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  1. If I had spent money on a speed awareness course, or had my insurance increased because of this, I would look at a small claims case to recover the money lost. If the equipment is faulty I cannot see any defence to the claim.
  2. Personally I think those wanting to travel abroad will need to get a new licence. Any police officer checking your licence abroad is unlikely to accept anything other than what is printed on the licence so you will just need to replace it. The police abroad may get to know the problem after a few weeks or months but they are never going to give you the benefit of the doubt.
  3. My understanding is that none members still pay to use the site. The web page says "Friends and family only pay for pitch and per person fees if you're not staying with them". If you are using the caravan several times it would probably work out cheaper to join but you might need to check the exact position with the club.
  4. Hope all goes well. If you have problems just ask, as there is a massive level of expeience on here.
  5. Possibly ringing and discussing with a tow bar fitter is better thann e mail to avoid confusion as to the exact model.
  6. It is a point but I think the real impact will be on those who use wasteful items like Porch heaters which do little other than make global warming just that bit worse. Where the power is not metered I would suggest a ban on these.
  7. The panel although branded Lunar is I think a standard Truma part, so if it has failed should be easily replaced.
  8. You have less rights and protection when buying privately so you do have to be very careful. Ask for the vin number and check this with CRiS to make sure it is not stolen or subject to HP. Make sure the seller has proof of ownership and all service documents and you need a recent damp check or to have an engineer check for this. Check all appliances are working. If you have the ability, check if any computer image of the caravan is not taken from another site. Never pay anything up front, asking for a deposit or full payment is usually the work of a scammer. If you are not satisfied with any of these walk away. Hope it works out though, as there are bargains out there.
  9. You are with a reputable company, Aviva who insure me, I am sure they did not charge extra for this, and are not charging extra for cars with tow bars. If they would not charge for this, they cannot turn down a claim in these circumstances, so I am sure you are safe, although wrong not to have told them. A tow bar is a modification and when you apply for insurance you are asked if the car has any modifications. You will also be asked to declare this at any renewal. The answer is yes and you ignore this at your peril. Whiplash is caused by the car coming to a sudden halt so the insurers will look at what happened and if it does not fit the circumstances then they should turn a claim for this down. Not sure exactly what happened here so cannot say how the insurers are likely to deal with it. You do have to accept their staff are realists and have to take account of what both parties say and try and assess the risk of each of you proving their case and the costs of disputing it, if it is not easy to be sure. I would get a dash cam, which would probably have helped you here and is evidence in any future case.
  10. I agree with Mr Plodd. Having dealt with a large number of accident cases for insurers I do know that there are numerous disputes as to what happened and it is often impossible to find the truth. A dash cam image is irrefutable evidence in most cases and makes life far easier for the insurers claims staff and helps you sort out your case if the other driver will not accept the truth. I have had an accident where the other driver was at fault and in that case he admitted it but if he had disputed this I had the proof on film. Possibly it makes you a better driver as you are less likely to do things wrong when you know you are filming yourself doing it and you might even get a discount on your insurance.
  11. I do agree that with current prices so high waiting until at least well into next year may be a good idea. At the same time trading in now might get you a good deal as the dealer will also want your current model and should offer a good deal on it although some might not. It is a matter of judgement but if you want a new model it is suggested that most of next years are already ordered so you might have to be quick.
  12. The Adria is very heavy compared with the others so you do need a bigger tow car for it with increased costs. If you can get one up to the job within budget no problem but it needs serious consideration.
  13. The figure for the CAMH is not strictly the electricity. What you get is a site with a hook up and no charge is made for the electricity, but you are free to use it. The average consumption must be taken into account, but the charge also has to take into account overheads covering installation, maintaining the system and testing so what the exact figure for the electricity is cannot be ascertained.
  14. True enough, it would be a boring world if we were all the same. We found the dinette useful if we wanted a full day out as it saved us taking down the bed and doubled as a bed when our grandson came with us.
  15. Not had that exact model, but in our Argente we used the wardrobe. It is a problem common to several makes we have had. If we did not need them on a trip I just left them at home.
  16. To be safe with this one I would consult a dealer on the clamp and bolt sizes. We did have a jockey wheel go ourselves and found a cheap one was rubbish and the AL-KO one was hardly any more money and far better made.
  17. There are possible safety and legal problems with carrying gas in the car. It must be secured safely and upright which means physical restraints. Not sure what size cylinders you use, but putting them in the boot can mean the weight is going to overload the back axle, so do be aware of this. Carrying bikes on the roof is the best option if you can but I accept this is not always possible.
  18. Possibly the answer is more where do you use it. For anyone who only drives on hard surfaces and uses sites with solid roads 4WD will not be a problem. If you rally or use grassy sites then a 4WD model will be far better. There should be a small fuel saving with 2WD as well. At the end of the day no Land Rover model will tow badly, it is just not in their DNA.
  19. Good to hear. The weights will be irrelevant soon as the B licence is being dropped and everyone will get the B+E.
  20. It sounds like poor construction, personally I would stick with a Bailey as they have similar models, as do the other makers. I get the impression that Elddis possibly have the best designers, but fall short on quality.
  21. Not sure how you are doing and have not used a site that does. I believe the idea is to buy vouchers of some sort that give you so much power and you need another if you use up all of it. I am not against the idea but I would not want to have to leave a large amount of unused power for the next person although finding that on site might be a bonus. I also wonder what happens if you run out at night. I am not against the idea as I do think we probably pay for a lot of others power. Can you say how your system would work though please.
  22. After 12 months which I assume it is you do have to show this was a defect that was present at the time you bought it, which means an independent report supporting your position. A caravan should not leak after one year and there is an approach that says that a caravan should not leak and in the absence of any evidence of damage the problem had to be there from the start. Even then you may be stuck with the money back less a deduction for the use you could have made of it over the last year. Asking for your money back does mean you will be well over the small claims limit if you get turned down in your claim and on the basis you asked the question I assume you will need a solicitor as you lack the legal knowledge to pursue it further yourself. As said earlier you can only claim for a refund against the dealer although you have a claim against the maker under the guarantee for the repair. Having said that if you used a credit card for ay part of the purchase or bought it on HP you also have a claim against the finance companies which gives you a second line of attack. If you are a member of either of the two clubs they have a legal helpline.
  23. A bit late but the keys should be numbered and you are supposed to write this down just in case. Having said that I have replaced the lock on my wheel lock and not noted the number but I do have two keys so some cover there. Like Mr Plodd says I cannot see Milenco telling you how to get the lock off although I am sure it can be done. probably brute force is needed if you cannot drill it out, I do know where you could get help, but I would be accused of degenerating a social group. When it comes to a replacement lock Purple Line will keep your key number for five years as part of the service on their products.
  24. Which is the better caravan for you in terms of practicality and design is very personal but to me the Sprite looks far less cheap and would be my choice despite the price difference. The interior and quality though is personal and could be affected by your budget. In terms of quality the magazine, does an annual reader survey in conjunction with the C&CC Insurance and Swift models have always been higher in the customer satisfaction rating than Elddis ones. We are due another set of results sometime in the future and Elddis have now had some work done by new owners, so it is yet to be seen if things have improved.
  25. They did well in the magazine survey although I had no reason to use them. Not sure that prices will hold next year though, it looks like an effort to clear stock now before the Winter lull in sales.
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