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  1. Just noticed that Bailey have updated their website today: ”Other factors which will also determine our re-start date are: When our supply chain is able to provide us with the appropriate component parts to allow us to manufacture completed caravans and motorhomes again When our Retailer Network is open again in order that we can dispatch finished vehicles to them When the UK sites will be re-opening in order that customers can use their vehicles again” Clearly health & safety of their employees is priority, & there are also other factors which will affect delivery of new caravans to customers later this year (of which we are one). Just thought I would share this update. We are happy to be patient & wait until it is the right time (& safe) for everybody before we get our first ever caravan.
  2. Hi Eamon, we bought the Avtex Connected 219DSFVP 21.5” TV (with the Avtex Soundbar) and the Avtex 21.5” case & (AV215BG) the case is designed to accommodate the TV with the soundbar fitted to it (& all the cables it comes with). It really is a quality piece of kit & we would highly recommend it. We ordered everything at the NEC in February from Jacksons Leisure Satellites (01924 848566) & their service was top notch (the kit arrived a few days later perfectly packaged) & the price they quoted was way below anything we could find on the internet. The difference the soundbar makes to the audio quality is amazing!!! Good luck with sourcing your kit. David
  3. Called into one of our local caravan dealerships this morning to buy a few accessories for our new caravan which we will hopefully get next month. We were advised by the staff in the accessory shop that they have received an email from one of their larger suppliers saying that they have supply issues as the majority of their products are manufactured in China, and that the main Chinese factory has only 9% staff available due to Coronavirus. Our local dealer is expecting significant issues in obtaining their accessories and restocking their shelves in coming weeks, and a longer term impact on 2021 accessories. They are expecting similar news from other manufacturers. Coronavirus will be impacting on our lives in so many ways. Just thought I would share with the forum what I was told.
  4. Absolutely - too many people around on the main Snowdon routes, maybe possible for us guys but the ladies I would say it's a no. There are toilets at the cafe at the summit, but only open May to September (depending on weather).
  5. Well thanks for all your helpful replies. Since posting the original question I have bought the Vigo at the NEC and the dealer has promised to fit a flush bracket on the bulkhead in the reinforced area, so problem solved. I have also bought an Avtex TV & soundbar combination with carry case at the NEC (the deals were VERY competitive) - so am now good to go (well, I will be once the new Vigo arrives!!!). Thanks again for all your advice.
  6. Best advice from me is to park up early in Llanberis (can usually get free on road parking if early enough) and catch the Sherpa Bus up to Pen y Pas youth hostel (short journey and relatively cheap). You will be glad you did it when you arrive at Pen y Pas as it is nigh on impossible to get a parking space, & even if you do, they are ridiculously expensive. From Pen y Pas you can either take the Pyg Track up (our favourite) or the Miners Track. Incredible approach to the summit and both very straighforward routes. At the summit, just take the Llanberis path as your descent - a bit longer than the others, but you will be glad of it as it is easier on the knees!!! The Llanberis path will take you directly to Llanberis where your car will be waiting for you and I would highly recommend a meal at Pete's Eats. Beauty of doing it this way is that you will experience two very different sides to the mountain. Other top tip - set out early as it can get VERY busy later on.
  7. Expecting to put a deposit down for our first caravan in a few weeks & have no experience of towing. I want to book myself on a beginners training course but not sure which one to go for. Presumably these take place in your own car (so I will have to get a tow bar fitted for the course)? Will I need to get a spare number plate made up? Can anyone recommend a course? Is it best to stick with the two main clubs - CMC and C&CC or are there any other providers that are better/cheaper? Do insurers usually offer discounts for any course or only for certain ones? All a bit new to me, so wanting to avoid any expensive mistakes, so any advice gratefully received.
  8. Looking at buying a 2020 Bailey Unicorn Vigo & would appreciate advice on what sort of TV/Wall Bracket any other Vigo owns might recommend. Clearly there is no shelf, so it has to be wall mounted. Width is fairly tight (max width of TV 470mm) & being in the doorway I would prefer the final set up to be as shallow as possible to avoid banging it with my shoulder when entering/exiting the van. I'm kind of thinking of a Cello 20 inch (prefer not to pay the higher cost of Avtex) with a fairly flush bracket (see attached), or might I be better off with an adjustable bracket which would push the TV further out into the doorway but maybe offer a better viewing angle? So any Vigo owners who have got a good set up that works for them, please can you share it with me? Ta very much
  9. Might be buying a 2020 Bailey Cabrera Unicorn & was wondering if it has an external TV point? Wanting to connect coax cable from TV point on serviced pitch when TV signal is poor - specification on Bailey website only mentions "External Satellite Point". If not, is it possible to use the Satellite point with an adaptor? Any help gratefully appreciate, Thanks
  10. We are thinking of buying a 2020 Bailey Cabrera Unicorn as our first caravan (we are total newbies to caravanning so apologies if this is a silly question), It says on the specification that it has an "External satellite connection point" but there is no mention of an external TV connection point. We do appreciate that the van will come with it's own TV roof aerial, but we were hoping (on serviced sites where the TV signal is weak) that it might be possible to use a 25m coax cable to connect the TV aerial to a TV socket on a serviced pitch to get a better picture - but without an external TV socket is this possible? Do Bailey vans usually come with external TV points, or is it just thesingle satellite point? If it's just satellite point, is it possible to change the one end (ie at the caravan) of the 25m coax cable to a satellite plug, or would this not work with the TV? Hope this makes sense? Thanks in advance?
