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  1. We have all heard the term in just about everything, Plumbing to Builder, Servicing workshop to Where to find a good Dentist. 'Word of Mouth' is probably the most important term for someone with a need and only want to use a trusted or recommended provider. That's why Engineer Aftercare Warranty, retail Caravan, Campervan and Motorhome warranty products not only directly to owners, but by working closely with trusted sites like Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS), CaravanTalk, Shield Total Insurance, ValetPRO cleaning & maintenance products, Phantom Tracking and others. Lets choose one example with the Approved Workshop Scheme. The AWS is the official body of caravan manufacturers, dealers and fixed/mobile workshops, they are the only ones who can fix your new van when you have a claim under the manufacturer warranty. You have to be 'Approved' to become a member, which means you have to show ability, experience and understanding of caravan and motorhome habitation sections, including Corgi gas requirements for safety. Your equipment must be officially calibrated and tested periodically for reliability and safety, so that you the owner can relax knowing an AWS workshop did your 'Hab' check or service and you can enjoy trouble free and safe holidays with your family. So, the next time you are considering buying your insurance or replacing a caravan warranty for peace of mind, see who your trusted source recommends, your friends, family or forum/members. Then decide. We at Engineer Aftercare Warranty wish all CaravanTalk members, be safe and well at this time. Martyn Raybould MD
  2. www.engineerinsuranceandaftercare.com Or, feel free to give me a call if you would like to explore anything specific. Caravan cover is £199 for 12 months Approved Workshop Scheme cover. Martyn Raybould MD 01243 264056 FYI Tony There will be variances in age and acceptance criteria, but so you know if asked. Engineer Aftercare Warranty provides cover for vehicles up to 12 years (144 months) and 8 years water ingress. We can sometimes arrange a warranty on a vehicle 1-2 years older if there is good history and Hab check file.. Kind regards Martyn Raybould MD
  3. The UK has now officially left the European Union, so on January 1st lots of things stayed the same but many changed. One of those changes was the need when driving anywhere in the EU and satellite states for drivers to have on their person a 'Green Card', this is proof of insurance cover in the event of an accident. Engineer Aftercare Warranty have created a piece to provide more information at https://engineerinsuranceandaftercare.com/EU-green-card/ But, owners of Cars and Caravans, Trailers, Campervans and Motorhomes (If your towing, you need two!). As an exercise we applied for my own car from insurer 'LV' to see how easy it was and what was needed to source said Green card. The good news is that it was relatively easy, and the insurer notified they would send the card next day in 1st class post. For further clarity, we have added addition links to information pages on the Post office, .Gov and Zurich Insurance. Martyn Raybould MD Engineer Aftercare Warranty Ltd
  4. Dont just buy from us, but compare us to the others and then decide! Engineer Aftercare Warranty is a new company to the sector for Caravans and Motorhomes. Whether your warranty is approaching the manufacturer end, you have recently bought a van or you own one without cover still, its a great idea to have the peace of mind of a quality warranty. But, a warranty is a bit like a crash helmet! You dont really want one until you fall off, then you want the best one you could find. So compare like for like before you buy. Consider and compare: Who will repair your vehicle? Engineer exclusively use AWS approved workshops, not simply someone VAT registered How many times can you make a claim, ours is unlimited but some limit you to 1 a year How much is the claim limit? Ours is £1000 with unlimited claims, some offer £2000 but you can only claim once, so if your first claim is £290 floor de-lamination, you cant claim again! Can you claim over the phone or online? Some companies require you to download and post a form in with the invoice you have had to pay first? Finally, do they come from a trusted source? Engineer Aftercare Warranty work exclusively with the Approved Workshop Scheme, we have also been adopted by Caravantalk this leading advise platform on the net. As a Caravantalk member if you have any queries or concerns about a warranty generally, I will assist. Martyn Raybould MD www.engineerinsuranceandaftercare.com or martyn@engineerinsuranceandaftercare.com
  5. If any owner has a query on insurance or caravan, camper or motorhome warranty I am happy to assist if we can: Email: martyn@engineerinsuranceandaftercare.com Call 01243 264056 0R 07927 212401 www.engineerinsuranceandafercare.com
