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  1. Thank you ever so much Paul. Will try this out and see what happens.
  2. Thankyou Everyone for your input…..I am getting it checked but from past experiences it is always better to have a good idea what it may be so not be on the merry go round. YouTube had a clip of a faulty wheel bearing which I listened to but it did not sound the same. I thought stone but why did it only make the noise last mile going and last mile back whilst towing and not since....so odd. I had driven on a stoney road.
  3. Thank you, will try that. Do I try that when I do a normal drive out or do I need to be towing (as noise only there last mile of towing and ok otherwise) Please?
  4. It is a thought Robbie244 and possible but would they only bind when towing weight behind and the last mile of 8? Its strange for sure. Appreciate all replies and hope the MP3 of it may throw some light on the subject.
  5. Yay! Finally managed to convert the audio to one that can be downloaded. Not quite as distinct but gives a good idea. I was driving slow whilst recording with passenger window open. The noise stopped once stationary. Any ideas please? 2019_11_29_14_06_33.mp3
  6. Thank you for your thoughts on the matter. I had new brakes and discs last year. Thought strange both times it was the last mile. I managed a small recording of the noise but it will not download on here for some reason.
  7. Hi, I tow with a 07 Diesel Kia Sorento which has always been great however I towed last week only an 8 mile journey and the last mile the passenger side front started making a loud whine. On return journey I heard no noise until again the last mile? Anybody else had the same please? Car drives fine and no noise all this week.
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