  11. David350


    I've been using Wet & Forget around the house for a few years & the results are fantastic - so far I've done my patio, driveway, the other half's extensive outdoor pot collection, the rendering on the front of the house & our garden fence and they have all come up like new. Just buy a cheap pump action pressure sprayer from somewhere like Screwfix for £8 and you're good to go. I've never used it on a caravan though, but on looking at the Wet & Forget website they list the applications as "Wet & Forget can be used on an extensive range of outdoor surfaces including tarmac, concrete, decking, roof tiles, Astroturf, bowling greens, bricks and paving, canvas tents, caravan awnings, conservatories, fibreglass boats, greenhouses, golf greens, limestone, sandstone, marble, outdoor furniture, outdoor pots, outdoor painted surfaces, pool surrounds, shade sails, slate, tennis courts, yacht sails". So they mention caravan awnings, but no mention of caravans themselves. Anyway, it may be expensive but it's great stuff and goes a long way. Be interested to hear if it's ok on caravans.
  12. Yes, my licence is ok for this (passed my test 1986) - I've been a camper for many years, unfortunately being a caravan newbie doesn't mean I am young Aha, I think I read about this somewhere else. My car is an "AMG Line" which means it only has cosmetic enhancements (ie bigger alloy wheels, upgraded seats & steering wheel) and it isn't the full blown V8 AMG model (unfortunately). I am assuming therefore that it will be ok for towing because of the details on the VIN plate. It was a bit confusing that the VIN plate shows the various axle weights/towing weights etc, but doesn't include the nose weight. Really appreciative of all the advice and experience on here.
  13. Hi, I'm a caravan 'newbie' and am presently researching into my first caravan which I hope to buy in the next few months. Clearly I need to make sure that my car & proposed caravan are well matched, and I think I have managed to get my head around MTPLM, MRO etc and am fairly confident that the MTPLM (1463kg) of my preferred caravan is just under 85% of the kerb weight (1780kg) of my car which I understand is advisable for a novice tower. What I am struggling with is the Tow Ball/NoseWeight Limit - are there 3 of these - one for the car, one for the towball and one for the caravan chassis??? Presumably you need to comply with the lowest. My towing vehicle will be a 66 plate Mercedes E220d AMG Line Estate and the caravan I'm interested in purchasing is an Elddis Affinity 550. I've checked the VIN plate on the Mercedes & it shows 4 figures (2455kg, 4555kg, 1- 1085kg & 2- 1370kg). There is no reference to "nose weight" on the VIN & I haven't yet had a towbar fitted (so there is no label to look at on a towbar). So (in terms of noseweight) will the car & caravan be ok together, and what will the noseweight figure be that I need to stick to? Where can I find these figures? Any clarity & advice will be very gratefully appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hi, we are considering purchasing a Kampa Dometic Rally Air Pro awning & matching Kampa carpet. Don't know much about awnings, & could do with some advice on footprints. Coming from a camping background, we always used a footprint under the tent to protect it from mud, damage etc - appreciate that footprints can kill off the grass, but given that a tent has a non-breathable sewn in groundsheet it wouldn't make any difference to the grass. Now I understand that it's a bit different for caravan awnings, and understand that some caravan sites insist on using breathable footprints for caravan awnings. Are these worth using or are they a waste of money? Are they best for grass pitches, or do people use them for hard standing pitches as well? Don't want to waste my money & fill the car up with things I won't use.Any advice gratefully received. Thanks David
  15. Thank you all very much for your helpful replies. Think I might forget about the Tracker subscription, as I am of the mind that I probably wouldn't want the caravan back if it had been trashed. In terms of the other pieces of kit, my thoughts are (on balance) I will probably still go with them - my philosophy being that the fitting of these might hopefully put potential thieves off looking at my van if there are less secured vans in the same area. I really am impressed with the enthusiasm, helpfulness and depth of knowledge of the people on this forum. Thanks again.
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