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  1. We went to the NEC yesterday and one thing we noticed was in terms of quality all the vans across all the manufacturers seemed much the same. There was no new innovations in any of them. Most had the same equipment dometic fridges etc. The difference between entry and luxury was largely just trim, different decals on the exterior etc. As others have mentioned go off layout which suites your needs first. This will narrow it down to just a few.
  2. I have no experience with a tailor cover just one of the universal ones. The most important thing is to make sure the van is clean before fitting and never put it on the floor as and dirt/grit will scratch the van, mainly the windows. The one time I didn't use it was last year driving to Cornwall on the m5 Didn't use it because I got lazy and couldn't be bothered to clean the front before I set off. The window delaminated on the m5 and split the window. I couldn't help think of I had the cover on it wouldn't have happened. I spent hours on my holiday trying to glue the window back together. Now I always use the cover. They can scratch the window though so make sure it is clean. I have put cling film over the window before the cover and this seems to eliminate scratching bit I have read not to do this bit I have had no negative effects.
  3. I have a Passat 3.2 with a dsg 6 speed and it drives and tows perfectly. I don't think I would ever have another manual.
  4. You will need to remember that as a trainer/passenger you must also follow road rules so you cannot use a mobile phone etc?
  5. I have an 8ft wide Bailey. When towing it requires alot more concentration as gaps seem small than they did before. You need to be alot more aware of things such as over hanging trees on lanes etc. I have only taken mine out a handful of times and am just starting to get used to it now. Universal acessories are more difficult to get such as tow covers and storage covers. I expect this will change when they become more popular. As for the inside though they do feel huge compared to a standard with. But again you get used to the extra space so it only feels large now when I go back into a standard with van.
  6. I tow a TA with my Passat. The kerb weight is 1668 on the v5. My van has a mtplm of 1700. So my combo is 102% The car is a 4motion. It tows nice and steady but on saying that I always keep the speed down and generally to with as much in the car as possible and keep the van empty as possible.
  7. The forum is a good source of knowledge as there are so many experienced caravaners on here who always offer help. It's kind of part of the community o, if anyone is having difficulty everyone will help. That's my experience at least. That is why people largely put on issues to ask for help from other people. As said before most people don't experience issues or only minor ones. A caravan soon becomes a hobby/love affair and only perfection will do. When buying thought make sure you do a CRiS check and preferably get an engineer at least an experienced caravaner to check it over. Mistakes can be very costly.
  8. We had a caravanstore. Exactly the same happen to me as menty above. Mine was pegged down and just one gust came on a calm day and the pegs ripped out and it was on the roof. It hit me on it's way over. The only way to avoid this is by using the dog lead screw in type anchors to hold it in. My caravanstore bent in the process so it is now in the garage awaiting a trip to the tip. For the benefit that you get from them they are not worth the hassle in my opinion. I couldn't recommended one and would never have another.
  9. The email address I contacted them on was retail@tracker.co.uk it is on their website. I would contact them asap if the insurance requies the tracker incase the worst should happen in the meantime. They may Register it using the sales invoice etc. Worth a try.
  10. My Grande Turin has the tracker retrieve but no alarm. I'm not a fan of the tracker retrieve and felt slightly disappointed once I registered it. It is a passive system so it does not allert you to movement etc. In effect it is only useful if the van does get stolen you can contact Tracker and they inform the police of the location. So the problem is you need to inform the police/tracker that it has gone. Depending how often you check on your van some time can pass between thieft and alerting the police. A tracker needs to inform you of movement/location to be effective in my opinion. I see it as I am paying alot of money (certainly more than the insurance discount) for the tracker subscription which at best is so the insurance company can recover their loss. To activate though I just sent them an email and had to give them the serial number off the card, a copy of the CRiS document and the sales invoice from the dealer. It was as simple as that.
  11. Does anyone have the Biolite Firepit. I need a new BBQ for caravanning. I was looking at maybe a cadac which everyone says are great. But I saw the Biolite which seems a great bit of kit that can be used as a BBQ and a Firepit almost without the smoke. Just wondering big anyone has one who can say what they are like.
  12. I'm not a legal expert so this is only my opinion for experience, Is it legal? Yes its within the towing capacity of the car so in a court you couldn't be prosecuted. It is not overloaded. Is it safe? To many factors come into this. So if it is within the 85% rule does not mean it is stable? Side winds, loading, trucks passing etc effect all outfits. The higher the ratio the more the effect of external factors . A Range Rover with a good match traveling at 70- 80 is more dangerous than an 85%+ match at 50 - 60mph on a motorway. The evidence in this is that HGV`s blow over in crosswinds, The answer here is what do your insurance company say. This is not just the car insurance but more the caravan insurance. My caravan insurance has a clause in the small print that the weight needs to be within "I think it was 90%" but would need to check the documents to be sure. So in short the answer will be within the small print of your insurance documents and it is very important to meet these requirements or if the worst happens they wont pay out or wont pay out fully in the event of a claim.
  13. There was an article covering the different self levelling systems in this months Practical Caravan Magazine. It wasn't to detailed but might be worth a look.
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