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  1. It's actually for filling the toilet flush tank, used to be std on all Coachman caravans, now deleted unfortunately.
  2. When I had my 20my Coachman upgraded I was sent 2 new stickers, one for in the locker and one for the side of the caravan, the originals had to be returned to Coachman. In both as received and uprated, there was only 1 "mtplm" displayed on the caravan in 2 positions, so no room for any confusion.
  3. Be interested to know how to overcome as I have same issue, albeit, just a very slight drip from the housing when on mains hook up, suspect the seals on the inlet spigot are letting a slight weep past due to continuous pressure when on mains which obviously not there except when pump actually working.
  4. Personally prefer light woodwork, to me dark wood is depressing and old fashioned, so it's good to have a choice to suit personal tastes.
  5. A cars nominal ex-works weight is on the certificate of conformity, this is calculated by taking the minimum weight for a given car spec and adding on the nominal weight of factory fitted options. No vehicle manufacturer actually weighs every car produced as when it leaves the end of the production line it will be covered in transit protection and have the minimum amount of fuel required during the shipping process to a dealer.
  6. No physical timer required, just a couple of lines of software to restrict stop start from cutting in.
  7. Having to disable stop start when towing shows how lazy the manufacturer has been with engine calibration, if hot turbo is an issue the engine management should already know the turbo temp and not allow stop start to happen, just the same as having to manually disable rear parking sensors and blind spot monitoring. Sheer lack of consideration by the manufacturer of the vehicles operating envelope, shows how little consideration they make for towing.
  8. Check out the independent warranty, does it cover crank failure as JLR V6D is known to suffer, but its random. Most warranties exclude the crank, including the LR extended warranty, but, if it has a full main dealer service history, LR have been known to make a substantial contribution to a replacement engine, you're unlikely to get any help without main dealer service history. A replacement engine is circa £15K and I believe a rebuild is not feasible as the individual bits are not available.
  9. All depends on the accuracy or not of the data base, when we collected our new caravan, I was presented with an NCC towing weight sheet. The kerb weight was incorrect- figure quoted was for a 2.0l petrol 4cyl, although the sheet said V6D, whereas my car was V6Diesel roughly 200kg heavier, and the max tow hitch load quoted as 195kg, whereas mine is 350kg.
  10. Barney1

    Gas Levels

    So you take your bathroom scales away with you and weigh your gas bottle every time you want to know how much gas you have left. I'll stick with my "silly" gaslow gauge which gives an instant reading of available gas and I can see if we're about to run out when cooking.
  11. Check out Defender2.net, there's a towing thread on there, a few grumbles about the position of the spare wheel and the AL-KO handle, plus boot space seems pretty small.
  12. If the VIP is 1800kg max, then your towing close to kerb weight, you can go to 100kg on nose weight (from memory, tow bar limit is 150kg on Freelander 2, Coachman limit is 100kg). As regards tyre pressures, I was surprised when I ran mine that there is only 1 pressure quoted, no increase for fully laden. Also what tyres do you have on the rear, as some can have relatively soft side walls which can make the back end abit soft. Other than changing tyres, I think you'll really just have live with it as its a heavy caravan you've got.
  13. ad210358, the link you posted to the fitting instructions clearly states that the manufacturer is CP Witter, however, its all academic as both Witter and Westfalia are both part of the same group owned by Horizon European holdings with the same directors, so I suspect that they are fairly well integrated and in future will only be supplying either Westfalia or Witter branded products. Witter's manufacturing was closed a few years ago on Deeside and transferred to low cost Romania.
  14. Noaxe, I apologise for suggesting operator error now that you have clarified how the issue occurred, sounds like the barrel retention mechanism has failed.
  15. Just checked, for anyone interested the detachable tow bar is a vertical fit manufactured by Witter. Also Caravan or Camping club technical may help if your a member of either.
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