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  1. We already use Ecover washing up detergent which should be ok. Will definitely take the Wastemaster on our trip & ask the CL owner what they want me to do. Thanks for all the advice.?
  2. Up until now we have used fully serviced pitches so grey water disposal has been very straightforward going down the Collapz pipe straight into the drain on our pitch. We are looking at booking our first CL site with no facilities other than a shared water tap and an Elsan point. I was just wondering what normally happens with grey waste water on CL sites - do you usually collect it in the Wastemaster & dispose it down a drain somewhere or do people dispose it in the hedge (just something I read online, not necessarily my idea). Will of course ask the CL site owner anyway, but just curious
  3. Contacted Whale support. Advice given was to (i) check that the hose wasn't kinked (it wasn't), (ii) check the mesh in the fitting at the tap end doesn't have any debris & (iii) I can expect a flow rate of 5 litres per minute on the cold tap in the van. I'm away in the van next week, so will take my measuring jug & see if I'm getting the suggested 5 litres. If this isn't the case, they have suggested I take the equipment back to the supplying dealer. Thanks to everybody for advice provided.
  4. Hello, I have a 2020 Bailey Unicorn Vigo and I am connecting it directly to the mains water tap on the pitch using a Whale Aquasource Mains Connector. I thought this would be a good idea, as it means I wouldn’t need an Aquaroll. The water pressure in the caravan is absolutely dismal using the Aquasource & and we are getting increasingly frustrated with it. The water pressure at the tap on the pitch is quite powerful, and I do appreciate that the Aquasource has an inbuilt pressure reducer, however, I really cannot believe the water pressure in the van should be this low. The poor
  5. Ah, I use the cheaper one on the right. Use it for the tyres & also the Lock n Level.
  6. We also use the Ryobi pump with theirOne+ battery system. We have two batteries which we use for the Ryobi Pump, Ryobi Cordless Drill (for the steadies) & the Ryobi Cordless LED Area Light. It's a great setup for the caravan, only downside with the pump is that it is analogue so you can't just set the PSI you want & wait for it to reach it. Also our pump reads approx 3 PSI too high (have calibrated it against a more accurate gauge) & have to bear this in mind when using it.
  7. Well I had the Mercedes E220d remapped yesterday afternoon & am very pleased. He came out in a mobile van & spent about 1 & 1/4 hours on the job. Fully explained everything before he got cracking & reassured me on some of the questions I raised from points made by forum members, for example what happens if remapping wiped off at next dealer service (he said he will reinstall for free) or if not happy with result (reinstall original mapping & full refund). I had received various quotes leading up to this, the cheapest being this one at £195 inv VAT & mobile fitting and
  8. Definitely a remap of ECU & the Merc is now out of Warranty (wouldn’t have considered it if it was in warranty). Will run it past insurers tmrw & see if they are ok with it. Does sound cheap at £195 (my other quote was £415), so I am being quite cautious, but can’t say I’m not tempted.
  9. We are presently using a Mercedes E220d Estate as our tow car. I've been looking at ECU remapping for it, specifically focussed on an improved towing profile which I understand will improve torque & mpg. A very respected local firm is quoting £195 to call over to my house and do the remapping, with power increasing from 194 BHP to 220 BHP and torque increasing from 400 nm to 460 nm. Never had this done before, but am quite interested in doing it. Just wondering if any fellow members have experience of ECU remapping & would be interested to know how they got on? Thanks
  10. Thanks for all your replies. I think next time when I go up to the storage yard I’ll have a closer look at the tap and also how the sink fits to the base unit & take some measurements . Given me food for thought. I honestly feel that in its current set up it would be more useful just to have no sink at all & benefit from additional flat surface area to put things on (not that I would ever do this). I guess if the sink is the only thing that I’m not happy with about the van, then we did still make the right choice in going for the Unicorn Vigo. There is so much to learn as caravan newbi
  11. We bought a Bailey Unicorn Vigo last autumn & it is our first ever van. We are absolutely delighted with the caravan, apart from one thing - the bathroom sink. We didn't realise it when we were looking around show caravans at the NEC , however, now that we are actually using the bathroom sink we hate it. It really is style over function. It's neither use nor ornament and it's nigh on impossible to wash your face, have a shave etc and water gathers around the back of it. Just wondering if anyone has replaced it with anything more practical, or is this a step too far? Thanks
  12. Totally agree with this comment. I'm fairly new to caravanning (bought first van Sept 2020) & have found this forum to be nothing but friendly, helpful & a wealth of useful information. This is the only caravan forum I use, and thanks to the admin &moderators for running it.
  13. I think on balance I will give this product a miss. Going to rely on CASSOA Gold storage, good physical security & decent insurance. Our thoughts are now, that if the van does get stolen, we would prefer to purchase a brand new van. Thanks all for your advice.
  14. Very valid point. I’ve heard that viewpoint a few times since we started caravanning last September. I suppose it depends who steals the van & where it ends up. Perhaps this is a ‘gadget too far’ & I should continue to rely on good physical security as a deterrent & a ‘new for old’ basis of insurance in the event it’s stolen. We’re relatively new to caravanning & appreciate the years of experience of fellow members on this forum.
  15. We recently bought a new Bailey Caravan & it came with a 3 month free subscription to Tracker. The cost to now renew it ourselves for a further 12 months is £149 & I'm not sure about justifying the expense. Whilst online I came across a DIY Tracker product called Streetwize Vehicle & Personal GPS Tracking System & it costs around £50 & looks like an easy DIY install onto the caravan leisure battery. This is the weblink https://www.towsure.com/streetwize-vehicle-personal-gps-tracking-system. The only oncosts seem to relate to a PAYG SIM card, as the unit relies on text mass
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