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  1. Last time I had a towbar I fitted it myself and spliced the wiring, total cost was about £150 about 10 years ago. I've just been getting a few prices to have one fitted and wired and can't believe the cost, most are around the £700 mark, that's with dedicated vehicle wiring
  2. Odds

    Bailey Cadiz S3

    On the web sites of some of the big dealer franchises it clearly states that the motormover is NOT included in the price which to me suggests you either pay extra for it or they'll remove it.
  3. Odds

    Bailey Cadiz S3

    No, this is one I actually went to see. Like you, I also thought about the extra weight for something that is something of a luxury item.
  4. My car has covers over the whole underside, I wouldn't think it would be too expensive for caravan manufacturers to do the same. How sure are you it is 'just paint' ?
  5. Odds

    Previous Owners

    It is that one, I've no interest in buying it due to the distance from me and the price, I just spotted the fact it said 3 previous owners and thought I'd ask other peoples opinions on the matter. The description that refers to Camper Van is under 'Subtype' further on it says Model: Unicorn III Cadiz, Type: Touring Caravan.
  6. Odds

    Previous Owners

    It is a Bailey Cadiz 2016 model. I came across it on Ebay, listed by a dealer based in Somerset, where it states 3 previous owners, I checked on their website and I can't see any mention of previous owners. I don't know if links to products are allowed, but an Ebay search for that model will show it about the 14th listing and the cost is £16995 which seems to be the top end of prices for that model.
  7. Having done loads of searching for the caravan I want, I recently spotted one within my budget. However, reading the details it said Number of previous owners - 3 This was a caravan that was only 4 years old, does anyone else have the same mind set as me and think there is a problem with it ?
  8. Odds

    Bailey Cadiz S3

    Thanks once again for all the advice, it's all been heeded. All I'd want was a mover included really. I just need to find a dealer with a good reputation with the right caravan now. A combination that seems hard to find.
  9. Odds


    Do you mean condensation, rather than damp. It's the same in any closed environment. It has been frosty here in the morning and cold, and then mid morning really sunny and warm, could it not just be a case of the hot air turning to condensation within the caravan and settling on the surfaces.
  10. Already thought of that, delegate that to the missus
  11. I don't yet own a caravan but couldn't the steadies be painted with some form of anti climb paint, like people use on drainpipes to stop burglars climbing them. Just a thought from a non owner.
  12. Odds

    Bailey Cadiz S3

    I'm only assuming that, as I would imagine the aircon would be a good selling point. I'd also imagine the removal of the motor mover would be a half hour job, whereas removing the aircon would mean fitting a new roof light. I'm only trying to think the way the dealer would do in maximising their profit. After all the owner doesn't drive around in a Bentley convertible by giving something for nothing
  13. Odds

    Bailey Cadiz S3

    I like your thinking, but I can't see them agreeing to remove the aircon unit and then negotiating a sale price without it. It's a shame really as it is a 2016 model and just priced out of my budget obviously because it has the aircon.
  14. Odds

    Bailey Cadiz S3

    Thanks for the positive replies, so regarding the roof strap problem should that be done even if it hasn't developed a problem ? Ideally I'd buy from a dealer, just for peace of mind with any warranty issues but they are really penny pinching when it comes to extras included. I viewed one at a very large dealership near me, unfortunately it had an aircon unit fitted which for me is an unwanted luxury. It also had a motor mover fitted, which wasn't even included in the price, so they'd rather remove it if you weren't prepared to pay even more for it
  15. Odds

    Bailey Cadiz S3

    I put the model and series in the title, it would be a 2015.
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