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  1. Just come back from Freshwater East and whilst not directly on the beach is literally 5mins walk (if that) to the beach. Our first stay at a CMC site and really enjoyed it. Very quiet and very few kids now schools are back.
  2. Done but struggled to think of an improvement as this is our first van and am still surprised by its TARDIS like use of space.
  3. I tow my Bailey Pursuit 400-2 with a 2013 Citroen Dispatch 1.6l. It’s slightly underpowered on hills but benefits of space for the dog crates, awning (so we don’t have to put the awning up when we arrive if it’s chucking down) etc. makes it worth it.
  4. The shower has that structure but the living area skylight and sunroof doesn’t. It would work on both but perhaps not look so nice on the sunroof which is slightly curved.
  5. Glad I wasn’t just being stupid and there was an obvious answer! Thanks all 🙂
  6. Apologies if this is the wrong sub forum but hopefully someone can give me some advice. I’m using my caravan as an office whilst working from home and so on warm days am opening the skylight and sunroof but pulling the fly screens over. They’re starting to develop a collection of seeds (dandelion type) and a few dead flies. Given when I close them they concertina back out of view, how do I clean them without borrowing a big ladder to be able to reach them from outside the van? Sorry if this is a daft question!
  7. Thank you all! I picked up some silicone spray and sprayed the rail. Just pitched up and the awning slid on in seconds rather than us fighting it for 10mins! (We used the material ties that were in tied around the awning as pulls). All I need now is the weather to stop testing how waterproof the awning is 😂
  8. Just a follow up and a thanks for the advice. I managed to pick up a Vango Sonoma II 250cm, annex, porch door, mesh screen and breathable carpets for a big discount. We had a play in the garden and it’s wide enough to maximise space without going across the window of the van. Weather permitting it’s going to be used in anger over Christmas as we’ve decide cooking Christmas dinner in the caravan on a cliff top is a great idea! LOL Just a quick side query - does sliding an awning onto the rail get easier? It was as hard work as putting a tent up but I needed a step! Thank
  9. I need to notify my ins. Co. As when discussing mods at renewal apparently they class adding roof bars as a mod (Citroen Dispatch van) but no extra charge for them or the bike rack so hopefully tow bar will be the same.
  10. Not confused as such, just wanting the top rail length as yes it’s a porch awning I’m looking at. thanks all for the advise 🙂
  11. Hi, I’m about to become an owner of a 2018 Bailey Pursuit 400-2 (my first caravan). Having looked at specs it has a rail awning size of 843cm but looking online for potential awnings they all only quote the horizontal top length. I like the look of a Vango awning that you can add side pods onto. It’s a 280 (so width of 280cm). Will this fit on my van or do I need to look smaller? Sorry if it’s a stupid question but as I say this is all new (& exciting)! Thanks :)
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