year old grand daughter has spent more time being sent home to isolate than actually being in full time education. After the first time she tested positive and then returned to school she videoed the corridors when classes were changing. Not a single mask being worn and kids jumping all over each other. So who is supposed to police the behaviour of all these kids, who have more rights than the teachers that are supposed to discipline them.
  11. Move to Scotland where these ridiculous regulations don't apply My missus worked in a care home and the family of one of the residents did this to avoid having to sell what their parents had worked for all their lives, and paying Tax and NI payments for help required in old age !! Sorry for going off topic a bit there.
  12. I can't get my head around the fact that roads were made for motor vehicles to travel on. Now it seems that motor vehicles have less rights to be on the road than cyclists or pedestrians.
  13. What's the rush to buy a caravan, you can't go anywhere due to the lockdown. I'd suggest you chill out look around, never trust a sellers word. Even big dealearships will tell you a load of BS to get a sale knowing that they will be covered by a warranty, and then leave it to you to argue it between the two.
  14. I can't even believe people are asking about whether camp sites will be open. The bottom line is there is no travel allowed unless for work or business. Get a grip people.
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