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    I've been using Wet & Forget around the house for a few years & the results are fantastic - so far I've done my patio, driveway, the other half's extensive outdoor pot collection, the rendering on the front of the house & our garden fence and they have all come up like new. Just buy a cheap pump action pressure sprayer from somewhere like Screwfix for £8 and you're good to go. I've never used it on a caravan though, but on looking at the Wet & Forget website they list the applications as "Wet & Forget can be used on an extensive range of outdoor surfaces including tarmac, concrete, decking, roof tiles, Astroturf, bowling greens, bricks and paving, canvas tents, caravan awnings, conservatories, fibreglass boats, greenhouses, golf greens, limestone, sandstone, marble, outdoor furniture, outdoor pots, outdoor painted surfaces, pool surrounds, shade sails, slate, tennis courts, yacht sails". So they mention caravan awnings, but no mention of caravans themselves. Anyway, it may be expensive but it's great stuff and goes a long way. Be interested to hear if it's ok on caravans.
  2. Yes, my licence is ok for this (passed my test 1986) - I've been a camper for many years, unfortunately being a caravan newbie doesn't mean I am young Aha, I think I read about this somewhere else. My car is an "AMG Line" which means it only has cosmetic enhancements (ie bigger alloy wheels, upgraded seats & steering wheel) and it isn't the full blown V8 AMG model (unfortunately). I am assuming therefore that it will be ok for towing because of the details on the VIN plate. It was a bit confusing that the VIN plate shows the various axle weights/towing weights etc, but doesn't include the nose weight. Really appreciative of all the advice and experience on here.
  3. Hi, I'm a caravan 'newbie' and am presently researching into my first caravan which I hope to buy in the next few months. Clearly I need to make sure that my car & proposed caravan are well matched, and I think I have managed to get my head around MTPLM, MRO etc and am fairly confident that the MTPLM (1463kg) of my preferred caravan is just under 85% of the kerb weight (1780kg) of my car which I understand is advisable for a novice tower. What I am struggling with is the Tow Ball/NoseWeight Limit - are there 3 of these - one for the car, one for the towball and one for the caravan chassis??? Presumably you need to comply with the lowest. My towing vehicle will be a 66 plate Mercedes E220d AMG Line Estate and the caravan I'm interested in purchasing is an Elddis Affinity 550. I've checked the VIN plate on the Mercedes & it shows 4 figures (2455kg, 4555kg, 1- 1085kg & 2- 1370kg). There is no reference to "nose weight" on the VIN & I haven't yet had a towbar fitted (so there is no label to look at on a towbar). So (in terms of noseweight) will the car & caravan be ok together, and what will the noseweight figure be that I need to stick to? Where can I find these figures? Any clarity & advice will be very gratefully appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi, we are considering purchasing a Kampa Dometic Rally Air Pro awning & matching Kampa carpet. Don't know much about awnings, & could do with some advice on footprints. Coming from a camping background, we always used a footprint under the tent to protect it from mud, damage etc - appreciate that footprints can kill off the grass, but given that a tent has a non-breathable sewn in groundsheet it wouldn't make any difference to the grass. Now I understand that it's a bit different for caravan awnings, and understand that some caravan sites insist on using breathable footprints for caravan awnings. Are these worth using or are they a waste of money? Are they best for grass pitches, or do people use them for hard standing pitches as well? Don't want to waste my money & fill the car up with things I won't use.Any advice gratefully received. Thanks David
  5. Thursday it is then, I've already booked the tickets online & got a bit of discount using a 'swift' code!!! Some great advice provided just on this one thread. Definitely would prefer to secure best deal with one of our local dealers. At this stage we are just trying to get our heads around layouts (we think we favour a 4 berth end washroom, island bed but I am sure that will change after a day of walking around them), MTPLM, MRO & what all the different caravan names mean etc - our heads are spinning, so we thought the NEC would be a good place to start the journey of buying our first caravan. Thanks for all your advice, and I am sure we will be back with lots more questions!!!
  6. Some great advice there. We will definitely go on a weekday, get there early and take a packed lunch. Really useful advice on getting quotes from out of area dealers, but ultimately going with your local one (assuming decent service) and negotiating with them to match best deal in order to make warranty/servicing work easier. We have approx 4 dealers within 30 min drive of home, so shouldn't be an issue. Thanks .
