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  1. If that was in response to the post immediately preceding it. I have no idea as to your point.
  2. I do wonder what would happen if this country ever had to go to war again.... Im pretty sure our forces would do their utmost best. The civilians would crumble in a matter of days. What a pathetic bunch we have becoome.
  3. So if you are on a zero hours contract and need to work and buy food for your family what options do you have? I guess you like me dont have to worry where the next meal is coming from?
  4. Ah right, when you appended your sentance with a question mark I assumed you were asking rather than making a statement. Anyway stay safe, hope you get home OK. 👍
  5. Its possibly a bit early for them (most) to be open even in normal times. I suspect it will be a while before they do actually open any of them.
  6. So do you get any other membership benefits? ? Insurance etc. If it bothers you why not just cancel your membership and re-join when it suits?
  7. Well how do you know they weren't heading for home? Or have had Covid-19 and recovered? I'm taking my caravan to the dealers next week for 'essential' repairs so it's going come hell or high water. I fully expect some silly people to point at me on my two mile journey judging me for doing something they don't think is 'essential'.
  8. Welsh schools are closing Friday Edit - and Scotland. I think its going to be hard for Boris to stop the same. particularly when head teachers a re saying they are struggling for staff.
  9. Or use google pay. Lots of retailers let you spend more then the normal £30 contactless limit if you do.
  10. Of course they dont know 'everything' yet.
  11. People need to make their own decision. Not be lectured to. The current tide of 'you are going to kill people if you travel' sweeping across social media is frankly disturbing. But its what Boris wants of course, sorry Dominic, I forget for a second..... And as for going away when its all over? How many sites will survive given the govt's half baked 'its up to you' strategy?
  12. My daughter works in the NHS all be it in a none clinical role. She is currently self isolating and has been for 6 days. She was warned if she was seen out and about whilst she was doing it she would be liable to disciplinary action, possible dismissal. Perhaps if more employers made this 100% clear people wouldnt take the pee. She's also been contacted tonight by her manager and told she needs to for a further 8 days after todays announcement. Her husband is a school teacher and guess what? he is now out of action for 14 days too.
  13. Which is not what you actually said, as myself and a couple of others have pointed out.
  14. Really? Why are you propogating and spreading misinformation.?
  15. Quite simple really, because there has already been extensive research undertaken into it and the virus is from a family about which a lot is already known. Don't forget this has been around now for the best part of three to four months (possibly more) and has infected well over 100,000 people world wide.
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