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  1. I bought a beautifully kept one owner caravan from a private seller and paid a considerable sum of money for it. Such a transaction can go seriously wrong so I was extremely careful! I viewed the caravan at the sellers home address and agreed a sale with collection from his home address two weeks later. I left no deposit. I enquired if the caravan was subject to a finance agreement.....which it was. I informed the seller that I could not buy with finance in place and he agreed to immediately pay off the finance. After one week I paid CRiS for an ownership check and was also informed that the finance had been paid off. They confirmed that the seller was registered with themselves as the owner at that address. They record any finance agreement since the finance company is the legal owner of the caravan. The seller confirmed he was a member of the Caravan and Motorhome Club. I arranged to insure the caravan with the Caravan and Motorhome Club who confirmed to me that the caravan was known to themselves and the VIN number and model all checked out. On handover day whilst at the sellers property and with the caravan, I paid the full amount via the internet Faster Payments system which took 5 minutes. The seller checked he had the money in his bank a/c on his phone. I was handed the CRiS document together with the handbooks and a bill of sale document detailing the transaction signed by both parties. I left with the caravan which has proved to be an excellent buy ...............You can't be too careful.
  2. ........I just have to be different I made my 11 kgs microwave quick release and it is removed and left at home if I am on an off grid site. If I need it on an EHU site it travels in the back of my tow car.
  3. This card is a bit late.......it was held up in the ether!
  4. ........since it is the OP's first time in France, is going for 2 weeks and does not want to travel far then I would use the Portsmouth-Ouistreham ferry and spend the two weeks in Normandy. There is now little difference in the ferry cost as compared with the Dover crossings and Normandy has hundreds of campsites to chose from with no need to book in June. There is so much to see and do in a relatively small area that you will be kept busy and if the weather is kind there are some wonderful beaches.
  5. ..........I find Walkers Crimps are up to the job
  6. ........my worst car was my second car when I was 20 yrs old I bought a brand new 1968 Sunbeam Imp sports which had a rear aluminium engine and trans-axle based on a design by Coventry Climax. .... for the princely sum of £655.00 It had an 875cc tuned engine which would do 55mph in 2nd ...75mph in 3rd and ?? in top!! It could corner as well as a mini Cooper S.......that is when the engine had not blown a head gasket or burnt out an exhaust valve. That is why it was my worst car as it was totally unreliable! Having said that....when it was running and being only 20 yrs old and at university in the late 60's ...........say no more as we had fun ........a real love hate relationship
  7. Merry Christmas from myself and Belinda. Turned up on here now but in disguise
  8. I'm a slow learner...........I now get it that the rules haven't changed.
  9. Thanks again and that's useful info Tigger. I currently have a 2001 2.7 Tdi long wheelbase Nissan Terrano. Bought it new and it's done 160K miles over half of that towing. Bit long in the tooth now but still drives and tows well. .......at my age (72) can't justify buying a new car that will only be used for towing 5K miles / year. ....most likely going for a Sorento that's done about 50K that hasn't towed!
  10. ......thanks for the replies all very useful. I believe the latest model does not have a full size spare wheel.
  11. ......any decent breakdown mechanic would have blocks of various sizes to drive onto to raise your car so his jack would fit under. Some even have proper small ramps!
  12. .......anyone have any insight on this model circa 2012-2014? The previous model before the latest one..... that has a full size spare wheel!
  13. Yes I did see the date of the previous posts.......I purposely searched for an old topic concerning Natiowide Flexplus. The card and the a/c with it's vehicle breakdown cover and insurances is still currently on offer. What is no longer on offer is the payment of any interest on any balance........this change plus others has only just been implemented. See Here for full details
  14. ...............yes but I am still learning and since then I have learnt to read
  15. Just in case you missed this ................when it was announced in last July I did and I am positive I have had no direct communication from Nationwide. I found out because I noticed I didn't receive my normal monthly interest on my Flexplus a/c. I have Flexplus for it's breakdown and insurance cover and fee free use of cards abroad. These benefits cost £13/month. I have kept the balance above £2500 at 3% interest because this element of the a/c has been a very good deal. The Flexplus a/c no longer pays interest on any balance.
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