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  1. https://www.statista.com/statistics/447683/foreign-tourists-visiting-spain-by-country-of-residence/
  2. You only have to use it once, even in this country to recoup what most people pay, especially if you have to recover a caravan too. Of course you may pay some/many years and never use it but personally I prefer to know the backup is there if needed.
  3. If the ammount of holiday ads currently on the telly for Turkey are anything to go by they are clearly desperate to attract Brits.
  4. We have always found EE coverage excellent too. The exception for us is Clumber Park C&MH club site. But I think for some reason the coverage on all networks is poor to none existent at that particular location.
  5. Is it booked in for repair or just an inspection? Our dealer wanted to inspect it last week and it had to be booked in for that. They confirmed yesterday that ours does have the issue which is at the very early stages of developing so they have ordered the parts. It will have to go back in to the dealer for the actual repair. They confirmed mine is safe to tow. My guess is it will be how far advanced the problem is what determines if the van has to actually go back to Swift. (But that is just supposition).
  6. Yes it would although I dont carry it there.
  7. No. Mines due july time.
  8. We looked at a very nice pristine Sterling Eccles 580 yesterday. 2017 MY at an approved Swift dealer. It looked virtually unused. We were tempted to change until I noticed the small cupboard and tv shelf just inside the door appeared to be seperating from the wall board. Does anybody know if this is common and/or easily fixable?
  9. All info required is on the link I posted. 👍 Happy caravanning!
  10. Mayday provides double drop off cover and dual recovery cover, invaluable if you break down whilst towing or on holiday. Quite frankly I dont know why anybody who caravans has cover from anybody else.
  11. Out of interest if it was too dangerous to tow how did they get it to the factory? Low loader?
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