  7. Hi, We are looking to buy our first caravan early next year, and as part of this process, we intend to visit the CCM Show at NEC which is held 18-23 Feb 2020 to do lots of research and go inside lots of caravans etc. We have never been to the show before, but have heard that it can get quite busy and queues can build up for looking inside caravans etc. We want to visit on one of the least busy days (if there is such a thing) and we understand it runs Tues 18th Feb 20 Sunday 23rd Feb. I am guessing that maybe the opening day Tuesday & weekend will be busiest, so maybe the Wednesday or Thursday might be best, but taking nothing or granted. We are totally flexible on which day we go, so any advice will be gratefully received. Thanks.
  8. Thank you all very much for your helpful replies. Think I might forget about the Tracker subscription, as I am of the mind that I probably wouldn't want the caravan back if it had been trashed. In terms of the other pieces of kit, my thoughts are (on balance) I will probably still go with them - my philosophy being that the fitting of these might hopefully put potential thieves off looking at my van if there are less secured vans in the same area. I really am impressed with the enthusiasm, helpfulness and depth of knowledge of the people on this forum. Thanks again.
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm a carvan newbie (crossing over from the dark side of camping) and am presently drawing up a shopping list for accessories for (hopefully) my new caravan (Swift Astbury 580EB). I really want to get the basics right at this stage, so security is a priority for me. I am totally new to all this, and after spending a few hours reading up on caravan security my thoughts are: Use a CASSOA Gold storage site. Fit an AL-KO Premium hitchlock (seems VERY expensive compared to other hitchlocks!!!) Fit an AL-KO Secure wheel lock (looks like this is the benchmark & insurers like this) Milenco Security door lock Subscription to Swift Command Tracker service (will insurers take this into account?) Does this seem like a reasonable combination or am I going a bit OTT? Have I missed anything out? Presumably you only need the one wheel lock rather than two? Will a new Swift caravan come with the 'receiver' fitted as standard for the AL-KO secure wheel lock? Are the Milenco Security door locks a straightforward DIY installation or is best to get a mechanic to fit this? Am assuming that most insurers will be happy with CASSOA storage & AL-KO devices & might even give discounts? What happens when you pop into motorway services & leave caravan unattended in carpark - are you expected to fit the wheel lock to remain insured? Thanks in advance for any comments & advice & sorry for the number of questions. David
  10. Some very good advice given above. We will definitely be taking our time, asking lots of questions and doing lots of research. We visited our first caravan showroom last Sunday, & funnily enough the van layout that we thought we would like from looking online we actually didn't like, and we preferred a layout that we weren't expecting to like. Just goes to show hey!!! Have spent weekend preparing a list of the kit we expect we will need to purchase, and it's getting longer by the day. There seem to be products designed for things you didn't even think there would be a need for!!! At this stage there are definitely more questions than answers, but we want to prepare a realisitic budget & 'buy right first time' as this will save us money in the long term. Thanks again for your welcome to the forum.
  11. Wow, my first post on Caravan Talk and I am very pleasantly surprised at how helpful you guys all are!!! The storage facility at Cockshades sounds perfect for us, and I like the idea of onsite cleaning facilites & the CASSOA gold accreditation. I did speak with them, they are full but expect vacancies in 3 months & are happy to put me on the waiting list. Thanks to you all for your welcoming comments & help with my first quesion.
  12. Hello, after a few years enjoying camping we have taken the decision to purchase our first caravan next year. We are at the bottom of what appears to be a very steep learning curve, but have been inspired by some amazing YouTube caravan channels and members comments on this forum. We are visiting our first dealers tomorrow to have a look around some caravan's and I am sure this will generate more questions than answers. It's all very exciting! It seems that caravanning is a lot more complicated than camping LOL. We are looking forward to joining in with this community, and I suspect in the early days we will be asking loads of questions, but ultimately want to be able to contribute and give help/advise to others. Hope you guys will be patient with us. Thanks David
  13. Hi, just joined the forum & my first (hopefully of many) post! Seriously thinking about buying our first caravan, and one of the first concerns is where to store it. I will want to use a storage yard (somewhere near the CW3/ST5 postcode area,ie Newcastle under Lyme/) and was wondering if there were any, do they tend to have waiting lists, how much I need to budget for this, any recommendations & do they normally have caravan washing facilities? Just wanted to get my head around this and see if it is realistic before comitting to purchasing a van. Thanks David
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