  6. 2020 has been the year to save money wherever we can. Insurance of course is one of those things you cant choose to buy, for your car, camper or motorhome its a 'Grudge purchase' the government requires. Your caravan insurance may not be required by law, but it is needed for common sense and comfort. Last month I reduced my home insurance with LV from £390 to £265. And, this month my car insurance from £443 with LV (Which had gone up 11% without any claims and no convictions) to £280 with Halifax Insurance. How did I do that and save over £288? Here are 5 Top Tips to keep premiums lower and save money, do this activity every time you need to buy or renew your insurance whatever it is for: Make a list of exactly what you need to include and how much the cover should be. For instance, I didnt realise my home insurance included 'Unlimited rebuild costs', so I reduced the cover to £400,000, which is more than I would need to clear and rebuild the house. How many miles did you do last year? if your cover is unlimited and you only did 5,000 miles, set a limit to say 7,000 for some added fat, you can always increase it if you are approaching your limit. How many people are on your policy as additional drivers? Do you have the children but they have moved on, your wife/husband but they have their own car and never drive yours, or they hate to drive the motorhome. If you need someone for emergencies fine but you can save money by removing unwanted additional drivers Dont do a 'Quick quote' or make a speedy purchase. The rates insurance companies provide are based on one thing and one thing only. Risk! What is the risk of covering you, that is why a city centre home in Manchester will cost more than a leafy village in Norwich. The risk of accident or theft is higher so higher premium, so ideally speak to someone or do a full online quote with all the details provided, this will provide a more accurate and usually cheaper quote Having made your list, make sure you have all your documentation to hand. Your last or renewal policy. Your V5 and details of others to add or remove. Your no-claims details or previous convictions. Your driving licence, they will need the number most likely Shop around! Every year, get a fresh quote either from your existing insurer or better still from another. It is a sad fact that loyalty does NOT engender better service or cheaper rates as a reward for your loyalty. Dont be afraid of telling the agent you are speaking to your renewal premium or competitor rate. Many insurance brokers and agents have the authority to capture your business at all costs and may be given up to 10% off if they need it to capture your business. All that matters is your getting the right product at the most competitive cost. Finally. Cheaper isnt always better! So make sure your underwriter is in the UK and overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) they have a policy of 'Treating Customers fairly' which means you will have someone to complain to if a claim is refused or you are treated badly.
  7. Buying a caravan warranty is meant to provide you peace of mind, in the event something fails or malfunctions. Being able to make a fast claim and easy should be the default position, but what importance should the 'Warranty claim' limit be to keep that comfort? Always read the details on key aspects of your caravan or motorhome warranty because not everything is what it looks like in some cases. Below is an example and why its not the overall value, but the actual amount you can claim that is important. Display on the website: 'Up to £2000 claim limit' In the details: 'Only one claim in any year' The Issue? The £2000 limit looks great, but if you make a claim in April for £250 floor lamination repair, you cannot claim for a more expensive issue later in the year. And, you didn't get the benefit of your £2000 cover you have paid for When comparing caravan warranty, there is very little that cannot be repaired for under £1000, and if you can have unlimited claims in any one year, you have real peace of mind. Because if the cost to fully repair your caravan is £1200, you can claim the £1000 and just top up the rest. Then if 6 months later you have a £500 claim it will be paid. Who can repair your caravan is another important factor, will it be an experienced AWS approved workshop? Because someone who is simply VAT registered may take a lot longer and not be so familiar with your caravan so do a poor job. Repairing a car effectively has nothing to do with caravan water ingress, gas cooking systems or caravan electrics. Martyn Raybould MD Engineer Aftercare Caravan Warranty
  8. Engineer Aftercare Warranty provides advice and warranty cover for your caravan, however there are a wide range of expert and owners advice within CaravanTalk but also the magazines such as practical caravan and others. You can also call your local AWS approved engineer who should give you some free advice, especially if you mention your caravan will need a Hab check in 2021, if advice is forthcoming then use them as a thanks. We work with CaravanTalk so recommend doing exactly what you have and ask owners, read lots because there will be many views but let common sense prevail. Drop me an email and your post code. I will ask a local AWS approved workshop to get in touch with you. Martyn Raybould MD martyn@engineerinsuranceandaftercare.com
  9. To Bjock Sorry for the delay in spotting your query bjock, its been rather Covid mad at this time.. Yes. We recently had a claim which was paid for a Lunar Caravan in this instance with a flooring delamination issue. The repair was the purchase of a specialist kit and charges by the AWS approved mobile engineer who attended the owners home. The total claim in this instance was around £275 including the call out fee to ascertain the problem, so for the purchase at £199 for the 1 year cover it proved value for money. And of course should some other component fail in the future such as an appliance or electrical issue, they could claim again.
