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  1. I noticed something earlier on the caravan, can someone confirm if this is normal? The structural ceiling timbers aren't bonded to the outer aluminium skin, they have the black plastic membrane between them, is this normal? The ply is bonded to the timber and polystyrene insulation though.
  2. Cheers for the input everyone, box of Soudal Fix all ordered for bonding the frame to the outer skin (can this be used to bond the 3mm ply to the insulation and frame also?) Got some 22mm x 47mm treated timber from wickes, and I'll get some smaller lengths from a local timber merchants planed so they fit on the sidewalls. Whats everyone's take on the rear bathroom window, theres absolutely no sign of water ingress around it on the frame, can this be left, or should I really remove and reseal it into the abs rear panel with sika 512, it looks like the avondales external window frames are bonded to the outer skin, which is different to a lot of the others I've seen where there's a rubber gasket that is stapled all around the aperture and then the window is fitted after......
  3. Couple of questions about the timber used for the frame replacement, the majority in the caravan is 22mm x 22mm Square timber, im struggling to source this at present, on the rear section its not really as important because it could be constructed from some timber thats slightly bigger or smaller, but on the side panels these have PIR insulation bonded to the outer skin and the 22mm x 22mm timber is rotten so this needs to be carefully chiselled out and replaced with the same size. Could 22mm marine grade WBP be cut into strips 22mm wide for these areas? Also is it essential that my framing timber is treated?
  4. Id never seen the flowcoat before, that looks ideal for the finished topcoat, Avondales are beige, does anyone have any idea if they used a RAL code for the externals?
  5. link to screenman's ABS plastic repairs Hi Jaydug, Thanks for the tip with the bandsaw, I have got one 👍, I was thinking of using the cupboard that has the exact shape and then offsetting by the required amount to create the pieces, it looks like they originally used 22mm ply to create the pieces, so I'll get hold of a decent sheet of marine grade WBP.
  6. I've seen a really good article on the forum regarding abs plastic repairs/ reinforcement, i'll try and find it and share the link. The side walls have the PIR insulation bonded to the aluminium skin, all the framing timber is sodden and rotten, so I'm carefully removing the timber from the joints and from around all of the caravans apertures. Should I be completely removing all the windows on the sections as I'm doing the repairs? I'm a complete newbie, the frames are bonded to the plastic or aluminium skin on the outside and then retained on the inside by screws and aluminium retainers, the bathroom blind cassette is beyond rescuing by the looks of things. The original timber used in the framing seems to be 23mm finished size which I'm struggling to source at the moment.... See below a few more pictures of progress....
  7. Thanks for the links, the Avondale is ABS Plastic not fibreglass or is the repair process the similar?
  8. So the restoration has begun at last! With one thing or another my start had been delayed some what . I've built a large carport to protect the caravan from the elements during the project and it will help protect it once complete. I have a few questions for all you renovation experts out there, the bulk of the damage to the van is at the rear bathroom and also along the kitchen side. The main area of water ingress was from a badly repaired section on the top corner of the ABS rear panel, theres also a few stress cracks around the edge where it adjoins the side walls of the van along the awning rails. Are there any good articles on ABS repairs or good tips etc. The side wall sections have really wet timber thats stuck inside the wall insulation, do I need to carefully chisel this out to the aluminium skin? I think I'll be going down the route of plain ply and then applying my own vinyl paper to it, the pre finished ply panels do seem really expensive!
  9. Thanks for all your replies, I thought I set notifications up but for some reason they didnt come through. I'll upload some pictures of the before and ongoing works BH. Jaydug, I've just had a quick look through your projects, they look excellent, I'm sure I'll be using them for plenty of useful info.
  10. Been camping for quite a few years and we now have our first caravan, albeit it requires some restoration. Severe damp in the rear bathroom walls & ceiling plus damp to kitchen and ceiling areas. Been looking on the forum for inspiration and theres some amazing projects people have completed. My first jobs are getting the MotorMover working and checking over the rest of the caravan, I'm also constructing a car-port style structure to the side of the house then I can keep the caravan protected from the worst of the elements while I'm carrying out the project. Will no doubt be on here constantly asking for peoples advice as I progress.
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