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  1. The ZF has an already large Cooler H
  2. Thanks gents. Regarding the soft suspension, i'm looking into fitting rubber suspension assisters. I also own a "shed" of a P38 V8 "need to put it back together" but tbh i doubt it'll ever be a reliable machine, so the Jag was the next in line. She has the electrics wired in already, just a questionable ball reliability wise the car has done 15k in my tenure with no real issues. RGDS H
  3. Good evening Gents/Ladies. Having bought my current car before the idea of caravanning came into my head, i'm wondering if it would be a suitable tow vehicle. Spec wise. She's 3.0 DOHC V6 producing 240hp and 298nm of torque. Thats paired to a ZF 6spd Autobox. 2005 Jaguar S Type. She "had" a towbar, but it was badly fitted, so a new one will have to be fitted, not a biggie! Anyone have any experience towing with one of these? Any ideas on Caravans? Henry.. Excuse the ignorance I'm a total newbie. H
  4. Thanks for the welcome! I'll be sure to read up on the regs. H
  5. Hello Gents & Ladies. Just joining up to look around and ask some advice, maybe I'm an 18 almost 19yr old Jaguar enthusiast and current owner of an S type 3.0 that i bought when I was but a lad at 15 for £400, she needed some work "whistling" One "dream" of mine is to hitch a nice Caravan behind it and go for a little drive across europe, utilising the sites and views without the extortionate hotel costs!! I'm but an Apprentice at the moment though! Thanks for having me. Henry..
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