  10. The age and value of the vehicle should be an indication, but there is also an emotional value to owning a caravan. So, how important is it to you? Can you buy another one if you scrap or sell this one, and if you sell you should absolutely tell the new prospective owner about the damp so the price will be less. The best way to make that decision is to speak to a local Approved Workshop Scheme approved workshop to find one go to www.approvedworkshops.co.uk. A fixed or larger workshop will tell you the cost to repair and can they reduce the existing damp back down to acceptible levels so you can keep your Caravan and overall save money.. Martyn Raybould MD Engineer Aftercare Warranty an official partner with CaravanTalk.
  11. Whether you are experienced in owning a Caravan and renewing your insurance or buying for the first time, your insurance is an important aspect. A Caravan is no small investment, so when the unthinkable happens, its a bit like wearing a 'Crash helmet', you didnt want one, but when you fell off you needed the very best one you could find! So we at Engineer Aftercare Caravan Warranty as an official partner to CaravanTalk have some top tips to Buying and Renewing Caravan Insurance: Decide what cover you need before you even start looking to buy! A: Where will you store your Caravan, B: Do you plan to tow in the EU for long periods and is it C: Simply going to be 'Cheap as chips' cover because its an older van or is it D: A major investment and as such you need a quality product that might be a little bit more expensive. Shop around! If you stay with a single insurer, its not likely they will love you for it, in fact in many cases you get a really good value first year then knowing you will stay, an insurer puts up the price in year 2 (Because your first year was subsidized as a 'New' customer they say!). This is a rubbish excuse for simply putting up your premium! Dont be afraid to say how much the best quote or your renewal premium is! Because insurers get some good discounts they can apply to capture your sale. Use that and save money. When your ready, go to sites like CaravanTalk or review sites like Trust Pilot and Feefo to see what people say about them.. Bad news travels fast so see what others say. So, now you have a small list of say 3 to call or go online to buy from, buying online is fine but try to do it direct NOT through comparison sites. Ideally speak to a real person or choose a company you have compared, dont be afraid to ask questions such as 'If I have an accident, will YOU my insurer or a claim company I dont know, deal with my claim? Because some companies almost disown you and leave you to the mercies of the claim management company. Have to hand your full documents, your details, mobile and email address so once you are happy and you like the premium then you can buy. Its not always a good idea to keep your insurance documents in the vehicle but it is a good idea to keep the claim numbers to call, or simply photograph your 'How to make a claim' or 'Advice in the event of an accident' pages to refer to. Buying insurance is very similar to buying your own warranty when a previous one has ended, decide what you want, shop around and call with full details to hand.
  12. Engineer Aftercare Caravan warranty is a working partner to CaravanTalk and you can find out lots of information as a new owner, in particular on things like Habitation checks, Servicing your caravan, buying a warranty to provide your own peace of mind and even stuff like the correct way to load your caravan for perfect towing balance! The advice is in News posts and completely free of charge, you are welcome to receive these in an email and we NEVER share yours with anyone else.. Feel free to get in touch as a CaravanTalk customer. Martyn Raybould MD 01242 264056
  13. Engineer Aftercare Caravan warranty is a working partner to CaravanTalk and you can find out lots of information as a new owner, in particular on things like Habitation checks, Servicing your caravan, buying a warranty to provide your own peace of mind and even stuff like the correct way to load your caravan for perfect towing balance! The advice is in News posts and completely free of charge, you are welcome to receive these in an email and we NEVER share yours with anyone else.. Feel free to get in touch as a CaravanTalk customer. Martyn Raybould MD 01242 264056
  14. My thanks to the original publisher of this item, it was informative even for us as a company in the sector.. Engineer Aftercare Ltd is a post manufacturer warranty provider, so I thought I would add some further information on what is available after any manufacturer or dealer warranty has ended. (And, having read this item, from year 2 possibly with partial manufacturer cover!) There are a number of warranty providers so I will only detail our own as an example, these can be purchased for £279.00 for the following cover (The items under extended guarantee are key items but not things such as soft furnishings, seating, doors and the like). 12 months cover with £1,000 per claim limit and unlimited claims in any one year *There isn't much that a quality workshop cannot repair or replace for £1,000, and catastrophic failure to a gearbox or engine is rare when the vehicle is properly serviced and maintained) Engineer Aftercare only use AWS approved workshops or manufacturer approved workshops, such as Halfords Commercial with their high rise ramps for repairs. *This means only trained engineers using legitimate parts where required can work on your Motorhome Fast and easy claim process by telephone if preferred * With simply a telephone call a claim can be arranged and authorised, and if the engineer is onsite the repair can be affected immediately including the call out fee on approved claims Engineer Aftercare Ltd - www.engineerinsuranceandaftercare.com is pleased to be the approved working partner to CaravanTalk *Having a provider recommended from a safe and reliable source further underpins confidence in customers of receiving a reliable service
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